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 AITUTAKI Cook Islands Stamps Large Accumulation Mainly MUH Some Gum Toning   $70.09 0d 0h 5m 31s

 AU AITUTAKI - MNH - 1976 - IMPERF - OLYMPIC   $5.55 0d 1h 4m 55s

 AITUTAKI SHEET MARINE LIFE 2012 MNH   $19.99 0d 1h 9m 25s

 Aitutaki B7-10 MNH Christmas, Art, Madonna & Child, Adoration of the Shepherds   $3.15 0d 1h 12m 37s

 Aitutaki 364-6 MNH Princess Diana, Prince William, Prince Henry, Prince Charles   $8.10 0d 1h 12m 37s

 Aitutaki B12a-18b MNH Christmas, Angels   $4.05 0d 1h 12m 37s

 Aitutaki 443 MNH Christmas, Art, "Virgin in Glory", Titian   $11.95 0d 1h 12m 37s

 Aitutaki 153a-9b MNH Christmas, Annunciation, Virgin & Child, Donkey   $3.85 0d 1h 12m 37s

 Aitutaki 356-63 MNH Christmas, Art, Paintings   $7.25 0d 1h 12m 37s

 Aitutaki 474-8 MNH Christmas, Art, "Virgin's Nativity"   $18.95 0d 1h 12m 37s

 Aitutaki 208-11 MNH Christmas, Art, Sculptures, Virgin & Child   $1.35 0d 1h 12m 37s

 Aitutaki 247-9 Sheets MNH Prince Charles, Princess Diana Wedding, Royalty   $7.50 0d 1h 12m 37s

 Aitutaki 283 MNH Scouts   $2.45 0d 1h 12m 37s

 Cook Islands Aitutaki 1911 vermilion 1/- mint SG12   $19.89 0d 1h 23m 32s

 Aitutaki 1974 SG#MS141 Sir Winston Churchill Cto Used M/S #D51127   $1.31 0d 1h 26m 46s

 Queen Elizabeth 25th Coronation anniversary stamps Souvenir sheet Aitutaki MUH   $1.31 0d 1h 39m 4s

 == 8X AITUTAKI - MNH - UN - ARHITECTURE - WHOLESALE   $3.58 0d 1h 40m 59s

 == 2X AITUTAKI - MNH - WHALE   $6.89 0d 1h 41m 40s

 == 10X AITUTAKI - MNH - OLYMPICS   $2.50 0d 1h 42m 27s

 AITUTAKI 2013 WHALES DOLPHINS & SHIPS MNH   $42.42 0d 1h 54m 47s

 AITUTAKI 2012 WHALES SHEETLET MNH   $42.42 0d 1h 54m 48s

 AITUTAKI SG13 1916 6d CARMINE FINE USED   $39.77 0d 1h 54m 48s

 AITUTAKI SG46/7 1972 SILVER WEDDING MNH   $2.65 0d 1h 54m 49s

 Aitutaki 1992 Christmas SG MS646 MNH   $4.31 0d 2h 12m 9s

 1976 Cook Islands (Aitutaki) Easter Mini Sheet Mint Unhinged/Never hinged   $3.10 0d 2h 16m 4s

 1973 Cook Islands (Aitutaki) Christmas Part set 4 Mint Hinged   $0.89 0d 2h 46m 36s

 [31418] Aitutaki 2011 Marine Life Research Center MNH   $6.50 0d 2h 58m 31s

 [31135] Aitutaki 1981 Birds Vgel Oiseaux Ucelli from set MNH   $23.25 0d 2h 58m 33s


 AITUTAKI SGMS760 2010 ROYAL ENGAGEMENT MNH   $8.62 0d 3h 56m 37s

 Aitutaki 1987 Christmas MS SG 580 MNH   $8.62 0d 3h 57m 24s

 Cook Islands Aitutaki 1916 KGV 6d carmine superb MNH. SG 11. Sc 12.   $72.92 0d 3h 59m 59s

 Aitutaki 1992 Christmas SG 642/5 MNH   $4.97 0d 4h 41m 58s

 Aitutaki 2014 Easter Paintings 1v MS SG 822 MNH   $8.29 0d 4h 42m 32s

 AITUTAKI COOK ISLANDS Stamp SG 6 Scott 5 KIWI BIRD VARIETY Extra Ink Spots OG LH   $11.00 0d 4h 45m 55s


 Aitutaki Centenary of Modern Olympic Games pair SG#695-696 SC#519a CV10 SALE   $3.31 0d 4h 49m 37s

 Aitutaki Cook Is. Penrhyn Olympic Games Sydney 12v SC#Ai 531+ Cook 1237 + P 460   $7.42 0d 4h 49m 52s

 Aitutaki 2014 Easter Paintings 6v MS SG 821 MNH   $4.97 0d 4h 54m 0s

 AITUTAKI 1983 Boy Scout Crnr.Blocks 4 SG 434/6 MNH   $5.29 0d 5h 0m 31s

 COOK ISLANDS AITUTAKI, cover CTO 1991, pair birds 70 c   $3.00 0d 5h 7m 4s

 Aitutaki 1988 Christmas SG 590/4 MNH   $7.29 0d 5h 15m 30s

 ENGLISH COLONY AITUTAKI MI# 370/385 16 ST... BIRDS ** MNH VF   $8.00 0d 5h 22m 3s

 Aitutaki Cook Island Flight to Egypt 1977 (v19v).   $1.00 0d 5h 49m 17s

 Aitutaki Cook Island Holy Family 7c 1977 (v17v).   $1.00 0d 5h 51m 24s

 Aitutaki Cook Island Holy Family 1976 (v32v).   $1.00 0d 5h 51m 27s

 [E14341] Aitutaki 2008 WWF Butterflies good set of stamps very fine MNH   $1.13 0d 6h 11m 32s

 [E14348] Aitutaki 2010 WWF Marina Life good set of stamps very fine MNH   $1.59 0d 6h 12m 41s

 [E14349] Aitutaki 2010 WWF Marina Life good sheets very fine MNH See Pictures   $4.04 0d 6h 13m 1s

 Aitutaki 2011 Flowers MNH -(V-25)   $6.99 0d 6h 21m 24s

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