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 Mali 1966 Astronauts,Space ship Voskhod 2,Athens,Leonv,Belyayev,Cooper,M.117,MNH   $5.50 0d -1h -59m -17s

 Mali 1972 Olympic Games Munich 4 Epreuve de Luxe 316/19 MNH   $97.50 0d -1h -55m -47s

 Art Bosch Durer da Vinci Titian Lotto Raphael Paintings Mali MNH set 20 sheets   $40.50 0d -1h -29m -16s

 Mali 1996 MNH Trains of China 6v M/S Railways Züge Treni Chemin de Fer Stamps   $9.16 0d 0h -58m -52s

 Mali 1996 MNH Trains Railway Innovations 6v M/S Züge Treni Chemin de Fer Stamps   $8.84 0d 0h -57m -20s

 RÉPUBLIQUE MALI BACKUP FROM VENICE STAMP NEW MNH Yt PA142/4 288 8/12ft641   $3.52 0d 0h -34m -34s

 RÉPUBLIQUE MALI ALI BABA ALADIN 3 STAMPS NEW MNH Yt PA119/21 288 8/12ft643   $3.52 0d 0h -34m -33s

 ZAMBIA DU MALI UGANDA Olympics Picking Tobacco, etc MH (Tone) as per scan #   $1.38 0d 0h -32m -51s

 Rep.du MALI Series fully new jagged and not serrated #358-362 Wildlife 334A   $9.64 0d 0h -31m -15s

 mali printing error flaw stamp Ref 9332   $7.86 0d 0h -25m -46s

 XB14227 Mali Mickey Mouse & friends disney fine lot MNH   $0.99 0d 0h -24m -10s

 XB14228 Mali Mickey Mouse & friends disney good sheet MNH   $1.21 0d 0h -23m -52s

 XB18197 Mali 1986 animals fauna flora wildlife WWF maxicards used   $2.00 0d 0h -4m -52s

 republique du mali 1962 patrice lumumba fdc stamps cover ref 20651   $7.86 0d 0h 2m 36s

 XB18264 Mali 1998 porcupine wildlife WWF maxicards used   $2.25 0d 0h 14m 56s

 DISNEY MALI 1996 "MICKYS ABC" U/M   $2.62 0d 0h 16m 7s

 NobleSpirit (GC4) Fantastic MALI BOB C219 MNH Imperf PROOF!!   $7.50 0d 1h 11m 51s

 Mali, 2011 Cinderella issue. Galileo & Kepler, IMPERF sheet   $6.00 0d 2h 11m 46s

 Mali 1997, Dog   $3.00 0d 2h 16m 7s

 Mali 806  used 1980 Butterfly   $0.50 0d 2h 17m 30s

 NobleSpirit (GC4) Vibrant MALI BOB C147-150 1972 Olympics Imperf PROOF Set!   $37.50 0d 2h 17m 30s

 Mali Space 1981. Used   $0.50 0d 2h 20m 24s

 MALI 1982 PICASSO PAINTINGS SC# C434 Used   $1.00 0d 2h 20m 26s

 MALI,1972,nice set,OLYMPIC GAMES MUNICH ,imperforated MNH   $30.00 0d 2h 28m 31s

 Mali FDC 8 Mar 1971 Telecommunications Ship Cachet Bamako Cancel   $1.25 0d 2h 28m 44s

 MALI,1972,nice set UNESCO art VENEZIA ,imperforated MNH   $18.00 0d 2h 36m 14s

 MALI,1972,nice set archeology ,imperforated MNH   $20.00 0d 2h 42m 11s


 MALI MALTA 1976-1860 Lot of 97 Stamps Collection on Scott Album Pages   $5.50 0d 2h 46m 33s

 MALI,1980,nice set EASTER DENIS DURER ,imperforated MNH   $16.00 0d 2h 58m 51s

 MALI,1980,nice set TRAIN ,imperforated MNH   $16.00 0d 3h 16m 27s

 MALI,1980,nice set airmail ship ROCHAMBEAU ,imperforated MNH   $16.00 0d 3h 27m 1s

 Mali C188-90 3 First Day Covers 1973 First African-United States Sports Meet   $7.00 0d 3h 31m 16s

 traditional housing FDC Mali 1974   $3.00 0d 3h 51m 8s

 castle of Vizille FDC Mali 1977   $3.00 0d 3h 51m 10s

 tourism world conference Manilla Philippines x2 FDC Mali 1980   $4.00 0d 3h 51m 10s

 ship boat cargo Europafrique FDC Mali 1977   $3.00 0d 3h 51m 11s

 social welfare FDC Mali 1976   $3.00 0d 3h 51m 12s

 20 years of independance x2 FDC Mali 1980   $4.00 0d 3h 51m 12s

 non-aligned movement 25 years of Bandung conference Indonesia FDC Mali 1980   $3.00 0d 3h 52m 10s

 Mali - John Lennon - Imperf Stamp S/S 13H-095   $29.00 0d 4h 15m 7s

 Mali 1999 Animals Reptiles MNH   $4.49 0d 4h 16m 50s

 mali 1981 Sc C413/6 world cup,set MNH m375   $2.80 0d 4h 22m 42s


 MALI 2014 LUNAR NEW YEAR OF THE GOAT 2015 SHEET OF FOUR STAMPS   $16.95 0d 4h 31m 12s

 Mali 1960 Birds,Vogel,Oiseaaux,Eagle,Blackbird,Starling,Mi.14,MNH,CV=$70   $24.99 0d 4h 31m 45s

 Mali - Formula 1 - 4 Stamp Imperf Sheet - 889   $39.00 0d 4h 35m 12s

 Mali Animals,Horses,Pferde,Chevaux,Caballos,Cavalli,s/s,MNH   $3.50 0d 4h 37m 48s

 MALI 2012 TURTLES SOUVENIR SHEET ON FDC   $18.36 0d 5h 15m 28s

 2 FDC 1961 MALI PICTORIAL AIRMAILS TO 500FR #C12-14   $19.99 0d 5h 37m 59s

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