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 1930 Baile Ireland Airmail Cover to Miami USA Bradie Buchanan   $85.00 0d -1h -55m -33s

 1944 Netherlands KLM Shannon Ireland Crash Cover to USA   $200.00 0d -1h -55m -33s

 Ireland-Dracula set of 4 mnh-1141/4   $3.62 0d -1h -51m -43s

 Ireland-Dialogue mnh single (1887)   $2.96 0d -1h -49m -54s

 Ireland-Animals set fine used(2010) 2026-33   $10.19 0d -1h -48m -50s

 Ireland-Racing Cars-Motorsport Min sheet BELGICA- opt f.used (1452)   $6.12 0d -1h -48m -50s

 Ireland-Scouting set of 4 f.used(2002) (1516-9)   $6.25 0d -1h -48m -50s

 Ireland-Dicoveries set of 6 fine used(1300-5)   $6.51 0d -1h -48m -49s


 Ireland 2001 Broadcasting Set 4 MNH   $4.31 0d -1h -42m -41s

 IRELAND MNH 1991 SG811-813 ANNIVERSARIES   $4.21 0d -1h -41m -11s

 IRELAND MNH 1982 SG528-529 GRATTAN'S PARLIAMENT/EAMON DE VALERA   $2.63 0d -1h -41m -10s

 IRELAND MNH 1991 SG799 75TH ANV OF EASTER RISING   $2.63 0d -1h -41m -10s

 IRELAND MNH 1977 SG408 CONTEMPORARY IRISH ART   $2.63 0d -1h -40m -49s

 IRELAND MNH 1977 SG409-410 SCOUTING AND GUIDING   $2.63 0d -1h -40m -49s

 IRELAND MNH 1975 SG375 CONTEMPORARY IRISH ART   $2.63 0d -1h -40m -19s

 IRELAND MNH 1972 SG323 50TH ANV OF 1ST IRISH POSTAGE STAMP   $2.63 0d -1h -40m -18s

 IRELAND MNH 1966 SG225-226 750TH ANV OF BALLINTUBBER ABBEY   $2.63 0d -1h -40m -18s

 IRELAND MNH 1975 SG378-381 EUROPEAN ARCHITECTURAL YEAR   $2.63 0d -1h -40m -18s

 IRELAND MNH 1971 SG304-305 BIRTH CENTENARY OF J M SYNGE   $2.63 0d -1h -40m -18s

 IRELAND MNH 1974 SG362 CONTEMPORARY IRISH ART   $2.63 0d -1h -40m -18s

 IRELAND MNH 1972 SG317 CONTEMPORARY IRISH ART   $2.63 0d -1h -40m -18s

 IRELAND MNH 1964 SG199-200 BIRTH BICENTENARY OF WOLFE TONE   $2.63 0d -1h -40m -8s

 IRELAND MNH 1963 SG197-198 CENTENARY OF RED CROSS   $2.63 0d -1h -40m -8s

 GB FDC 1968 G.P.O.NORTHERN IRELAND,BELFAST (NoL1068)   $1.58 0d -1h -33m -27s

 Ireland-1980 Wolverine Animals Fauna Protection of Nature   $0.99 0d -1h -24m -8s

 Ireland-set of 4 postally valid postage labels official issues mnh   $6.91 0d -1h -22m -57s

 Ireland-set of 4 postally valid postage labels official issues mnh   $6.91 0d -1h -22m -6s

 MS2614* 1860 Ireland ERROR OF NUMERAL *276* (Killybegs) Used KILLUCAN Cover   $111.80 0d -1h -20m -56s

 (TIE-45) 1968 Ireland 2 d brown pair MH   $3.59 0d -1h -17m -50s

 Ireland 1086-1089,1089a,MNH.Michel 1026-1029,Bl.25. Bram Stoker's Dracula,1997.   $11.05 0d -1h -17m -38s

 BK60 1879 GB BANTAM USED IRELAND Halfpenny Plate 14 Pair Dublin Cover {samwells}   $32.88 0d -1h -17m -31s

 IRELAND 1922 SG 30/43, 32A, 36A, 39A MNH Cat 142   $170.98 0d -1h -15m -31s

 Ireland 1943 cens cover to Liverpool   $20.00 0d -1h -5m -5s

 Royal Mail 1st Day Cover - 18th January 1978 - New Definitive Values - N Ireland   $3.29 0d -1h -1m -54s

 Ireland 1941 YV 89-92 MLH VF   $50.00 0d 0h -59m -2s

 Ireland 1957 YV 134-139 MNH VF   $55.00 0d 0h -58m -59s

 RR18 1857 GB IRELAND Queenstown *157* Numeral Penny Red Cover {samwells-covers}   $11.84 0d 0h -53m -22s


 Ireland-Shackleton set mnh-1637-40-Ships-Explorers   $9.14 0d 0h -48m -57s

 IRELAND 1998 Endangerered Animals Sheet MNH (ZX 892s   $1.55 0d 0h -45m -44s

 Ireland Scott #C5-6, Singles 1949-54 FVF Used   $2.30 0d 0h -45m -14s

 IRELAND 1996/99 Animals Sheets MNH (ZX 893s   $2.25 0d 0h -44m -34s

 IRELAND 1995 Trains Singapore Sheets MNH (ZX 894s   $2.00 0d 0h -43m -39s

 IRELAND 1993 Flowers Bangkok Sheets MNH (ZX 895s   $1.50 0d 0h -42m -57s

 IRELAND 1998 Horse Racing Sheets MNH (ZX 896s   $2.25 0d 0h -41m -59s

 IRELAND 1992/96 Olympics World Cup Sheets MNH (ZX 897s   $2.00 0d 0h -40m -48s

 IRELAND 1994/97 Year of Pig Ducks Sheets MNH (ZX 898s   $3.21 0d 0h -38m -9s

 IRELAND 2004 Olympics Sport Art Face Postage 7 Euros MNH (ZX 899s   $3.50 0d 0h -35m -53s

 Ballymoney, Co.Antrim 1952 postmark on a Portsalon postcard, Northern Ireland   $3.93 0d 0h -35m -14s

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