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 Moldova Christmas 1997 Art Painting Festival Religions (stamp) MNH   $2.65 0d -1h -3m -13s

 Moldova 1996 MNH 2v, Curie, Nobel Chemistry, Elena Alistar, politician -N4   $3.91 0d 0h -35m -54s

 Moldova 1992 ^^^ Birds of Moldova ^^^ Stamp set MNH   $3.67 0d 0h 6m 45s

 Moldova 2008 Olympics FDC First Day Cover SG600/2 cycling boxing weights (M)   $11.56 0d 0h 17m 28s


 MOLDOVA 2010 Ancient Prehistoric Fauna Lost Animals Mammoth 4v Mi # 719-722 MNH   $1.43 0d 0h 51m 5s

 ROMANIA 1858 Moldavia 5p Black SG 12 Used   $59.13 0d 0h 51m 19s

 ROMANIA 1859 Moldavia 40p Greenish-Blue SG 19 Used (Cat 225)   $23.14 0d 0h 52m 16s

 MOLDOVA 2013 Nature Flora Plants Berries 6v Mi 823-828 MNH   $1.59 0d 1h 7m 41s

 MOLDOVA 2016 Architecture Religion Building Church Monastery Putna 550th Ann s-s   $0.99 0d 1h 11m 25s

 Moldova 1999 Europa/Parks/Gardens/Hare/Foxes/Trees/Nature Reserve 1v m/s (b5485)   $11.50 0d 1h 20m 30s

 1979 Arch of Triumph,Women,costumes,Wallachia-Moldavia Union anniv.,Romania,3610   $1.75 0d 1h 41m 24s

 MOLDOVA 2012 Ancient Warriors Soldiers Military Machines Catapult Ram 4v MNH   $0.99 0d 2h 19m 35s

 MOLDOVA 2012 Music Famous People Musicians Aldea-Teodorovici s-s Mi Bl.60(787)   $1.23 0d 2h 24m 55s

 MOLDOVA 2010 Catastrophe Accident Flooding 1v Mi 713 MNH   $0.59 0d 2h 28m 54s

 MOLDOVA 2010 Medicine Struggle against AIDS 30th Anniversary 1v Mi 708 MNH   $0.57 0d 2h 37m 43s

 MOLDOVA 2008 Sport Beijing Olympics Boxing Overprinted 1v Mi # 635 MNH   $1.33 0d 2h 49m 52s

 Moldova 2017 Archaeology Museum Treasures 4 MNH stamps   $1.79 0d 2h 50m 58s

 MOLDOVA 2008 Universal Declaration of Human Rights 60th Anniversary 1v Mi640 MNH   $0.85 0d 2h 54m 18s

 MOLDOVA 2000 Famous People Poet Mihai Eminescu Family s-s Mi Bl.21(345-349) MNH   $2.97 0d 3h 2m 13s

 Moldova 2017 Archaeology Museum Treasures FDC   $3.99 0d 3h 3m 7s

 MOLDOVA 2000 Famous Persons of Science & Kulture 4v Mi 353-356 MNH   $3.67 0d 3h 13m 23s

 Moldova 2007 Sport World Chess Championship, Mexico MNH stamp   $0.99 0d 3h 13m 31s

 MOLDOVA 1999 10th Anniversary of Restore Latin Graphic 1v Mi 327 MNH   $0.79 0d 3h 17m 20s

 MOLDOVA 1993 Famous People Kings Princes Dukes of Moldova Mi 88-93 6v MNH   $0.97 0d 3h 23m 55s

 Moldova 2014 Famous and Eminent Persons Creanga / Eminescu Block MNH   $0.99 0d 3h 24m 17s

 MOLDOVA 1993 Nature Flora Plants Flowers 6v Mi # 81-86 MNH   $0.99 0d 3h 31m 52s

 Moldova 2014 European Union Agreement MNH stamp   $0.99 0d 3h 42m 18s

 MOLDOVA 2017-04 Easter. Religion. Holidays. Pair, MNH   $1.59 0d 4h 36m 33s

 MOLDOVA 2017-05 EUROPA: Castles. Architecture. Wine. MINI-SHEET, MNH   $10.85 0d 4h 36m 33s

 MOLDOVA 2017-05 EUROPA: Castles. Architecture. Wine, MNH   $1.08 0d 4h 36m 33s

 Moldova 2016 Gagarin overprint 55th Anniv. First Flight in Space sh of 10 MNH**   $10.49 0d 5h 3m 44s

 Moldova 2016 Europa CEPT Think Green Bicycle Wind Mills Booklet MNH**   $4.99 0d 5h 10m 27s

 Moldova 2003 Sport 3 MNH stamps   $1.49 0d 5h 34m 48s

 Moldova 2007 Mushrooms 4 MNH stamps   $1.69 0d 5h 34m 48s

 Moldova 2003 CEPT Europa "Poster Art" 2 MNH stamps   $0.99 0d 5h 40m 23s

 Moldova 2007 Christmas 9 MNH stamps mini-sheet   $2.99 0d 5h 42m 1s

 Moldova 2006 Christmas 9 MNH stamps mini-sheet   $3.99 0d 5h 50m 7s

 Moldawien 608-610 mint never hinged mnh 2008 Olympics Summer 2008   $8.32 0d 6h 41m 10s

 Moldawien block5 mint never hinged mnh 1994 Football-european championship 1996   $9.50 0d 6h 41m 13s

 Russia - Postal Stationery 1974 y - Coats of Arms - Flag - Moldavia   $0.99 0d 8h 28m 34s

 Moldova 2013 Exotic Butterfly,Schmetterlinge,Papillon,Farfalle,Mariposa,M/s,MNH   $4.99 0d 9h 3m 33s


 Moldova 2014 stamp. 200 yr commemoration of German presence in Moldova. MNH   $0.99 0d 12h 31m 54s

 Moldova 2016 Fauna Extinct Animals of Moldova 4 MNH Stamps   $1.19 0d 14h 29m 34s

 1991 Coat of Arms,Grapes,Wisent,Eagle,Moon,Flag,Independence,Moldova,Mi.1,MNH   $2.25 0d 15h 23m 50s

 1992 Pigeon,The common wood pigeon,Forrest,woods,mountains,Moldova,Mi.4,MNH   $1.79 0d 15h 24m 2s

 Moldavia stamp Botanical garden block MNH 2002 Mi 26 WS144844   $5.36 0d 15h 29m 1s

 Moldova 2010 Famous People Mihai Eminescu MNH Block   $0.99 0d 15h 30m 41s

 1992 Eagle,Wisent head,State Coat of Arms,Definitives,Moldova,Moldavie,Mi.5,MNH   $2.45 0d 15h 32m 39s

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