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 CRETE - A LOT OF STAMPS   $25.00 0d 3h 59m 30s

 GREECE / CRETE 1905 SET MINT (A)   $4.66 0d 4h 6m 18s

 GREECE.1905 A COMPL. SET THERISSOS REBELS. CRETE   $3.99 0d 5h 1m 51s

 GREECE 1923 Scott 308 on Crete J21 GREECE 1923 revolution 1922 Overprint MNH   $14.90 0d 5h 1m 51s

 US Farm Related Advertising Stationary Cover (Crete Nurseries) 1901 Crete, Neb   $6.00 0d 5h 31m 1s

 Krete/Heraklion stamps 1898 YV 2-5 MLH VF   $40.00 0d 7h 17m 57s

 1898 - 1899 Crete #2 - 5, MINT LIGHT HINGE, CAT VALUE $28   $25.00 0d 7h 34m 23s

 AUSTRIA offices in CRETE ^^^^^^ 1903x2 mint CLASSICS$$@ cam691ostt49   $1.59 0d 8h 3m 42s

 crete revolutionary government 1905 stamps ref r8856   $10.65 0d 8h 27m 24s

 CRETE STAMPS MOUNTED MINT AND USED REF R670   $7.99 0d 8h 59m 40s

 crete revolutionary government 1905 mounted mint stamps ref r8882   $7.99 0d 9h 39m 55s

 crete revolutionary government 1905 used stamps ref r8888   $19.98 0d 9h 46m 38s

 crete revolutionary government 1905 stamps ref r8892   $10.65 0d 9h 53m 58s

 CRETE GREECE S.G. # R6-11 MNH RULER & NATION EMBLEM   $30.00 0d 10h 10m 42s

 CRETE SCOTT#2 CAT VALUE AT $10.00 MINT/H....SCU667UU...WORLDWIDE STAMPS   $6.30 0d 10h 31m 46s

 CRETE Greece French Colonies Stamp Used -LA CANEE CANCEL - Signed - VF- r52e4517   $5.00 0d 10h 42m 48s

 CRETE Greece French Colonies Stamp - Used - VF- r52e4518   $5.00 0d 10h 43m 51s

 1900 Crete RARE postcard Italian Post Office CANEA to Roma/ Greece Turkey Levant   $33.95 0d 10h 54m 7s

 RAF ES18 Escape from crete flown Escaper RAF cover   $2.66 0d 11h 41m 29s

 FRANCE CRETA Yv 18 Used   $44.50 0d 11h 56m 51s

 GREECE CRETE 1905 - "Therisson Rebels" issue - cmpt set BL4 - MNH - GENUINE   $20.00 0d 12h 15m 50s

 1913 Greece Crete Raising Greek Flag at Suda Bay 25L Blue 1914 1915 1916 1917   $1.79 0d 12h 36m 25s

 nystamps Italian Offices Abroad Crete Stamp # 1 // E1 Mint OG H $49   $7.50 0d 12h 49m 8s

 GREECE-CRETE 1900 [1Mar] First issue of the Cretan State No 1/9 MNH.   $204.45 0d 13h 23m 17s

 Austria - Offices in Crete 1903-04 Set - Used - SC# 5-7 Cats: $1,035.00   $1.75 0d 13h 38m 42s


 STAMPS MM CRETE   $2.00 0d 13h 48m 5s

 Greece,Crete,inselpost,German Feldpost,RRR!!!!   $36.00 0d 13h 49m 28s

 Austria Offices in Crete Scott 3 25c on 25h Block of 4   $35.00 0d 14h 0m 47s

 KAPPYSSTAMPS ID7595 AUSTRIA OFFICES IN CRETE #8a MINT B/4 2 H 2 NH BLOCK   $84.99 0d 14h 52m 2s

 GREECE # CRETE, POST CARD to US   $2.99 0d 15h 22m 50s

 ITALY POST ON KRETA --17 STAMPS MOST VF   $49.00 0d 15h 55m 56s


 nystamps Greece Crete Stamp # 2 - 5 Mint OG H $55   $1.27 0d 19h 40m 8s

 nystamps Greece Crete Early Stamp Used   $3.25 0d 19h 41m 8s

 nystamps Greece Crete Stamp # 23 Mint OG H $165   $10.50 0d 19h 42m 8s

 nystamps Greece Crete Stamp # 38 Used $75   $2.58 0d 19h 43m 9s

 nystamps Greece Crete Stamp # 44 Mint with Gum H $38   $0.28 0d 19h 44m 9s

 1901 CRETE OLD GREECE STAMPS GREEK GOD HERMES SCOTT 67 - 68 SCV$40.00   $17.95 0d 21h 44m 3s

 CRETE 1898 British PO in Crete 10pa Brown Mint Light Hinged   $6.81 0d 22h 14m 55s

 CRETE 1898 British PO in Crete 20pa Red Mint Light Hinged   $17.21 0d 22h 25m 12s

 Judaica Ottoman Palestine 1911 Austrian Crete stamp mailed PC to Posen Prussia   $95.00 0d 23h 6m 18s

 (A1142) Austria Offices in Crete 1908 50c and 1f (2) FU see photo.   $33.29 0d 23h 50m 10s

 Crete-Greece,Document-Money order,fr with st from with variety of   $12.59 1d 4h 4m 9s

 Crete/English Office 1898 YV 2-5 MNH VF   $50.00 1d 4h 50m 38s

 CRETE SMALL OLD COLLECTION 1901-1910 EXTRA FINE DR SCHULTZ ESTATE !!8897C   $10.32 1d 6h 43m 34s

 A99-Russia Collection-Mint & Used inc. Wenden & Crete P.O.   $21.31 1d 7h 10m 57s

 Crete stamps 1900 MI 1-9 MNH/MLH VF   $125.00 1d 7h 40m 54s

 Crete stamps 1909 MI 46F MLH VF   $75.00 1d 7h 40m 54s

 Crete stamps 1910 MI Due 18-25 + 2 sets Greec Area MLH VF CAT VALUE $200   $80.00 1d 7h 40m 54s

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