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 YUGOSLAVIA,CETINJE locals,postage due,20 lit/5 lit,MNH MONTENEGRO ITALY   $90.00 0d 0h 27m 15s

 MONTENEGRO WW II ITALY ,2 cpl sets used on carton ,   $176.00 0d 0h 28m 48s

 4601 Yugoslavia Serbia and Montenegro 2005 Europa-Gastronomy Block MNH   $2.95 0d 0h 41m 48s

 montenegro 1907 mounted mint stamps ref 7634   $7.99 0d 0h 53m 22s

 montenegro 1910 mounted mint stamps set ref 7632   $7.99 0d 0h 55m 49s

 montenegro postage due mounted mint + used stamps ref 7638   $10.65 0d 0h 55m 53s

 4549 Serbia and Montenegro 2004 Europa Cept Block FDC   $4.99 0d 0h 56m 33s

 GERMANY,Montenegro WW II,1.50 /3 din ,used,plate error   $60.00 0d 2h 16m 41s

 Montenegro, AR   $2.99 0d 2h 40m 7s

 Montenegro, 1905, constitution shifted overprint   $4.99 0d 2h 42m 33s

 MONTENEGRO MINT SHEET EUR0PA 2006   $2.99 0d 3h 12m 39s

 Montenegro Stationery Mi P12b Envelope Cover 1894 Unused   $43.43 0d 3h 18m 15s

 MONTENEGRO 1885 COVER TO SWITZERLAND   $357.00 0d 3h 22m 9s

 MONTENEGRO 1895 COVER TO AUSTRIA   $215.00 0d 3h 22m 14s

 MONTENEGRO 1891 COVER TO GERMANY   $215.00 0d 3h 22m 18s

 German Occupation Montenegro 1943-4 Mounted Mint Stamps Ref: R4476   $133.17 0d 4h 22m 23s

 Montenegro stamp 50th anniversary of Europa CEPT imperf block MNH 2006 WS190534   $173.33 0d 4h 52m 17s

 Montenegro stamp Europa CEPT, Childrens Books mini sheet 2010 WS183192   $56.67 0d 6h 26m 14s

 MONTENEGRO 2015 EUROPA CEPT Old toys FDC   $3.50 0d 6h 59m 23s


 Montenegro 1893 print anniversary overprint 10Nkr stamp mint MH   $2.66 0d 7h 56m 14s

 Montenegro 1893 imp PC Cetinje to Kotor/Cattaro   $30.00 0d 8h 1m 56s

 Montenegro 1898 imp Journalwrapper to Cetinje   $25.00 0d 8h 1m 57s

 Serbia and Montenegro 2005 - 50th Ann. of the First EUROPA - Match Print - Proof   $49.90 0d 8h 7m 29s

 YUGOSLAVIA = 1983 `Montenegro Postbus Service` Set/2. SG 2082/3. MNH.   $1.33 0d 8h 12m 33s

 MONTENEGRO SET MNH EUROPA   $0.99 0d 8h 39m 8s

 Yugoslavia 1970 SG#1434 Montenegro Telegraph Service MNH #D52364   $1.32 0d 9h 5m 33s

 Montenegro Europa Cept 50 years 2005 MNH   $2.99 0d 9h 13m 49s

 MONTENEGRO WW II ITALY nice accumulation ,MNH bloc of 4   $112.00 0d 9h 33m 20s

 MONTENEGRO - 5 perpera EUROPA CEPT 1999 FULL SHEET (MNH)   $3.51 0d 9h 36m 17s

 MONTENEGRO - 10 perpera EUROPA CEPT 1999 FULL SHEET (MNH)   $3.51 0d 9h 38m 46s

 Montenegro 38th Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008 MNH-2 Euro   $0.50 0d 9h 43m 57s

 Montenegro 75th Ann Sailing Ship Jadran 2008 MNH-1,50 Euro   $0.50 0d 9h 44m 10s

 Montenegro Both S/S Olympic Games Turin 2006 MNH-40 Euro   $13.00 0d 9h 44m 26s

 Montenegro Europa Int Year of Forests 2011 MNH-5,50 Euro   $2.25 0d 9h 44m 34s

 Montenegro German Occupation Red Cross O/P 1944 MH-150 Euro   $20.00 0d 9h 44m 46s

 Montenegro Maritime Transport 2011 MNH-1,60 Euro   $1.27 0d 9h 44m 58s

 Montenegro Olympic Games Vancouver 2010 MNH-9,50 Euro   $3.00 0d 9h 45m 7s

 Montenegro Sail Ship Pomorstvo 2007 MNH-2 Euro   $0.50 0d 9h 45m 21s

 Montenegro Set & S/S World Football Championship Germany 2006 MNH-11 Euro   $3.50 0d 9h 45m 38s

 Montenegro Strip & All 3 S/S 50th Ann 1st Europa Stamps 2006 MNH-150 Euro   $50.00 0d 9h 45m 52s

 MONTENEGRO, KOSOVO, BOSNIA ... lot 30 different used stamps (K20)   $4.99 0d 9h 56m 7s

 1896 Napoli Italy PS Card Patriotic Royal Marriage Elena Montenegro postal card   $1.99 0d 10h 18m 58s

 ALPHAOMEGA END OF YEAR SALE !!! ********** MONTENEGRO MINT SELECTION   $0.55 0d 10h 22m 41s

 ALPHAOMEGA END OF YEAR SALE !!! ********** MONTENEGRO USED SELECTION   $0.01 0d 10h 23m 47s

 Montenegro old stamp lot 03 MH* Falc   $2.99 0d 10h 32m 2s

 643) YUGOSLAVIA - SERBIA - MONTENEGRO -- 1913 MNH SET - PERFECT -   $0.99 0d 10h 44m 36s

 644) YUGOSLAVIA - SERBIA - MONTENEGRO -- 1896 / 1910 MINT / USED - PERFECT -   $0.99 0d 10h 47m 52s


 MONTENEGRO-MNH STAMP-"A-R" - 1902.   $1.55 0d 11h 31m 29s

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