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 AUSTRIA # 824-9 MNH ANGELS DEMONS & SAINTS EMBLEMS   $13.75 0d -1h -59m -5s

 RUSSIA,WW I, 1917 POW postal stationery to Croatia,AUSTRIA double I   $15.00 0d -1h -58m -59s

 Austria 1850 6kr, HP, Type I. PAINTED PRINT! KBLKT canc. (Hungary)   $44.00 0d -1h -58m -49s

 1925 Vienna Austria Airmail Cover To Braunschweig Germany   $85.00 0d -1h -58m -32s

 AUSTRIA # 865-70 MNH VIENNA CLOCK MUSEUM   $13.75 0d -1h -58m -24s

 AUSTRIA # 865-70 MNH VIENNA CLOCK MUSEUM   $12.75 0d -1h -57m -49s

 1936 Vienna Austria Real Picture Postcard RPPC Cover Castle   $85.00 0d -1h -56m -2s

 AUSTRIA # 758 MNH FEMALE NOVELIST & POET   $4.00 0d -1h -54m -29s

 1936 Innsbruck Austria Picture Postcard Cover Tyrol To Vienna   $85.00 0d -1h -53m -53s

 AUSTRIA - PRAGUE POSTCARD TO BERLIN -- 1888   $8.00 0d -1h -53m -2s

 AUSTRIA Sport Skiing 1959/90 Covers FDC x 11 (Au12717   $2.50 0d -1h -48m -30s

 AUSTRIA MNH 1985 SG2061 8TH INT FIRE BRIGADES COMPETITION   $2.83 0d -1h -47m -4s


 AUSTRIA MNH 1985 SG2064 MILLENARY OF KONIGSTETTEN   $2.83 0d -1h -47m -4s

 AUSTRIA MNH 1985 SG2065 1200TH ANCVS OF HOFKIRCHEN, WEIBERN & TAUFKIRCHEN   $2.83 0d -1h -47m -4s

 AUSTRIA MNH 1985 SG2056 MILLENARY OF GARSTEN   $2.83 0d -1h -47m -4s

 AUSTRIA MNH 1985 SG2062 50TH ANV OF GROSSGLOCKNER MOUNTAIN ROAD   $2.83 0d -1h -47m -4s

 AUSTRIA MNH 1985 MS2059 FORESTRY YEAR   $2.83 0d -1h -47m -4s

 AUSTRIA MNH 1985 SG2063 WORLD CHESS ASSOC CONGRESS   $2.83 0d -1h -47m -4s

 AUSTRIA MNH 1985 SG2060 25TH BAD ISCHL OPERETTA WEEK   $2.83 0d -1h -47m -3s

 AUSTRIA MNH 1985 SG2057 40TH ANV OF UNO & 30TH ANV OF AUSTRIAN MEMBERSHIP   $2.83 0d -1h -47m -3s

 AUSTRIA MNH 1985 SG2055 GUMPP FAMILY EXN   $2.83 0d -1h -46m -50s

 AUSTRIA MNH 1985 SG2054 BICENTENARY OF ST POLTEN DIOCESE   $2.83 0d -1h -46m -49s

 AUSTRIA MNH 1985 SG2053 MILLENARY OF BOHEIMKIRCHEN   $2.83 0d -1h -46m -49s

 AUSTRIA MNH 1985 SG2051 EUROPA - MUSIC YEAR   $4.46 0d -1h -46m -49s

 AUSTRIA MNH 1985 SG2050 40TH ANV OF LIBERATION   $2.83 0d -1h -46m -49s

 AUSTRIA MNH 1985 SG2049 150TH BIRTH ANV OF FRANZ DEFREGGER   $2.83 0d -1h -46m -48s

 AUSTRIA MNH 1985 SG2052 25TH ANV OF EUROPEAN FREE TRADE ASSOC   $2.83 0d -1h -46m -48s

 AUSTRIA MNH 1985 SG2048 LOWER AUSTRIAN PROVINCIAL EXHB   $2.83 0d -1h -46m -48s

 Minkus Stamp Pages Austria 1987 Supplement No 29   $2.95 0d -1h -39m -51s

 Minkus Stamp Pages Austria 1985 Supplement No 27   $2.95 0d -1h -38m -48s

 Minkus Stamp Pages Austria 1984 Supplement No 26   $2.95 0d -1h -38m -18s

 AUSTRIA OFFICES ON TURKEY--Scott#49 Catalog Value $13.00   $2.00 0d -1h -38m -16s

 Minkus Stamp Pages Austria 1983 Supplement No 25   $2.95 0d -1h -37m -49s

 Minkus Stamp Pages Austria 1981 Supplement No 23   $2.95 0d -1h -36m -47s

 Minkus Stamp Pages Austria 1979 Supplement No 21   $2.95 0d -1h -36m -24s

 RED CROSS #702 ON 1933 COVER BATAVIA NY TO AUSTRIA   $11.99 0d -1h -35m -50s

 AUSTRIA 1883 20k Greenish Grey P10.5 Used - Assumed SG74d Line Perf - Cat 450   $14.14 0d -1h -34m -57s

 Millstatt - 1970 - austria stamp - brown 1s - see scan   $2.48 0d -1h -27m -51s

 AUSTRIA Aachen frei censored bank cover Vienna Ambers Belgium 1916 WWI Lombard   $6.45 0d -1h -27m -36s

 AUSTRIA military censored Innsbruck advertising card Kufstein Langnau cover WWI   $7.95 0d -1h -27m -35s

 Austria - Osterreich Stamp Scott B278 MNH   $1.99 0d -1h -26m -52s

 Austria-1922-50H issue-MH Good gum   $0.71 0d -1h -26m -44s

 Austria-1918/1919-Deutschosterreich O/P set-MH Good gum & Used (2 scans)   $11.32 0d -1h -26m -44s

 Austria-1920/1921-Arms set-MH Good gum & Used   $2.12 0d -1h -26m -43s

 Austria: ten [#B208 --> #B217] semi-postal stamps MNH --   $3.10 0d -1h -26m -21s

 ROMANIA 1917 FELPOST AUSTRIA HUNGARY Michel #1-17 Used Complete Set CV 60   $20.00 0d -1h -26m -13s

 c 1920 Austria Newspaper Stamp Mercury 5 Heller MNG   $3.40 0d -1h -24m -39s

 Austria - Osterreich Stamp Scott B277 MNH   $1.99 0d -1h -23m -56s

 AUSTRIA: nine [#J93 -->#J101] imperforate POSTAGE DUE stamps -mint-   $0.58 0d -1h -23m -49s

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