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 Belarus 2004 , Cats - Persians , Siamese, Exotic cats , FDC set of 2   $6.46 0d -1h -19m -8s

 2013 Belarus.Belarusian State Puppet Theatre. FDC   $4.65 0d -1h -15m -3s

 2014 Belarus.Theatres: Yakub Kolas National Academic Drama Theatre. FDC   $5.19 0d -1h -13m -53s

 2014 Belarus.Theatres: Grodno Regional Drama Theatre. “Our small town. FDC   $5.19 0d -1h -13m -26s

 2011. Belarus. Yu.Gagarin.50th Anniv. of the First Manned Space Flight Stamp MNH   $1.68 0d -1h -9m -39s

 2009. Belarus. Astronomy (EUROPA). Set   $2.23 0d 0h -58m -32s

 2014 Belarus. Bird of the year. Common cuckoo. Maximum card   $4.41 0d 0h -56m -30s

 2014 Belarus. Bird of the year. Common cuckoo. MNH. Stamp   $1.94 0d 0h -52m -53s

 Belarus, 2017, Kittens, 4 stamps   $2.22 0d 0h -30m -52s

 Belarus, 2017, Joint China , s/s block   $7.00 0d 0h -29m -20s

 Belarus 2015 WWF Insects Ladybirds First Day Cover FDC   $3.59 0d 0h -12m -1s

 Belarus stamp Fishes minisheet 2006 MNH Mi 651-654 WS182824   $4.47 0d 0h 4m 10s

 Belarus stamp Fishes minisheet 2011 MNH Mi 870-871 WS182826   $12.51 0d 0h 4m 18s

 Belarus 2013 Belarus-Armenia Diplomatic Relations Arms Art Paintings S/S MNH**   $2.99 0d 0h 23m 58s

 Belarus - 2014 - Decorative and Applied Art, Tapestry, 2 sheets of 8v   $11.07 0d 0h 24m 27s

 Stamp sheet of BELARUS 2016 - Minsk State Circus & Gomel State Circus   $4.99 0d 0h 30m 50s

 Belarus Pick-number: 7 uncirculated 2000 50 Rubel Bear   $1.19 0d 0h 56m 42s

 Belarus 2014 Invasive Plants Flowers Insects 2 Sheets of 5 MNH**   $8.99 0d 1h 2m 11s

 BELARUS 1993 EUROPA S/S Chagall painting MNH (658)   $28.00 0d 1h 8m 3s

 Belarus 2009 Louis Braille/Health/Welfare/Blind/Hands Reading 6v shtlt (n30770a)   $9.58 0d 1h 19m 28s

 Belarus 2005 Information/Communications/Satellite Emblem 1v (n36707)   $1.27 0d 1h 24m 18s

 Belarus 2012 Mi.#900vx-11vx Architectural Monuments set 12 sheets of 21 stamps   $90.00 0d 1h 43m 46s

 Belarus 2007 Mi.#682-84 Church Bells of Belarus set 3 stamps MNH Cat. Eu 2.80   $1.20 0d 2h 0m 27s

 Belarus 2007 Mi.#694-98 Farm Animals set 5 stamps MNH Cat. Eu 3.80   $1.50 0d 2h 2m 58s

 Belarus, Bird of the year, 2016, Duck, sheet   $8.30 0d 2h 15m 20s

 Belarus, PCC, Communication, Jnt Russia, 2016, sheet   $10.97 0d 2h 17m 52s

 2011. Belarus. Equestrian Sport. FDCs   $4.79 0d 2h 20m 26s

 2008. Belarus. 15th Anniversary of TIBO. FDC   $3.38 0d 2h 44m 47s

 Belarus 2016 70 Years of UNICEF Sheet of 6 MNH**   $7.99 0d 2h 56m 23s

 Belarus 2010 Mi.#823-24 LOCOMOTIVES RAILWAY STATIONS set of 2 stamps MNH   $1.50 0d 3h 3m 14s

 Belarus 2016 Christmas & New Year 2 Sheets of 4 MNH**   $6.99 0d 3h 3m 56s

 Belarus 2015 WWF Rodents Starr Gopher S/S of 4 MNH**   $3.99 0d 3h 6m 51s

 Belarus 2015 Insects Ladybirds S/S of 4 MNH**   $3.49 0d 3h 15m 8s

 2010. Belarus. Municipal Arms of Towns. Khoinik. Pane   $5.69 0d 3h 18m 15s

 2010. Belarus. Trade Unions. FDC   $5.32 0d 3h 18m 54s

 2011. Belarus. 25th Anniversary of the Chernobyl Disaster. Stamp   $1.68 0d 3h 19m 25s

 RUSSIA EMPIRE, ANNULS KOBRYN (BELARUS) MAR 1907, STAMPS 20 KOP + 15 KOP m   $45.00 0d 3h 48m 49s

 Stamp SET of BELARUS 2016 - Europa 2016. Think Green   $2.49 0d 4h 4m 19s

 Belarus 17-20 mint never hinged mnh 1992 Keramikgefäße   $1.19 0d 4h 36m 37s

 BELARUS 2017-11 EUROPA: Castles. Architecture. Paintings. Set & Souv Sheet, MNH   $6.96 0d 4h 40m 22s

 BELARUS 2017-07 TRANSPORT. The Minsk Metro (Underground). Souvenir Sheet, MNH   $3.70 0d 4h 40m 22s

 Belarus 2016 Rare Birds Eagles Join Issue with Azerbaijan Sheet of 8 MNH**   $9.99 0d 5h 21m 39s

 2010. Belarus. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Panes   $8.89 0d 5h 39m 25s

 2010. Belarus. Locomotives and Railway Stations.M/sh   $6.42 0d 5h 39m 46s

 Belarus 2016 Art Paintings Lev Bakst S/S MNH**   $1.29 0d 5h 40m 49s

 Belarus 2014 MNH Cent Botanical Gardens NAS 4v Set Flowers Dahlia Roses Stamps   $9.64 0d 5h 40m 51s

 Belarus 2015 MNH Shrubs Cent Botanical Gardens NAS 4v Set Peony Flowers Stamps   $8.35 0d 5h 43m 11s

 Belarus. 2015. Amphibians (Mint) First Day Cover   $5.29 0d 6h 6m 22s

 Belarus. 2015. Machine Building of Belarus (First Day Cover)   $5.29 0d 6h 20m 33s

 Belarus. 2015. Nature motifs in paintings of Belarus and China. Part 1 (FD?)   $2.73 0d 6h 27m 32s

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