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 Vintage 1963 Jamaica Miss World 3d - MNH   $1.58 0d -1h -58m -21s

 1960s-70s Jamaica cover group to US   $8.00 0d -1h -56m -51s

 jamaica stamps ref 16642   $7.89 0d -1h -52m -57s

 Jamaica 1909 6d Lilac SG52 Fine Used   $43.01 0d -1h -47m -6s

 Jamaica 1903 2 1/2d Grey & Ultramarine SG35a SER.ET Error Fine Lightly Mtd Mint   $43.01 0d -1h -47m -3s

 1935 JAMAICA #111-12 SILVER JUBILEE ISSUE - USED - VF - CV$32.50 (ESP#1708)   $13.44 0d -1h -44m -31s

 14 Assorted Jamaica Stamps Postmarked/No Gum   $2.50 0d -1h -42m -58s

 jamaica used stamps ref 13666   $7.89 0d -1h -40m -56s

 jamaica used stamps ref 13675   $7.89 0d -1h -34m -27s

 jamaica used stamps ref 13670   $7.89 0d -1h -33m -42s

 jamaica used stamps ref 13673   $7.89 0d -1h -31m -29s

 jamaica used stamps ref 13668   $7.89 0d -1h -26m -1s

 jamaica stamps ref r9327   $7.89 0d -1h -16m -51s

 JAMAICA 1956-58 SET (16) MH. TO 10/-, 1. MNH. SG. 159-174. (389)   $39.45 0d -1h -15m -34s

 JAMAICA King George V 1929 Definitive Complete Set SG 108 to SG 110 MINT   $11.84 0d -1h -14m -40s

 Jamaica Birds 1996 Flower Flora Fauna Waterfall FDC (banknote cover) *Rare   $89.00 0d -1h -13m -46s

 vintage jamaica stamps ref r9803   $7.89 0d -1h -12m -56s

 jamaica post marks and stamps ref r10925   $10.52 0d -1h -12m -48s

 jamaica 1948 large registered air mail stamps cover ref r15522   $13.15 0d -1h -10m -47s

 Jamaica 1938-49 sg.130, 132, 145-8 MH a few rust marks on gum of 5/-   $14.14 0d -1h -4m -47s

 Jamaica 1912-19 range of 12 used, see description   $19.73 0d -1h -4m -46s

 1967 GERMANY rocket mail AEROGRAM - JAMAICA, NEW YORK - EZ 82   $15.00 0d -1h -4m -42s

 Jamaica--#120 Used--1938 Mountain & River Scene   $1.49 0d -1h -4m -16s

 jamaica OHMS large air mail stamps cover ref r15524   $13.15 0d -1h -3m -34s

 Jamaica Stamps Mint + Used Ref: R5776   $10.52 0d 0h -59m -12s

 JAMAICA - 40 Stamps " ALL DIFFERENT " .   $2.56 0d 0h -57m -54s

 Real Photo Postcard Jamaica Montpelier Hotel Port Antonio cancel 1907   $2.50 0d 0h -57m -46s

 jamaica used stamps ref r10954   $10.52 0d 0h -55m -42s

 jamaica cancellations on used stamps ref r10958   $10.52 0d 0h -55m -40s

 JAMAICA 1920 KGV Unissued High Value 10s Pair Aged Gummed Modern REPLICA   $2.99 0d 0h -52m -48s

 kingston jamaica registered stamps cover front only ref r14509   $7.89 0d 0h -51m -22s

 JAMAICA: (17667) HARKERS HILL etc/TRD cancel/cover   $11.84 0d 0h -50m -7s

 JAMAICA: (17668) WATCHWELL etc/TRD cancel/cover   $11.84 0d 0h -49m 0s

 jamaica 1938 mounted mint 2 shilling stamp cat 35 ref r15624   $7.89 0d 0h -47m -42s

 jamaica used 5 shilling stamp ref r15625   $7.89 0d 0h -47m -23s

 JAMAICA: (17671) KETTO etc/TRD cancel/cover   $11.84 0d 0h -46m -2s

 1976 PERU - 2 x First Flight Covers LIMA to KINGSTON JAMAICA Lufthansa LH493   $2.62 0d 0h -45m -30s

 JAMAICA: (17674) AIR MAIL BRANCH/TRD cancel/cover   $7.89 0d 0h -43m -3s

 JAMAICA: (17676) PADMORE etc/TRD cancel/cover   $11.84 0d 0h -40m -51s

 jamaica stamps ref r15632   $10.52 0d 0h -40m -41s

 vintage jamaica stamps ref r9787   $13.15 0d 0h -40m -21s

 vintage jamaica stamps ref r9785   $15.78 0d 0h -40m -10s

 Jamaica #18a VF Mint   $69.00 0d 0h -39m -37s

 Jamaica #51 Used   $25.00 0d 0h -39m -36s

 Jamaica #106 VF Mint   $23.95 0d 0h -39m -32s

 JAMAICA 1984 RAILWAY LOCOMOTIVES 1ST SERIES SG,612-615 UM/M NH LOT 5564A   $6.58 0d 0h -31m -2s

 JAMAICA 1985 RAILWAY LOCOMOTIVES 2ND SERIES SG,634-637 UM/M NH LOT 5565A   $6.25 0d 0h -29m -57s

 1966 Cover from Great Britain - Redirected Brooklyn to Jamaica, New York   $4.99 0d 0h -21m -8s

 1964 Jamaica First Day Cover - Beauty Pageant, Miss World Carole Joan Crawford   $3.99 0d 0h -19m -6s

 JAMAICA 1883-97 QUEEN VICTORIA 6d ORANGE YELLOW USED SG 23a REF 74   $1.91 0d 0h 4m 36s

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