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 9 Bahamas stamps - 1954, 1967, 1971 Postmarked/No Gum   $3.75 0d -1h -59m -34s

 1960s-70s Bahamas cover group to US   $11.00 0d -1h -54m -54s

 BAHAMAS 1930 SG 126/30 MINT Cat 70   $52.61 0d -1h -54m -22s

 Bahamas 1938 Definitive selection to 10p SG149-54 Mint MH   $17.30 0d -1h -53m -33s

 Bahamas 1863 4d Bright Rose CrownCC Watermark Reversed (SG#26x) Used 80   $20.00 0d -1h -52m -21s

 Bahamas 1916 2s Black & Blue SG79 V.F.U   $40.38 0d -1h -44m -51s

 Bahamas 1882 1d Scarlet-Vermilion SG42 Superb Used   $40.38 0d -1h -44m -50s

 Bahamas 1863 4d Brt Rose SG26x Wmk Reversed Fine Used   $37.75 0d -1h -44m -22s

 Bahamas 1863 4d Brt Rose SG26 Fine Used   $36.44 0d -1h -44m -17s

 Bahamas 1919 1s Grey-Black & Carmine SG104 Fine Used Contemporary Crayon Mark   $36.44 0d -1h -44m -16s

 Bahamas 1863 6d Violet SG32 Fine Used   $36.44 0d -1h -44m -10s

 Bahamas 1882 1d Scarlet-Vermilion SG40 Fine & Fresh Lightly Mtd Mint   $36.44 0d -1h -44m -6s

 BAHAMAS 1976 MNH** Set+Sheet, Olympics, Sport, Olympiade Stamps   $2.69 0d -1h -42m -1s

 Bahamas 1938 Definitive selection to 5/- SG149-56 Used   $21.63 0d -1h -41m -21s

 Bahamas 1863 1d Brown-Lake SG20 V.F.U   $43.01 0d -1h -41m -1s

 Bahamas 1882 1d Scarlet-Vermilion SG42 Fine Used   $39.07 0d -1h -40m -58s

 sweden 1958 gynaecological to bahamas stamps cover Ref 9759   $7.89 0d -1h -40m -52s

 Bahamas 1938 Definitive additional values SG158-60 Used   $3.60 0d -1h -36m -30s

 Bahamas 1940 3d on 2d surcharge SG161 Mint MH   $2.88 0d -1h -34m -1s

 Bahamas 11 Mint catalog $115.00   $33.00 0d -1h -32m -47s

 BAHAMAS 1918 1d CARMINE WITH WATERMARK SIDEWAYS SG 97a MINT.   $210.45 0d -1h -30m -18s

 BAHAMAS KGVI 1938-52 SG151a 1d pale red-brown LMM (JB4485)   $3.49 0d -1h -22m -29s

 Bahamas 1901-19 sg.58, 77, 93, 98, 101, 105 MH   $12.50 0d -1h -2m -49s

 Bahamas 1863 1d carmine lake sg.21 perf 12.1/2 MH   $29.59 0d -1h -2m -48s

 Bahamas 1964 Shakespeare SG244 MNH   $1.30 0d -1h -2m -12s

 BAHAMAS EARLY ONE SHILLING STAMP R3512   $7.89 0d 0h -59m -8s

 Bahamas 1 Penny Stamp c1882 Used   $1.58 0d 0h -53m -50s

 Bahamas 1 Penny Stamp c1863-77 Used Perf 14 (toned)   $1.58 0d 0h -51m -48s

 BAHAMAS 1948 SG 178/93 MNH Cat 75   $52.61 0d 0h -50m -35s

 Bahamas Early 1 Penny Stamp Used   $7.23 0d 0h -49m -41s

 Bahamas 1/- Stamp c1863-80 Mounted Mint Perf 14   $1.37 0d 0h -47m -41s

 BAHAMAS SG658/61 1983 AMERICAN LOYALISTS MNH   $1.32 0d 0h -47m -13s

 lufthansa 1973 bahamas to mexico air mail stamps cover ref r15409   $10.52 0d 0h -46m -47s

 BAHAMAS SG626/9 1982 MAMMALS MNH   $4.27 0d 0h -46m 0s

 BAHAMAS SG649/50 1983 CUSTOMS CO-OPERATION COUNCIL MNH   $3.29 0d 0h -44m -46s

 BAHAMAS 1906-11 1d CARMINE-ROSE SG 72 MINT.   $18.41 0d 0h -43m -9s

 BAHAMAS: 1938 King George VI 3d Scarlet LMM Sg154b   $1.30 0d 0h -42m -47s

 BAHAMAS: 1970 Christmas/Religious Paintings 4values M/Mint Sg354/7   $1.04 0d 0h -42m -47s

 BAHAMAS: 2007 Christmas Tree Decorations 6 values MNH Sg1468/73   $3.93 0d 0h -42m -47s

 BAHAMAS: 2008 50th Anniversary of NASA 6 values MNH Sg1511/16   $4.98 0d 0h -42m -47s

 BAHAMAS: 2008 Bahamas Butterflies Sheet MNH MS1484   $3.28 0d 0h -42m -46s

 BAHAMAS: 2008 Flowers (CASCO watermark) 12 values MNH Sg1494/1505   $26.29 0d 0h -42m -46s

 Bahamas 1992 SG MS 937 columbus ,ship,s/s MNH #2209   $2.40 0d 0h -38m -34s

 BAHAMAS 1982 ? TB centenary of the Discovery of Tubercle Bacillus ? MNH block 37   $2.99 0d 0h -25m -38s

 Bahamas Cover - Tacking Station Cachet - Air Force Eastern Test Range   $4.99 0d 0h -19m -13s

 1965 Bahamas First Day Cover - International Telecommunications Union   $3.99 0d 0h -19m -11s

 BAHAMAS SG 149/156e 1938/52 GVI SET TO 5/- FINE MOUNTED (HINGED) MINT   $39.45 0d 0h -14m -40s

 BAHAMAS: 1938 King George VI 1/2dx2colours LMM Sg149&149e   $1.30 0d 0h -13m -59s

 BAHAMAS: 1979 International Year of Child 4vals M/mint Sg535/8   $1.30 0d 0h -13m -59s

 BAHAMAS: 1938 King George VI 1.5d Red-brown & 2d Scarlet LMM Sg151/52   $1.30 0d 0h -13m -59s

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