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 AD51 Commonwealth Covers 1961 BRUNEI Commercial Airmail Cover Epsom College   $13.15 0d 0h -57m -16s

 Brunei 1952 MNH Stamps Ref: R5282   $7.89 0d 0h -28m -49s

 Brunei Mounted Mint Stamps Ref: R5674   $7.89 0d 0h -28m -12s

 Sultan Of Brunei Omar Ali Saifuddin MNH Stamps Ref: R5667   $7.89 0d 0h -28m -10s

 Brunei MNH Stamps Block Ref: R5671   $7.89 0d 0h -28m -9s

 tasmania and brunei stamps ref r9404   $13.15 0d 0h -21m -35s

 brunei stamps ref r12128   $13.15 0d 0h -16m -33s

 Brunei, Nice selection of stamps mostly unused (2456   $3.50 0d 0h 31m 32s

 Brunei, Nice selection of stamps mostly unused (2457   $3.50 0d 0h 32m 33s

 Brunei, Nice selection of stamps mostly unused (2458   $4.50 0d 0h 33m 41s

 Brunei 1895 50c Yellow-Green SG9 V.F.U   $78.92 0d 1h 8m 47s

 BRUNEI SG136 1966 3c CHURCHILL MNH   $1.32 0d 2h 2m 22s

 BRUNEI SG210/11 1972 SILVER WEDDING MNH   $1.32 0d 2h 2m 22s

 BRUNEI SG138 1966 15c CHURCHILL MNH   $1.32 0d 2h 2m 24s

 BRUNEI SG210w 1972 12c WMK INVERTED MNH   $17.10 0d 2h 2m 26s

 Brunei 1981 Royal Wedding MNH   $0.66 0d 3h 41m 27s

 [GBIN619] Brunei 1991 WWF - Wild animals - MONKEYS Good set of 4 FDC very fine   $3.20 0d 3h 54m 53s

 XB12100 Brunei 2001 animals fauna flora birds WWF FDC's used   $2.25 0d 5h 29m 56s

 BRUNEI ^^^^^^^1907 RARER sc#39 KEY 5$ used CLASSIC $$@ cam3321bru   $315.00 0d 5h 31m 59s

 Brunei #48 VF MINT - 1929 4c Scene On Brunei River   $1.75 0d 5h 40m 7s

 Brunei #49 VF USED - 1924 5c Scene On Brunei River   $1.50 0d 5h 40m 7s

 Brunei #51 VF USED - 1933 5c Scene On Brunei River   $1.00 0d 5h 40m 7s

 Brunei 1952 set of 13 SG100-113 (ex 6c) Fine Very Lightly Mtd Mint ($2 & $5 MNH)   $36.44 0d 5h 58m 22s

 brunei used stamps ref 13305   $7.89 0d 5h 59m 49s

 Brunei 1906 KEVII 2c on 8c black & vermilion (RPS Cert) VFU. SG 13. Sc 3.   $78.92 0d 6h 21m 59s

 Brunei 1906 KEVII 3c black & sepia (RPS Cert) VFU. SG 14. Sc 4.   $85.49 0d 6h 23m 26s

 Brunei 1952 MNH Stamps Ref: R5396   $7.89 0d 6h 27m 5s

 BRUNEI ^^^^^^^1907 RARER sc# 21 used KEY $110.00 @cam3311bru   $34.79 0d 6h 27m 50s

 Brunei 1906 KEVII 8c black & vermilion very fine used. SG 17. Sc 7.   $28.94 0d 6h 34m 42s

 Brunei 1912 KGV $1 black & red/blue (Plate I) very fine used. SG 46. Sc 37.   $47.35 0d 6h 36m 55s

 Sultan Of Brunei MNH Stamps Ref: R5666   $7.89 0d 6h 45m 10s

 Brunei registered cover AT0514   $10.00 0d 6h 48m 10s

 Brunei 1996 Sc500 50th Birthday Anniversary Of Sultan Of Brunei Souvenir Sheet   $9.99 0d 6h 52m 32s

 Brunei 1952 Mounted Mint Stamps Ref: R5307   $7.89 0d 7h 1m 44s

 Brunei MNH + MM Stamps Ref: R5669   $7.89 0d 7h 1m 46s

 Brunei #21 VF Mint   $39.00 0d 7h 4m 48s

 brunei stamps from 1895 ref r12551   $65.76 0d 7h 5m 39s

 BRUNEI 56 SG76 MH 1931 30c org & vio View of River Wmk Mult Script CA Cat$25   $7.50 0d 7h 45m 9s

 BRUNEI SG107, 12c black & violet, LH MINT.   $4.20 0d 8h 14m 41s

 BRUNEI (P1209B) SG 8 MNG   $28.00 0d 8h 16m 9s

 BRUNEI (P1209B) 50C SG 10 MNG   $12.00 0d 8h 17m 47s

 BRUNEI SG109, 25c black & purple, LH MINT.   $2.60 0d 8h 17m 58s

 BRUNEI (P1209B) 8C RIVER SG 41 MOG   $5.60 0d 8h 18m 35s

 BRUNEI (P1209B) MBE 3C SG 33 MOG   $11.20 0d 8h 19m 14s

 Michel 3279 Brunei Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah - Set x10 Imperf Bloc Luxe MNH   $99.99 0d 8h 22m 56s

 BRUNEI 80 SG97 MH 1949 15c UPU Issue Cat$4   $1.80 0d 8h 24m 51s

 BRUNEI SG68 1933 5c CHOCOLATE MTD MINT   $17.10 0d 8h 36m 54s

 Brunei 2011 MNH Royal Armed Forces Golden Jubilee 1v S/S $50 Army Military   $65.75 0d 8h 46m 28s

 BRUNEI SG78 1924-37 $1 Coat of Arms MNG #   $19.75 0d 8h 48m 57s

 Brunei 1972 Royal Silver Wedding Anniversary MNH   $0.99 0d 8h 51m 26s

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