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 Denmark-Greenland stamp Europa CEPT Postal vehicles MNH 2013 Mi 632-633 WS220842   $10.00 0d 0h -58m -34s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp NORDEN 20th century art set MNH 2002 Mi 376-377 WS220855   $16.00 0d 0h -58m -33s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Yachts (I) set MNH 2002 Mi 381-384 WS220857   $16.00 0d 0h -58m -26s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Santa block MNH 2003 Mi 26 WS220845   $10.00 0d 0h -58m -23s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Opening of the Cultural Centre of Greenland MNH WS220762   $8.00 0d 0h -58m -22s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Greenland dog set MNH 2003 Mi 393-395 WS220846   $8.00 0d 0h -58m -20s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Europa CEPT: Circus MNH 2002 Mi 385 WS220859   $5.00 0d 0h -58m -20s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp 1997-2003 14 stamps MNH WS220764   $29.00 0d 0h -58m -19s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Christmas set MNH 2003 Mi 403-404 WS220848   $6.00 0d 0h -58m -16s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp International Council for the Exploration MNH WS220860   $14.00 0d 0h -58m -16s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Winter Games 2002 block MNH 2001 Mi 21 WS220773   $9.00 0d 0h -58m -16s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Europa CEPT National holiday set MNH 1998 WS220765   $6.00 0d 0h -58m -16s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Europa CEPT: Gastronomy MNH 2005 Mi 440 WS220836   $6.00 0d 0h -58m -14s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp anniversary of the first Women's Association WS220767   $6.00 0d 0h -58m -12s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp International Stamp Exhibition HUNFILA '01, MNH WS220774   $16.00 0d 0h -58m -12s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Association of Greenlandic children block MNH WS220851   $12.00 0d 0h -58m -10s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Greenland National Museum block MNH 1999 Mi 16 WS220770   $6.00 0d 0h -58m -9s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Child protection block MNH 2002 Mi 23 WS220775   $9.00 0d 0h -58m -9s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Famous people set MNH 1990 Mi 209-210 WS220752   $8.00 0d 0h -58m -8s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Centenary of Greenland stamps MNH 2005 WS220838   $24.00 0d 0h -58m -8s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp International Council for the Exploration MNH WS220777   $14.00 0d 0h -58m -6s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp International Stamp Exhibition MNH 2000 Mi 19 WS220772   $9.00 0d 0h -58m -6s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Seals set (Mi 211 gum disturbance) MNH 1991 WS220753   $9.00 0d 0h -58m -5s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Children block MNH 2005 Mi 31 WS220853   $10.00 0d 0h -58m -3s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Greenland expedition block MNH 2003 Mi 25 WS220778   $17.00 0d 0h -58m -2s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Nordic myths (II) set MNH 2006 Mi 462-463 WS220840   $10.00 0d 0h -58m -1s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Personalities Used 1991 Mi 221-222 WS220757   $6.00 0d 0h -58m -1s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Greenland expedition (III) block MNH 2005 Mi 32 WS220780   $12.00 0d 0h -57m -58s

 Denmark-Greenland stamp Native mammals (I) set MNH 1993 Mi 239-241 WS220760   $5.00 0d 0h -57m -58s

 greenland 1938 mounted mint stamps ref 7332   $10.65 0d 0h -35m -30s

 greenland 1957 mounted mint stamps set ref 7331   $7.99 0d 0h -20m -12s

 Faroe Islands Greenland Denmark Sweden Finland & other scandinavia in stock book   $39.94 0d 0h -16m -25s


 GREENLAND 1982 - 1985 Greenland History   $9.00 0d 0h 8m 16s

 GREENLAND 1984 Prince Henrick   $1.20 0d 0h 17m 13s

 GREENLAND 1984 Henrik Lund   $1.70 0d 0h 17m 13s

 GREENLAND 1986 - 1988 Artifacts   $7.60 0d 0h 18m 18s

 GREENLAND 1987 - 1990 Birds (Fauna)   $17.90 0d 0h 27m 9s

 GREENLAND 1987 HAFNIA '87 S/S (1)   $5.50 0d 0h 27m 9s

 GREENLAND 1989 - 1992 Plants (flora)   $10.80 0d 0h 32m 9s

 GREENLAND 1989 Greenland Home Rule   $2.00 0d 0h 32m 9s

 GREENLAND 1990 - 1996 Queen Margrethe   $10.70 0d 0h 38m 35s

 GREENLAND 1990 Famous Men   $7.20 0d 0h 38m 35s

 GREENLAND 2006-2008 WHITE BEAR S/SHEET AND 3 STAMPS   $94.00 0d 0h 42m 48s

 Greenland 2014 POLE TO POLE ICEBEAR PENGUIN M/S mnh/postfris c   $9.35 0d 0h 45m 11s

 Greenland 2014 CHRISTMAS WEIHNACHTEN NOELL KERSTMIS mnh/postfris c   $10.91 0d 0h 48m 40s


 GREENLAND -2003 - Sc # 416-419 - MNH - Old Arctic Ships - GR1-416   $9.00 0d 2h 45m 15s

 GREENLAND 1990 booklet incl.stamps 0.25x4, 1Kr.x6 & 4Kr.x10, MNH   $10.05 0d 2h 59m 43s

 Greenland: 1963 Scottish East Greenland Expedition Signed Cover to Scotland   $25.00 0d 3h 8m 19s

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