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 Belize #525-532 VF used CTO Christmas Pairs Free S/H   $3.49 0d -1h -52m -37s

 Belize 1979 Summer Olympic, Moscow 1980, MNH, perf.   $4.40 0d -1h -44m -8s

 Belize 1984 Summer Olympic, Los Angeles 1984, MNH, perf. #1   $3.90 0d -1h -44m -8s

 CB BELIZE - MNH - DISNEY - IT'S A SMALL WORLD   $1.26 0d -1h -41m -24s

 Belize #B1-B6 VF used CTO Semi-Postal Soccer Free S/H   $4.49 0d -1h -39m -46s

 BELIZE 1980 SG592 + MS593 80th Birthday of Queen Mother Set MNH Cat 16+(JB1819)   $2.37 0d -1h -31m -52s

 Belize (1303) 1983 WWF - JAGUAR 5c imperf on Format International PROOF CARD   $39.46 0d -1h -12m -42s

 Belize (1304) 1983 WWF - JAGUAR 10c imperf on Format International PROOF CARD   $39.46 0d -1h -11m -57s

 Belize (1305) 1983 WWF - JAGUAR 85c imperf on Format International PROOF CARD   $39.46 0d -1h -11m -13s

 Belize (1306) 1983 WWF - JAGUAR $1 imperf on Format International PROOF CARD   $39.46 0d -1h -10m -24s

 CAYES OF BELIZE - 1985 Birth Bicentenary of John J Audubon (4v) - UM / MNH   $1.64 0d -1h -1m -35s

 BELIZE LOT REF(KK776655)# 609-614 VF-SHIPS LIGHT USED CAT VALUE $49.50   $14.95 0d 0h -27m -56s

 British Honduras SG#175,#173,#171-BELIZE 7/DE/49-AIR MAIL TO USA-SCARCE USAGE   $28.00 0d 0h -17m -20s

 British Honduras SG#127-GUTTER PAIR-BELIZE MR/10/26-BUY BRITISH GOODS AND   $175.00 0d 0h -14m -58s

 BELIZE 1980 SC#471-487 USED COMPLETE SET OF 17 "SEA SHELLS" - SCOTT CV$20   $8.99 0d 0h 13m 55s

 Stamps from Belize and Guatemala   $15.00 0d 0h 28m 35s

 British Honduras 1932 Belize Relief Fund set fine used   $44.72 0d 0h 32m 37s

 Belize 1979 SG 483 UPU Centenary MNH   $1.45 0d 0h 34m 18s

 Michel 3286 Belize PM Said Wilbert Musa - Set x10 Imperf Bloc Luxe MNH   $99.99 0d 0h 39m 19s

 Stamp + 4 Imperf Blocs MNH Michel 3286 Belize Prime Minister Said Wilbert Musa   $60.00 0d 1h 9m 5s

 Belize Collection of 42 Different Used Stamps   $6.50 0d 1h 35m 38s

 British Honduras SG#133,#123 Belize 22/MY/29 AIRMAIL   $30.00 0d 2h 23m 44s

 British Honduras SG#154,#150 Belize NO/10/42 WWII Censor 7507 commercial   $18.00 0d 2h 23m 50s

 British Honduras SG#103(single frank) Belize JA/10/20 commercial use to USA,   $18.00 0d 2h 23m 56s

 British Honduras SG#151(single frank) QSO Radio Card Belize NO/5/46 to USA   $22.00 0d 2h 24m 3s

 Belize(British Honduras) SG#426#429(scarce) Belize City 1978 Slogan machine   $22.00 0d 2h 24m 9s

 British Honduras SG#151(x3) Belize to USA, opened rough   $22.00 0d 2h 24m 11s

 British Honduras SG#184(x2) BELIZE 24/NO/55 Commercial C/C Airmail to USA   $18.00 0d 2h 24m 25s

 British Honduras SG#185,#186(Butterfly) BELIZE 18/FE/55 Commercial C/C   $22.00 0d 2h 24m 29s

 British Honduras SG#147-149 Coronation Issue complete set Belize 8/SP/37 not fdc   $30.00 0d 2h 24m 32s

 British Honduras SG#147-149 (complete set) Belize 30/SP/37 Registered to USA,   $28.00 0d 2h 24m 35s

 British Honduras SG#101<#103 Belize 9/FE/28 Slogan Handstamp BUY BRITISH FOODS   $22.00 0d 2h 24m 42s

 British Honduras SG#104(single frank) Belize JA/15/14, commercial use to USA   $22.00 0d 2h 24m 45s

 British Honduras SG#131,#132,#129,#126-BELIZE 1/JY/33-AIR MAIL to   $45.00 0d 2h 24m 48s

 British Honduras SG#152,#155(pair) BELIZE 1/MR/40 "PASSED BY CENSOR 4" AIR   $65.00 0d 2h 24m 52s

 British Honduras SG#180,#181,#183 Belize 18/AP/56 to USA, return   $22.00 0d 2h 25m 1s

 British Honduras SG#150,#154 Belize JY/4/46 commercial c/c "BEECHIES GUM" to USA   $22.00 0d 2h 25m 4s

 Belize SG#413(single frank) Belize City SLOGAN CANCEL, no date, Airmail to USA   $20.00 0d 2h 25m 7s

 Belize SG#410,#429 Belize City 10/JUN/1978 slogan cancel Airmail to USA   $20.00 0d 2h 25m 13s

 British Honduras SG#152(x2) Belize 18/AP/41 commercial c/c to USA, tape stain   $18.00 0d 2h 25m 16s

 British Honduras SG#155(x2)#150 Belize 4/MR/42 Airmail to USA   $18.00 0d 2h 25m 22s

 British Honduras SG#155(x2)#150 BELIZE JU/18/42 WWII CENSOR-COMMERCIAL   $20.00 0d 2h 25m 26s

 British Honduras SG#151(x2) BELIZE FE/22/44-WWII CENSOR TAPE J/8175- to USA   $40.00 0d 2h 25m 35s

 British Honduras DOUBLE postalcard HG:11 Belize DE/20/01 with message to USA   $100.00 0d 2h 25m 38s

 British Honduras SG#130,#126 BELIZE 15/AU/32 Commercial C/C to New Orleans   $35.00 0d 2h 25m 44s

 British Honduras SG#150,#154,#156 BELIZE 13/MY/47 Airmail to USA,   $18.00 0d 2h 25m 48s

 British Honduras SG#123(single frank) Belize DE/1/28 commercial use to USA   $28.00 0d 2h 25m 55s

 British Honduras SG#101,#123(x2) Belize 25/OC/28 Registered(label) to USA   $30.00 0d 2h 26m 1s

 British Honduras SG#143 -Silver Jubilee- Belize 23/JU/35 Scarce cachet   $35.00 0d 2h 26m 4s

 British Honduras SG#154(single frank) Belize 29/JY/38 commercial use to USA,   $22.00 0d 2h 26m 15s

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