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 BULGARIA...1917...Occupation of Macedonia...Soldier at Mt. Sonichka....WW1   $2.15 0d -1h -35m -47s

 530 Yugoslavia - Macedonia 1988 Red Cross, MC (3) black seal   $2.95 0d -1h -4m -39s

 509 Yugoslavia - Macedonia 1991 Red Cross, MC + FDC black seal   $4.95 0d -1h -2m -55s

 2016 Russia. Joint issue with Macedonia.Architecture. Strip. MNH   $2.63 0d 0h -47m -53s

 Yugoslavia 1945 Liberation of Belgrade & Macedonia Complete Set 2v MNH   $0.71 0d 0h -2m -12s

 Kingdom of MACEDONIA, LOCAL REVOLUTIONARY ISSUE of 1906,TURKEY, Bulgaria,   $19.99 0d 0h 50m 31s

 Kingdom of MACEDONIA, LOCAL REVOLUTIONARY ISSUE of 1906,TURKEY, Bulgaria   $19.99 0d 0h 50m 31s

 MACEDONIA, REVOLUTION Committee, ORDINSKI Komitet 1905, BULGARIA, TURKEY   $34.99 0d 0h 50m 31s

 MACEDONIA , private issue used on postcard KOCANI   $28.00 0d 2h 27m 31s

 LI95958 Macedonia anniversary red cross sheets MNH   $0.99 0d 2h 43m 9s

 LI95959 Macedonia paintings art sheets MNH   $0.99 0d 2h 43m 21s

 LI95960 Macedonia perf/imperf struggle against cancer sheets MNH   $0.99 0d 2h 43m 34s

 Macedonia 1998. Europa. 2v. MNH   $2.10 0d 4h 22m 11s

 Fish Fishes Macedonia MNH 4 stamps 1993   $12.00 0d 4h 38m 55s

 LI97006 Macedonia 2006 Europa Cept good sheet MNH cv 54 EUR   $3.26 0d 4h 49m 0s

 CA MACEDONIA 2006 - MNH - OLYMPIC   $1.25 0d 5h 57m 4s

 CC 10X MACEDONIA - MNH - SOCCER - 2004   $1.25 0d 6h 8m 1s

 Yugoslavia,Macedonia 1949 airmail set , sheet 25, mnh   $280.00 0d 7h 22m 31s

 1969 Greece First Day Cover - Macedonia Liberation, Uniforms   $3.99 0d 7h 24m 59s

 Yugoslavia Macedonia 1989 ? solidarity week / sticker / charity Red Cross ? 12v   $9.99 0d 8h 4m 1s

 Macedonia Yugoslavia 1987 ? fight against cancer Red Cross ERROR Proofing ? 10v   $9.99 0d 8h 20m 10s

 Bulgaria WWI Occ. Macedonia 1918 Prilep used Postcard w/h regimental seal   $15.00 0d 8h 29m 47s

 Macedonia ? week of fighting cancer - charity - Red Cross ? 13v perf. & imperf.   $4.99 0d 8h 48m 40s

 Stamp + 4 Imperf Blocs MNH Michel 3376 Macedonia President Boris Trajkovsky   $60.00 0d 8h 52m 17s

 MACEDONIA, EUROPA CEPT 2003, POSTER ART, MNH   $2.00 0d 8h 54m 38s

 Yugoslavia 1987 Macedonia ? solidarity week Red Cross ERROR Proofing ? 15v NG   $7.99 0d 9h 1m 0s

 Macedonia ww1 Bulgarian Occ Cover STRUMITZA Rural Cachet Censored RRR - p49123   $24.99 0d 9h 20m 41s

 MACEDONIA 1994 Charity Stamps MNH   $15.25 0d 10h 27m 24s

 MACEDONIA 1995 Red Cross,Workers,Strip of 4v & 2 SS MNH   $6.25 0d 10h 27m 24s

 MACEDONIA 1995 Red Cross,Solidarity 1v & 2 SS MNH   $6.25 0d 10h 27m 24s

 MACEDONIA 1995 Red Cross AIDS 1v + 2 SS MNH   $6.25 0d 10h 27m 24s

 MACEDONIA 1992 Charity Stamps MNH   $12.25 0d 10h 27m 24s

 MACEDONIA 1992 Red Cross,Solidarity Block of 4v & 2 SS MNH   $6.25 0d 10h 27m 24s

 Macedonia 1998 Charity stamps MNH   $2.25 0d 10h 27m 24s

 Macedonia 1999 Charity stamps MNH   $2.25 0d 10h 27m 24s

 MACEDONIA 1996 Charity Stamps MNH   $11.25 0d 10h 27m 24s

 Imperial Eagle WWF Macedonia 4 FDC 2001   $9.00 0d 11h 1m 57s

 1917 Bulgaria Year set Liberation of Macedonia 1+2 MNH ** Block of 4 - one photo   $23.80 0d 11h 5m 17s


 2017 MACEDONIA FAUNA PETS Reptiles Iguanas Iguana Lizards MNH   $4.90 0d 11h 53m 56s

 2017 MACEDONIA Historical Ship Ships Boats Nautical MNH   $4.90 0d 11h 54m 16s

 MACEDONIA 2016 The 275th Ann. of the Death of Antonio Vivaldi MUSIC MNH   $1.60 0d 11h 54m 33s

 1978 EUROPA,national holidays,Carneval Masks,Folk dance,Macedonia,128,MNH   $2.99 0d 11h 54m 53s

 MACEDONIA 2016 EUROPA CEPT THINK GREEN ECOLOGY BLOCK+ Set of 2 stamp MNH   $9.20 0d 11h 54m 57s

 MACEDONIA 2016 Mountain Tourism Joint issue Macedonia & Kosovo MNH   $5.60 0d 11h 55m 17s

 MACEDONIA 2016 Joint issue with Russia Set MNH ARCHITECTURE CHURCHES   $5.60 0d 11h 55m 37s

 MACEDONIA 2016 Olympic Games Rio, Brazil, MNH BLOCK + SET OF 2 JUDO WRESTLING   $5.80 0d 11h 55m 58s

 MACEDONIA 2017 ASTRONOMY/The 275th Anniversary of the death of Edmond Halley   $3.20 0d 11h 56m 16s

 MACEDONIA 2018 James Pescott Joule PHYSICS MATHEMATICIAN MNH   $3.20 0d 11h 56m 33s

 MACEDONIA 2018 WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES PyeongChang MNH   $4.90 0d 11h 56m 51s

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