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 South Georgia & South Sandwich islands 2012 WWF Seabirds Set 4 MNH   $8.85 0d -1h -39m -59s

 Armenia & Georgia LOT MNH   $1.25 0d -1h -16m -4s

 South Georgia 2012 Diamond Jubilee 1v MS MNH   $9.27 0d -1h -9m -40s

 South Georgia & South Sandwich islands 2015 Explorers & Scientists Set 12 MNH   $50.17 0d 0h -58m -16s

 Georgia 1923 SC 40a mint, black surcharge. f5997   $6.50 0d 0h -41m -27s

 Georgia 1923 SC 36 used, violet. e2178   $5.50 0d 0h -41m -25s

 Georgia 1920 SC 18 20 used. rt4256   $6.50 0d 0h -41m -23s

 Georgia 1923 SC 40a used, black. e2189   $6.50 0d 0h -41m -22s

 South Georgia 2015 Longest Reigning Monarch 4v set MNH   $9.94 0d 0h 16m 21s

 SOUTH GEORGIA & SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS 1993 SHIPS - Whaling Museum SET MNH-FREE   $8.00 0d 0h 35m 0s

 South Georgia 2008 Letters Patent PLATE BLOCKS SG 458/61 MNH   $23.86 0d 0h 42m 14s

 South Georgia 1974 Churchill Set & Sheet UM Cat 8.25   $2.32 0d 0h 44m 22s

 South Georgia 2016 25th Anniversary of IAATO 4v set MNH   $5.50 0d 1h 36m 10s

 == GEORGIA 1999 - MNH - EUROPA CEPT - ANIMALS - NATURE   $2.25 0d 1h 38m 51s

 S.GEORGIA&S.SANDWICH 2016 QUEEN'S 90th BIRTHDAY MNH   $12.73 0d 1h 47m 53s

 S.GEORGIA&S.SANDWICH SG161/75 1987 BIRDS FINE USED   $31.82 0d 1h 47m 55s

 S.GEORGIA&S.SANDWICH 2016 QUEEN'S 90th BIRTHDAY M/SHEET MNH   $10.54 0d 1h 47m 55s

 Sth Georgia & Sandwich Islands 1989 Armed Forces Exped set of 4 Complete MUH/MNH   $5.16 0d 2h 38m 47s

 U.S.S GEORGIA Virginia Class BATTLESHIP Military Australia Cover   $1.50 0d 2h 46m 48s

 [28222] South Georgia 2010 Marine Life Squid Octopus MNH   $7.50 0d 2h 48m 13s

 [28223] South Georgia 2009 Marine Life Corals MNH   $10.25 0d 2h 48m 14s

 [28224] South Georgia 2002 Marine Life Seals Guinness World Records MNH Sheet   $12.50 0d 2h 48m 15s

 [28229] South Georgia 2008 Marine Life Fish Krill Fishing boats MNH   $9.25 0d 2h 48m 15s

 falkland islands 1944, south georgia set x 8 stamps SgB1-8-Mounted mint   $1.31 0d 3h 1m 25s

 Sth Georgia & Sandwich Islands 1990 Queen Mother Set of 2 Complete MUH/MNH   $4.06 0d 3h 9m 10s

 Sth Georgia & Sandwich Islands 1990 Ship Wrecks Set of 4 Complete MUH/MNH   $4.43 0d 3h 39m 8s

 South Georgia & Sandwich Is 2017 MNH Macaroni Penguins WWF 4v Set Birds Stamps   $12.93 0d 3h 48m 29s

 South Georgia & Sandwich Is 2017 MNH Macaroni Penguins WWF 4v M/S Birds Stamps   $12.93 0d 3h 51m 17s

 S.GEORGIA&S.SANDWICH SGMS560 2012 SEA BIRDS MNH   $10.61 0d 3h 55m 37s

 FALKLAND IS.DEP. SGZ74a 1938 1d BLACK & VERMILION USED IN S.GEORGIA   $5.63 0d 3h 55m 38s

 FALKLAND IS.DEP. SGZ78 1938 2d BLACK & BRIGHT BLUE USED IN S.GEORGIA   $6.63 0d 3h 55m 40s

 South Georgia 2005 PENGUINS/Birds CONTROL BLKS n15122b   $45.01 0d 4h 2m 0s

 Russia 1958 Sc# 2125 Tbilisi Rustaveli Avenue Georgia engraved block 4 MNH   $3.99 0d 4h 29m 51s

 Georgia - 2007 - Eagles, 4 sheetlets of 10v imperf. RARE   $269.99 0d 4h 39m 26s

 QEII 1992 40th Anniversary Accession MNH Stamp Set South Georgia SG 209-213   $4.31 0d 5h 27m 15s

 S.GEORGIA&S.SANDWICH SGMS514 2010 PENGUINS MNH   $8.62 0d 5h 57m 59s

 [E14411] South Georgia 2008 WWF Penguins good set of stamps very fine MNH   $2.33 0d 6h 12m 27s

 MACON,GEORGIA COVER.1908 to "KOBE, JAPAN" with #304 Blue 5 Cent Lincoln postage.   $36.00 0d 6h 33m 7s

 MONTEVIDEO,GEORGIA COVER. U-10. Very Fine Manuscript Cancel. Hart. DPO:1857/03   $35.00 0d 6h 33m 7s

 South Georgia 2011 BBC Frozen Planet 1v MS SG 541 MNH   $4.64 0d 6h 37m 7s

 [GE15383] South Georgia 2008 WWF Penguins good sheet very fine MNH   $3.67 0d 7h 3m 49s

 SOUTH GEORGIA 1971-76 10p ON 2/- SG 28 MINT.   $18.56 0d 7h 24m 11s

 Philatelic Literature: Falkland Islands South Georgia Provisional Paid at stamp   $7.94 0d 7h 43m 4s

 Georgia VF Mint Hinged   $4.50 0d 7h 43m 28s

 azerbaijan georgia stamps page ref 17346   $7.95 0d 7h 44m 14s

 South Georgia & South Sandwich 2012 Seabirds WWF sheetlet SG 556 - 559 u/mint   $33.08 0d 7h 51m 5s

 South Georgia & South Sandwich 2013 Shallow Marine Surveys Group sheetlet u/m   $36.46 0d 7h 53m 11s

 South Georgia & South Sandwich 2000 Prince William's Birthday m/s SG MS319 u/m   $10.54 0d 8h 3m 33s

 South Georgia & South Sandwich 2002 Queen Mother mini sheet SG MS348 u/mint   $5.97 0d 8h 5m 19s

 South Georgia 2011 BBC Frozen Planet 4v SG 537/40 MNH   $6.96 0d 8h 27m 4s

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