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 Bhutan 2000 MNH Zeppelin Man & His Airships 6v M/S III Zeppelins Aviation Stamps   $8.34 0d -1h -51m -36s

 Bhutan 2011 MNH Queens of Bhutan 8v M/S Wangchuck Ashi Sangay Choden Stamps   $6.40 0d -1h -45m -6s

 Bhutan 1984 Disney Donald Duck 50th Anniversary S/S FDC's SG MS572   $12.83 0d -1h -40m -56s

 Bhutan 2005 Trains/Steam Engine/Locomotives/Rail/Railways/Transport sht n44691   $11.49 0d -1h -24m -7s

 Bhutan 2005 MNH 200 Years of Trains 1804-2004 1v S/S Railways P36N0032   $4.49 0d 0h -56m -10s

 Bhutan 1992 Olympic Barcrlona Archer Archery Sc 1052 M/s MNH # 5273   $3.00 0d 0h -52m -33s

 Bhutan 1997 WWF Dhole Whistling Dog Wildlife Animals Fauna Sc 1149 MNH # 217   $4.00 0d 0h -52m -32s

 BHUTAN 104D-G Mint (ID # 48951)   $15.00 0d 0h -42m 0s

 BHUTAN 334 Mint (ID # 48956)   $12.50 0d 0h -41m -58s

 BHUTAN B4 Mint (ID # 56299)- L   $10.00 0d 0h -41m -57s

 Bhutan US Man in open Space 1969 MLH   $4.99 0d 0h -29m -43s

 Bhutan US Man in open Space 1969 MLH   $4.99 0d 0h -29m -15s

 Bhutan US Men in open Space 1969 MLH   $4.99 0d 0h -28m -44s

 Bhutan US Space Explorer 3D stamp 1969 MNH   $4.99 0d 0h -27m -29s

 Bhutan 2015 Drubthop Gyalpo 1v MS & 8v SS MNH chain bridge architect physician   $3.99 0d 0h -12m -5s

 Bhutan 2009 Female Earth Ox Year 1v SS MNH Bull Chinese Zodiac Sign   $1.99 0d 0h -6m -35s

 Bhutan 2013 Water Female Snake Year 1v and SS MNH Cinese Zodiac Sign   $1.99 0d 0h -3m -47s

 Bhutan 1974 Universal Postal Union UPU 1v SS MNH logo steam engine modern train   $0.99 0d 0h -2m -5s

 Bhutan 2002 Queen Elizabeth II 50th Annv of Accession 4v SS MNH   $1.99 0d 0h 4m 9s

 Togo 2016 National Birds Animals of Azerbaijan Chile Horse Bhutan S/S TG16408a   $11.00 0d 0h 6m 20s

 Bhutan 2012 Chinese Water Male Dragon Year Zodiac Sign 1v stamp MNH   $0.49 0d 0h 6m 49s

 Bhutan 127Cd MNH s/s Space SCV27.50   $19.00 0d 0h 24m 45s

 Bhutan 584-89 MNH Columbus/Ships SCV11.95   $7.20 0d 0h 24m 47s

 Bhutan 589A MNH m/s Columbus/Ships SCV16   $9.60 0d 0h 24m 50s

 1979 Bhutan IYC UN International Year of the Child Stamp Set & Souvenir Sheet   $7.95 0d 0h 31m 17s

 BP164 1977 BHUTAN Mongar REGISTERED Commercial Airmail Cover GB Devon   $6.40 0d 0h 32m 53s

 HH296 1979 BHUTAN Lhuntse REGISTERED Commercial Airmail Cover GB Devon   $6.40 0d 0h 34m 51s

 MNH, BHUTAN, 2 full sets including S/Sheets (Lot #1)   $5.00 0d 0h 42m 57s

 ALAC 097 BHUTAN Boy Scouts 1967 MNH OVERPRINT JAMBOREE IDAHO   $4.97 0d 1h 10m 28s

 ALAC 094 BHUTAN Boy Scouts 1967 MNH 10-MNG   $0.99 0d 1h 10m 29s

 ALAC 095 BHUTAN Boy Scouts 1967 USED   $1.46 0d 1h 10m 29s

 ALAC 100 BHUTAN Boy Scouts 1967 MNH IMPERF   $2.46 0d 1h 10m 29s

 a120 - BHUTAN - SGMS1726 MNH 2002 QEII GOLDEN JUBILEE   $3.02 0d 1h 12m 41s

 Bhutan ~ Set of 6 ~ MH Plastic Holographic Stamps ~ Space 1970 ~ Lot 1   $5.12 0d 1h 31m 45s

 Bhutan 1028-42 MNH Football-90 SCV54.25   $32.40 0d 1h 55m 51s

 Bhutan 1043-48 MNH s/s Football-90 SCV50   $29.00 0d 1h 55m 54s

 Bhutan 1149 FDC WWF-97/Fauna   $6.00 0d 1h 55m 57s

 Bhutan 1398 FDC WWF-03/Birds   $6.00 0d 1h 56m 0s

 Bhutan 154-54E MNH Mushrooms SCV33 3-D   $23.00 0d 1h 56m 2s

 Bhutan 154Eg MNH s/s Mushrooms SCV80   $56.00 0d 1h 56m 5s

 Bhutan 564-73 MNH Space/Halley SCV21.15   $12.70 0d 1h 56m 8s

 Bhutan 574-83 MNH Liberty statue/Ships SCV21   $12.60 0d 1h 56m 11s

 Bhutan 590-96 MNH Columbus SCV21   $12.60 0d 1h 56m 13s

 Bhutan 597-606 MNH Trains SCV22.10   $13.20 0d 1h 56m 15s

 Bhutan 655-64 MNH Olympic-88 SCV19.85   $12.00 0d 1h 56m 18s

 Bhutan 713-24 MNH Mushrooms SCV19.85   $12.00 0d 1h 56m 22s

 Bhutan 725-36 MNH s/s Mushrooms SCV66   $45.00 0d 1h 56m 24s

 Bhutan 737-48 MNH Ships SCV24.90   $15.00 0d 1h 56m 26s

 Bhutan 749-60 MNH s/s Ships SCV66   $39.00 0d 1h 56m 30s

 Bhutan 846-57 MNH Japanese painting SCV20.05   $12.00 0d 1h 56m 32s

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