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 Ship M/S ERHOLM Naval Cover 1953 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN to HELSINKI, FINLAND   $9.99 0d -1h -58m -12s

 Russia Tallinn Eesti Kaerolla to Argentina via Helsinki Finland 3/9/91   $2.25 0d -1h -49m -10s


 Sudan 1985 Bakht Erruda Golden jubilee stamp on cover to Finland   $3.90 0d -1h -36m -38s

 Sudan 1997 Abdulah el Rahman el Mahadi stamp on cover to Finland   $3.90 0d -1h -34m -28s

 Finnish Settlement In America 1638 Finland MNH 1988   $4.00 0d -1h -32m -45s

 Sudan 1990's Human rights stamps on cover to Finland   $3.90 0d -1h -32m -39s

 Wrestling European Chapmpionships 1987 Finland MNH   $4.00 0d -1h -31m -33s

 Maupertuis France Metering Meridian Lapland Finland MNH   $4.00 0d -1h -30m -7s

 Sudan 1981 Buhen tempel stamp on cover to Finland   $3.90 0d -1h -28m -21s

 Ambulance Horse Ambulance Complete Set Finland 1967 MNH   $6.00 0d -1h -28m -9s

 GB 1958 COVER WILDING UNDERPAID to FINLAND..POSTAGE DUE   $20.58 0d -1h -27m -8s

 Russia 1935 15k stationery envelope received damaged at Leningrad, to Finland   $18.59 0d -1h -27m -8s

 Razorbills On Baltic Sea Finland Birds FDC 1983   $4.00 0d -1h -26m -56s

 Sudan 1998 as-Shaykh-Qaribullah mosque stamp pair on cover to Finland   $6.90 0d -1h -25m -50s

 Fairy Tale Illustrator Rudolf Koivu Finland MNH 1990   $10.00 0d -1h -25m -45s

 FINLAND UM SELECTION   $5.64 0d -1h -25m -17s

 Icon Church Finland FDC 1985   $4.00 0d -1h -24m -29s

 Helene Schjerfbeck Painting Philately Finland 1991 Stamp MNH   $5.00 0d -1h -23m -8s

 Aland National Dress Folk Costumes Finland 1993 MNH   $7.00 0d -1h -21m -46s

 Sudan 19990's Fung sultan anniversary stamp pair on cover to Finland   $3.90 0d -1h -20m -30s

 Finland 1969 Scout Conference, Helsinki cancel cover   $1.59 0d -1h -19m -35s

 Finland 1974 Sondby Scout cancel cover   $1.59 0d -1h -19m -35s

 Finland 1970 Sompio Lapland Scout Camp cancel cover   $1.59 0d -1h -18m -17s

 Finland 1964 PARGAS Scout winter Camp cancel cover   $1.59 0d -1h -18m -16s

 FINLAND - 2013 - Prettiest Outhouses / Earth Closet. Complete set, 4v. Mint NH   $5.40 0d -1h -10m -55s

 Sudan 1995 WWF donkey stamp pair on cover to Finland   $5.75 0d -1h -8m -22s

 Russia Finland 1901 Mi #56U bl of 4 MNH** w/certificate   $550.00 0d -1h -1m -15s

 Sudan 1970's 10 anniversary of the Democratic republic stamp cover to Finland   $3.90 0d -1h 0m -55s

 Burkina Faso 1990 India Mahatma Gandhi stamp on postage due cover to Finland   $127.50 0d 0h -58m -55s

 FINLAND 1866 8 PENNI USED REF40   $0.85 0d 0h -58m -5s

 Finland 1967 MNH Definitives 2,50mk - Punkaharju - n:o 1328-1-1967 Type 1   $24.99 0d 0h -42m -17s


 Finland 1970 MNH Stamp - Sports for Invalids - Volleyball   $2.50 0d 0h -39m -7s

 1975 COMMERCIAL COVER TO FINLAND WITH 5c EDUCATION & 3 X 10c CHRISTMAS (RU3138)   $12.58 0d 0h -32m -45s

 Finland 1950-58 Air 300m Blue (2v) (SG 488+585) Used   $2.99 0d 0h -32m -7s

 Finland 1964 MNH 5.00mk Definitive stamp - Kuusamo - Scott 415   $14.99 0d 0h -29m -56s

 Finland 1974 MNH EUROPA Stamp - Win Aaltonen   $2.00 0d 0h -28m -28s

 finland 1931 (2mk) blue (sg 288) (CAT 5+) used   $2.38 0d 0h -28m -12s

 Finland 2000, Europa, Europe CEPT, sheet of 20 stamps RARE!!   $40.00 0d 0h -27m -25s

 4W Finland - MNH - Nature - Animals - WWF   $2.80 0d 0h -14m -11s

 FDC Finland 2009,Building a Nation Sheet, mint   $12.00 0d 0h -10m -22s

 Finland 1968 MNH Stamp - Oskar Merikanto , Composer and Musician   $2.50 0d 0h -5m -12s

 1986 FINLAND GEOLOGY SET OF STAMPS   $1.31 0d 0h -1m -22s

 Finland 1987 Leevi Madetoja/Composers/Music/Musicians/Musical Score 1v (n19580x)   $2.19 0d 0h -1m -21s

 Finland 1982 Kuopio/Cathedral/Clock/Tower/Buildings/Architecture 1v (n19580w)   $1.66 0d 0h -1m -21s

 Finland 1971 MNH Forest industry Timber, Saw Mill, Floating Logs Scott B173-175   $3.00 0d 0h 1m 35s

 Finland 1969 MNH EUROPA CEPT Stamp   $3.00 0d 0h 2m 1s

 FINLAND SUOMI 1950, Helsinki 400 Years Anniv., Mi #388-390, Block of 15 MNH 3263   $59.99 0d 0h 6m 38s

 Finland 1970 MNH Stamp - President Kekkonen 70 Years   $3.00 0d 0h 7m 58s

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