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 Lebanon 1945 Crusader Castle part set Used SG 291-3 CAT 15.75   $4.61 0d -1h -50m -37s

 Lebanon 1944 6th Arab Medical Congress 20p Used SG 277 CAT 3.50   $1.65 0d -1h -50m -37s

 liban Mi 5 stamps MNH Error print 2 seits see scans   $7.11 0d -1h -49m -19s

 Lebanon 1930 Stamps Ref 14728   $13.17 0d 0h -59m -50s

 LEBANON PART SET SG 166/8/8a/9/171/2/4/5;1930/35 GOOD - FINE USED.   $5.86 0d 0h -29m -12s

 RARE Liban Lebanon 1949 UPU Camel Chameau - 9 Die Cast Proof 9 Epreuve Sec MNH   $100.00 0d 0h 20m 31s

 2012 Liban Lebanon Art Children Drawings Mothers Day x2 Different Varieties MNH   $120.00 0d 0h 25m 23s

 Lebanon. 2016. EuroMed Fish of the Mediterranean (MNH OG) Stamp   $3.25 0d 1h 10m 52s

 Lebanon 1926 Stamps Ref 14742   $13.17 0d 1h 12m 0s

 Lebanon 1968 Animals & Fish sg.992-1003 MNH set of 12   $22.32 0d 1h 30m 38s

 LEBANON 1942 COVER TO PALESTINE CENSORED   $24.99 0d 2h 15m 34s

 Sc 328 Jamestown lebanon Flag Cancel Reading duplex 1907 Deer Fountain Postcard   $5.99 0d 2h 26m 27s

 Lebanon To USA Airmail Censor Cover Pair Stamps + 1   $19.99 0d 2h 55m 24s

 G16 Lebanon, Cover Front Only, Beirut to Baghdad, 3 x Scott#81   $4.14 0d 4h 5m 25s

 G17 Lebanon, Cover Front Only, Beirut to Baghdad   $1.70 0d 4h 6m 50s

 G18 Lebanon. 4 Pieces   $0.94 0d 4h 17m 11s

 US Mid-Atlantic Stationery Cover 1899 Reinholds Station, Pennsylvania to Lebanon   $7.00 0d 4h 20m 0s

 x10 Lebanon Libanon 1961 Olympic Games Rome 1960 Souvenir Sheet CB12-14 MNH   $36.50 0d 4h 25m 51s

 LEBANON POST CARD WITH P.P. COVER   $5.00 0d 4h 40m 33s



 LEBANON^^^^^^^ x7 better MNH ( SCOUTS) $$@ cam3740liban   $0.99 0d 4h 53m 25s

 Lebanon 1961 Sc # CB12-14 Olympic s/s Scv. $32.50 MNH (41059)   $5.98 0d 4h 54m 45s

 LEBANON #C65-C69, 1938-40, MINT Hinged   $3.00 0d 5h 17m 2s

 Lebanon 233 Mint catalog $47.50 MS0813   $16.00 0d 5h 51m 14s

 Lebanon stamp Airmail imperforated set Signed: Sanabria 1943 WS212443   $466.67 0d 6h 2m 16s

 Lebanon revenues 3 fiscal   $3.99 0d 6h 8m 14s

 Lebanon revenues 1 fiscal   $3.99 0d 6h 8m 14s

 Lebanon revenues 4 fiscal   $3.99 0d 6h 8m 14s

 NO 248 - 2 X Lebanon Stamp 1963 - 1964 Cedar of Lebanon - USED   $1.32 0d 6h 8m 31s

 Lebanon POST OFFICE FORM-FISCAL(Revenue)STAMPS-BEYROUTH COLIS 21/XII/1931   $65.00 0d 6h 35m 59s

 LEBANON BOY SCOUTS SCOTT #376-80 C331-33 & 493 STAMP SET 1962 & 1988   $7.16 0d 7h 4m 17s

 Lebanon, nice cover travelled by ship-post to Athens, Greece.   $10.00 0d 7h 9m 7s

 Lebanon stamps for sale - 33 mint hinged & used early stamps - super !!   $6.99 0d 7h 19m 52s

 Lebanon Stamp Sc#18 Mint Unused Hinged $32.50 cv   $5.69 0d 7h 28m 18s

 Lebanon Stamp Sc#21 Mint Unused Hinged $32.50 cv   $5.69 0d 7h 28m 24s

 Liban 1973 butterfly single stamp on registered cover to Finland   $7.90 0d 7h 33m 56s

 lebanon 1987/8 two sets MNH Sc 475/7,493 j1943   $4.60 0d 7h 35m 14s

 Lebanon: 9 Stamps Collection / Mixture   $1.30 0d 7h 37m 50s

 LEBANON 1930 REPUBLIQUE LIBANAISE 75c. Brown SG 166b MINT   $2.63 0d 7h 39m 10s

 1930-35 LEBANON SHORT SET - USED & UNUSED - VF - CV$18.00 (ESP#1730)   $9.88 0d 7h 40m 37s

 Early Gruss Aus Beirut Lebanon used 1898 Ausria P O   $118.53 0d 7h 50m 55s

 LEBANON AIR POST 1926 SC#C15 MNH with BACK GUM PRINT AIR PLANE ERROR - RARE   $125.00 0d 8h 2m 2s

 1956 LEBANON MULTI STAMP TO UNITED STATES   $2.03 0d 8h 12m 2s

 Lebanon covers unused Cart-Lettre   $30.00 0d 8h 13m 17s

 Lebanon 2014 Armenian Genocide Martyrs MNH Stamp OOP   $2.20 0d 8h 38m 2s

 Lebanon Beyrouth Beautiful PC sent to Palestine 1938   $22.50 0d 8h 39m 21s

 Lebanon 2014 Bank Du Liban Banknotes Stamp MNH   $2.20 0d 8h 41m 16s

 Lebanon 2002 MNH Stamp Set Post Office Building   $22.00 0d 8h 42m 55s

 1954 LEBANON Air Mail Cover BEIRUT to ESSLINGEN GERMANY Commercial BEYROUTH   $1.32 0d 9h 9m 15s

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