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 UN FDC Geneva #53-54 Namibia Inscription Block (0604)   $1.99 0d 1h 23m 53s

 Stamps South West Africa ( Namibia) Historic buildings of Luderitz 1981   $0.77 0d 1h 48m 28s

 2016 Namibia, fauna, reptiles, turtles, tortoises, souvenir sheet, MNH   $3.00 0d 3h 42m 42s

 Cheetah Rhino Turtle Bird Wild Big Cats Animals Namibia MNH M/S of 10 stamp 2010   $19.00 0d 3h 45m 16s

 BK NAMIBIA - MNH - FISH - WHOLESALE   $1.68 0d 4h 28m 38s


 Namibia - 1997 - Five - Full Sets of bird stamps. SG 710/711   $1.30 0d 5h 2m 29s

 Z08 SRL16502ab SIERRA LEONE 2016 Park NAMIBIA MNH Set   $19.82 0d 5h 38m 4s

 Fish Fishes Namibia MNH S/S+4 stamps 1992   $7.99 0d 5h 45m 1s

 [E14207] Namibia 1991 WWF Zebra good set of stamps very fine MNH   $0.99 0d 5h 46m 43s

 Birds Namibia MNH 4 stamps 1994   $5.00 0d 5h 55m 47s


 Zebra Buffalo Wild Animals Namibia MNH Silver letters M/S of 5 stamps 2007   $7.00 0d 6h 26m 43s

 Z08 SRL16516b SIERRA LEONE 2016 Park NAMIBIA MNH   $9.55 0d 7h 11m 53s

 10 x NAMIBIA, Stamps, Nature, Flowers, Blumen, MNH - Wholesale -   $1.55 0d 7h 16m 0s

 Namibia - 1995 Fossils - U/M - SG 663-66 - CORNER BLOCKS of FOUR   $13.00 0d 7h 54m 4s

 RUSSIA,USSR:1983 SC#5172 MNH - Namibia Day   $1.80 0d 8h 2m 50s

 United Nations/Geneva SC # 53-53 NY 263-264 Namibia Direct Responsability . MNH   $4.00 0d 8h 20m 20s

 1927 Luderitz Namibia Paquebot cover   $16.25 0d 8h 23m 26s

 Egypt MNH 1984 - Africa Day - Namibia   $2.50 0d 8h 39m 27s

 Cheetah Leopard Wild Animals Cats Bird Flower Namibia MNH Booklet 1997   $15.00 0d 9h 46m 0s

 Namibia 1994 Good very fine SET of 4 Fish Stamps   $8.00 0d 10h 11m 51s

 Namibia 2015 Conservation Rhino Elephant Map 3v SS MNH Hong Kong Exhb Hexagonal   $3.99 0d 10h 28m 4s

 South West Africa Namibia FDC 1965 75th Anniv of Windhoek c45   $1.29 0d 10h 54m 35s

 South West Africa Namibia 1976 Fauna Conservation SG 290-292 (MNH) 927b   $1.29 0d 10h 54m 35s

 Namibia stamps.1992 & 1993 lot. Freshwater Angling, etc (B765)   $2.60 0d 11h 3m 6s

 Namibia stamps. 1993 Butterflies set MNH (B734)   $2.60 0d 11h 3m 6s

 Namibia stamps.1993 Complete. Namib Nature Foundation, etc (B758)   $2.60 0d 11h 3m 7s

 Namibia 1997 YO Ox/Cattle/Animals/Nature/Zodiac/Fortune/Greetings 1v m/s n16695   $2.41 0d 11h 4m 55s

 Namibia 1997 Birds/Nature/Wildlife/Waxbills bklt pr (n25700)   $1.63 0d 11h 8m 30s

 Namibia 1990 Cattle/Sheep/Maize/Farming/Crops/Animals/Nature 4v set (n20150)   $2.54 0d 11h 8m 30s

 Namibia 2009 Vintage Cars/Motoring/Transport/Explorers/Motors 1v m/s (n23322)   $2.93 0d 11h 14m 3s

 Namibia 1997 BIRDS/Nature 10v bklt ref:n14696   $7.74 0d 11h 14m 3s

 Namibia 1992 Swakopmund/Lighthouse/Tourism set (n16588)   $2.93 0d 11h 14m 4s

 Namibia 1993 Trees/Plants/Nature/Deserts/River/Tourism 4v set (n20139)   $2.54 0d 11h 14m 4s

 Namibia 1997 WWF/Endangered Species/Jackass Penguins/Birds/Nature 4v set n16649   $2.54 0d 11h 14m 4s

 Namibia 755-758, MNH, Marine Life Fish 1994 x12574   $14.95 0d 11h 25m 3s

 Namibia 4 maximum cards 1988   $1.90 0d 11h 40m 46s

 Great starter set of stamps for SWA South West Africa (Namibia) small collection   $2.28 0d 12h 17m 30s

 Small Selection of SWA South West Africa (Namibia) stamps starter selection   $2.28 0d 12h 24m 7s

 NETHERLANDS INDIES / NEPAL / NAMIBIA ON ALBUM PAGES 1883 TO 1990!   $2.25 0d 12h 27m 18s

 Namibia stamps. 1991 Centenary of the Weather Service blocks of 4 MNH (B766)   $1.95 0d 12h 42m 1s

 Namibia stamps. 1990 Complete MNH (B773)   $1.95 0d 12h 42m 2s

 Namibia stamps.1993 Namib Desert Scenery blocks of 4 MNH (B756)   $1.95 0d 12h 42m 2s

 Namibia stamps.1990 MNH Complete (B771)   $1.95 0d 12h 42m 2s

 Namibia stamps. 1993 Namib Desert Scenery blocks of 4 MNH (B755)   $1.95 0d 12h 42m 2s

 Jackass Penguin WWF Namibia 4 FDC 1997   $8.00 0d 12h 48m 6s

 NAMIBIA 1994 Sc#762-765 FLORA FLOWERS SET OF 4 STAMPS MNH   $1.49 0d 12h 52m 5s

 Namibia 2007 Stamps Wildlife Sheet Zebra Buffalo Etc MNH   $2.60 0d 13h 3m 48s

 Namibia stamps. 1991 Mountain Zebra Endangered Species 60c sheet MNH (A837)   $5.20 0d 13h 46m 27s

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