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 1931 pair of two used in aden on piece e1575   $6.00 0d -1h -54m 0s

 ADEN 1956 QE2 5cts Green used stamp SG 49a ( A60 )   $0.71 0d -1h -40m -32s

 Aden 2/- on 2 Rupees fine used SG44 1951 KGVI [4801]   $1.77 0d -1h -39m -5s



 Aden 1953 Definitives Mid range values Mounted Mint   $4.95 0d -1h -15m -25s

 Aden Seiyun 1942 complete set Mounted Mint   $16.98 0d -1h -14m -41s

 Aden 1953 Definitives short set Mint Never Hinged/Mounted Mint   $9.20 0d -1h -14m -40s

 Aden 1937 Coronation registered large cover to stamp dealer MS1211   $12.00 0d -1h -12m -38s

 Aden Scott # 61A MH Mint Hinged Stamp #93519 X   $11.24 0d 0h -53m -59s

 Aden QE11 SG 72 MNH Unmounted Mint Lovely Condition   $39.62 0d 0h -1m -58s

 Aden 1912 KE 1/2 A on cover from Aden Camp (ban)   $29.99 0d 0h 10m 54s

 Aden 1976 Aerogram from Crater to Singapore, 1 stamp torn corner (bai)   $29.99 0d 0h 10m 56s

 Aden 1969 Reg cover Antiquities stamps (bag)   $19.99 0d 0h 10m 57s

 Aden 1969 ILO set on FDC cover (bag)   $9.99 0d 0h 10m 59s

 Aden 1945 Air Registered cover from Aden Camp to USA (bao)   $24.99 0d 0h 11m 1s

 Aden 1960 A/M QEII from Crater Christmas Slogan (bac)   $19.99 0d 0h 11m 2s

 Aden KGVI SG 36-46 VFU (2ddb)   $27.99 0d 0h 11m 2s

 Aden QEII 20/- SG 72 MOG (3cgj)   $51.99 0d 0h 11m 3s

 Aden 1961 Mukalla to USA St College PA (ban)   $29.99 0d 0h 11m 5s

 Aden 1947 Registerered cover to USA (bah)   $19.99 0d 0h 11m 7s

 Aden QEII 20/- SG 71-2 MOG (4dbq)   $57.99 0d 0h 11m 8s

 Aden 1938 Dhows on cover to USA (bag)   $34.99 0d 0h 11m 9s

 Aden SG 36-46 MOG (9cmo)   $67.99 0d 0h 11m 14s

 Aden SC 48/72 18 Values MOG (4chk)   $49.99 0d 0h 11m 16s

 Aden 1910 India used 2x KE 1/2A PPC to Canada (4bef)   $27.99 0d 0h 11m 16s

 Aden SG 16-27 MOG (9cmo)   $87.49 0d 0h 11m 17s

 Aden Cover from Sheikh Ottoman local (bai)   $29.99 0d 0h 11m 18s

 Aden GB FPO 1056 forces mail (bag)   $34.99 0d 0h 11m 19s

 Aden 1958 35c Dhow internal cover, Tobacco, Aden GPO (2bef)   $6.49 0d 0h 11m 19s

 Aden 1955 10c Camel FDC Aden Camp to UK (3bef)   $4.99 0d 0h 11m 20s

 Aden 1955 Paquebot cover, Australia stamps (bao)   $14.99 0d 0h 11m 31s

 Aden 1/2A Dhow Mombasa cancel VFU (bab)   $23.99 0d 0h 11m 36s

 Aden 1958 2/- Camel 1/- Dhow A/M cover Aden GPO to USA (1bef)   $16.99 0d 0h 11m 38s

 Somaliland KGVI 4a Goat on cover to Aden Mukalla (bam)   $34.99 0d 0h 11m 39s

 Great Britain KGVI 1d 1937 Paquebot PPC Aden (16beg)   $23.99 0d 0h 11m 41s

 Aden Boat 2R SG 10 VFU (3cgj)   $25.99 0d 0h 11m 50s

 Aden SG 1, 5 piece SON Aden Camp VFU (4cgj)   $9.99 0d 0h 11m 52s

 Aden SG 16-25 VFU (5dgy)   $8.49 0d 0h 11m 55s

 Aden Quaiti SG 2 MOG (6dho)   $1.99 0d 0h 11m 57s

 Aden Kathiri SG 1-11 MOG (3ddb)   $43.99 0d 0h 12m 2s

 Aden Quaiti SG 66a inverted surcharge MOG (8axs)   $43.99 0d 0h 12m 7s

 Aden SG 39, 41, 43 MNH (2eaf)   $4.99 0d 0h 12m 8s

 Aden SG 17-24 VFU (3dhy)   $5.49 0d 0h 12m 9s

 Aden Federation of South Arabia 1965 Aerogramme to Singapore w message (1bed)   $24.99 0d 0h 12m 12s

 Aden SG 27 MOG (7dgy)   $39.99 0d 0h 12m 15s

 Aden Camel SG 16-7 MNH (5dgy)   $5.49 0d 0h 12m 15s

 Aden SG 24-5 MNH (6dgy)   $19.49 0d 0h 12m 15s

 Aden SG 18-20, 23 MOG (6dgy)   $6.99 0d 0h 12m 15s

 Aden Camel SG 26 MOG (6dgy)   $29.99 0d 0h 12m 20s

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