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May 07, 2012

Beginning with the 2013 issue, Scott catalog raises its minimum value from 20 cents to 25 cents. One of the main reasons for this change is to offset the cost incurred by stamp dealers when preparing individual stamps for resale.


Apr 19, 2011

This past weekend I visited Stanley Gibbons store in central London (399 Strand). Many collectors donít have access to a real old-fashioned stamp store. That is why I would like share my photo story with everyone who happens to come across this web page.

Stanley Gibbons stamp store

The first and most obvious thing that hit me when I walked into the store was the overwhelming modern and beautiful interior design, and abundance GB philatelic material.

Stanley Gibbons stamp store
Stanley Gibbons stamp store
Stanley Gibbons stamp store
Stanley Gibbons stamp store

The freestanding computer terminal located in the center of the store provides visitors with basic search and research capability.

Stanley Gibbons stamp store

I especially liked the philatelic accessories and supplies shop in the lower level which serves both beginning and advanced collectors.

Stanley Gibbons stamps supplies
Stanley Gibbons stamps supplies
Stanley Gibbons stamps supplies
Stanley Gibbons stamps supplies
Stanley Gibbons stamp accessories

Sometimes you just gotta let pictures speak for themselves!

Aug 15, 2010

Online University Award

The Top Stamp Collecting Blog Awards by Online University awarded our Blog as one of the best blogs that are considered to be the authority in their respective category.


Mar 3, 2010

We have added a new page for finding values of old and modern stamps. Search stamp values and recent prices by keyword or country/area. Browse images to identify your stamps. Anyone looking for specific stamp information can consult prices on eBay's completed listings page. This free search feature on eBay that isn't so obvious. This source is especially useful for collectors of foreign stamps because specialized catalogs from other countries can be difficult to find. Use prices shown as a guideline for estimating the value of your collection, evaluating dealer prices, setting up trades with other collectors. If you have any problems or comments, please contact us.


Dec 12, 2009

We think that flat stamp category lists are inadequate for advanced stamp collectors. This is largely due to the richness of stamp categories. Therefore, we have added new search option for collectors of thematic (topical) stamps. Now search is possible by any keyword also by using flat category list. If you have any problems or special category requirements, please contact us.


July 4, 2009

We have added a new page for collectors of thematic (topical) stamps. Thematic stamp collecting as its name suggests is all about collecting stamps by theme or subject (topic in the USA) rather than by country or geographical area. Choosing which theme to collect is a personal thing. Whatever topic you eventually choose to collect, it is worth taking your time and thinking it over, before you rush out and buy your first thematic stamps. Most thematic collectors will tell you that they decided to collect their particular topic because it links with their occupation, studies, hoppy or social interest.

Where does one start?

This is a very good question, having chosen one's theme. Obviously you have to start with a checklist of some sort of what is available on your theme.

Where do you go to find out about items?

There are a number of thematic societies in the USA and UK who supply checklists to their members. There are also thematic catalogs published.

Asserting what is available other than stamps on a given theme however is not so easy and is time consuming effort. Often it comes down to collectors hunting down material for themselves via dealers or auctions or through fellow collectors. Our user-friendly stamp search interface is designed specifically for such purpose - browsing, researching, and monitoring thematic stamp listings in real-time. Our advanced search interface provides stamp collectors with one-click access to thematic stamp lists on eBay. If you have any problems or special category requirements, please contact us.


Apr 11, 2009

One of the strongest characteristic of stamps is their retention of value and value appreciation. This asset is a safe haven. It excels in times of crisis. This is probably†the only investment in the world that will guarantee you large returns. Some other attributes which help give postage stamps their value:

1. A 160+ year history as a popular collectible
2. An aesthetic satisfaction to collectors at any income levels
3. Many countries or collecting areas experience an increase in demand over the long term
4. Demand for a stamp depends largely on the stamp's country (or area) of issue
5. Many stamp collectors focus on stamps which depict popular topics
6. These influence demand for stamps in the same way that perceptions influence demand in the stock market

In the late '90s there were approximately 8,000 listings in the entire stamps category on eBay. Today the number regularly exceeds 2,200,000. New generations of collectors and dealers embraced the internet and stamp collecting interest began to rapidly grow. New consumer markets in Eastern Europe, China and India have exploded due to the general economic growth and increased disposable income. Stamp collecting future looks brilliant.


Mar 1, 2009

Our one-click link project has started as a self-help project aimed at minimizing the required number of mouse clicks and subsequent keystrokes necessary to change default search attributes. Our one-click stamp search interface sends an advanced (filter-based) query that returns more targeted listings of stamps, postal history and other philatelic items including those listed on international eBay websites (.au, .de, .nl, .uk, .fr, etc.). We don’t make people register or anything, we simply help stamp collectors and online buyers to find what they want on eBay by using our search interface.

Our new {preview} user interface was recently added designed specifically for browsing, watching, and monitoring new stamp listings in real-time. This new interface enables effortless real-time access to a worldwide stamp market. Click on the {preview} link and and watch real-time status of new stamp listings. Research similar items, compare prices, and see pictures. We constantly check results and optimize search interface so please visit us soon for new search experience. Let us know what you think.

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