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 1944 Netherlands KLM Shannon Ireland Crash Cover to USA   $200.00 0d -1h -55m -3s

 Netherlands 1956 NVPH 676-680 cover to London   $15.00 0d -1h -53m -46s

 Netherlands GRR CANC RODEN on NVPH 87   $25.00 0d -1h -53m -44s

 Netherlands postage stamps Lot of 14 old M   $2.30 0d -1h -52m -25s

 1920S 10CT STRIP OF 3 VF MNH NETHERLANDS NEDERLAND B21.10 0.99$   $7.56 0d -1h -51m -6s

 1920S VETH 15 CENT PAIR VF MNH NETHERLANDS NEDERLAND B21.10 0.99$   $3.25 0d -1h -47m -6s

 Netherlands KleinrondCANC RIDDERKERK on NVPH 31   $10.00 0d -1h -46m -51s

 Netherlands 1891 NVPH 39 MLH almost MNH VF   $70.00 0d -1h -43m -50s

 Netherlands 1921 NVPH 106P Error BROKEN 4 CANC VF   $30.00 0d -1h -43m -11s

 Netherlands 1928 NVPH 220 strip of 4 on special PC VF   $30.00 0d -1h -43m -6s

 Netherlands 1934 NVPH 265-266 spec.card and cancels VF   $40.00 0d -1h -43m -3s

 Netherlands 1932 NVPH 242-247 MLH VF   $75.00 0d -1h -39m -54s

 Netherlands KleinrondCANC Arn:Drk:Dws: on NVPH 23   $20.00 0d -1h -39m -54s

 Netherlands 1928 NVPH 216P Plate Error CANC VF   $40.00 0d -1h -39m -54s

 Netherlands 1935 NVPH 282P1 Plate Error MLH VF   $70.00 0d -1h -39m -54s

 Netherlands KleinrondCANC GULPEN on NVPH 31   $20.00 0d -1h -39m -53s

 Netherlands 1935 NVPH 274-277 MNH VF   $99.00 0d -1h -39m -53s

 L22 1944 Netherlands AVIATION Air Balloon Flight *Den Haag* Cachet Machine Cover   $19.73 0d -1h -38m -52s

 Netherlands stamp:1906 Tuberculosis Soc.issue SC # B1-3, Nice CDS   $1.99 0d -1h -38m -32s

 NETHERLANDS.... 1950 leyden uni set mint   $3.59 0d -1h -30m -33s

 NETHERLANDS.... 1949 U.P.U. anniv set mint   $4.31 0d -1h -30m -33s

 NETHERLANDS.... 1954 child welfare set mint   $5.74 0d -1h -30m -33s

 NETHERLANDS.... 1949 cultural relief fund set mint   $7.18 0d -1h -30m -33s

 NETHERLANDS.... 1956 25c Europa mnh   $10.05 0d -1h -30m -33s

 Netherlands 1899 NVPH 51 in pair NA POSTTIJD in Italics   $35.00 0d -1h -7m -6s

 Netherlands 1899 NVPH 66 MNH VF   $115.00 0d -1h -7m -3s

 Netherlands 1923 NVPH 133 MNH F/VF   $100.00 0d -1h -6m -59s

 Netherlands 1951 NVPH Airmail 12-13 BIRDS MLH VF   $300.00 0d -1h -6m -49s

 RUSSIA 1900 TPO# 66 " VLADIKAVKAZ - ROSTOV " POSTCARD TO NETHERLANDS   $19.95 0d -1h -5m -46s

 1939 (Sept) Belgium via Netherlands and USA to Venezuela Airmail Cover / 37F 75   $23.00 0d 0h -55m -36s

 Netherlands Stamps on 2 Pages Ref: R6896   $26.31 0d 0h -55m -6s

 Netherlands 1967 First Day of issue Red Cross mixed stamps cover ref 21821   $13.15 0d 0h -52m -8s

 Netherlands 1988 Englands Glorious Revolution FDC #C44240   $1.30 0d 0h -52m -7s

 H 703 Adelaide SA June 1964 solo 8d Tiger Cat stamp surface rate Holland cover   $6.58 0d 0h -51m -58s

 H 731 Singapore commercially used air letter aerogramme Netherlands March 1964   $6.58 0d 0h -51m -58s

 netherlands 1928 stamps cover ref 20893   $7.89 0d 0h -51m -57s

 netherlands old stamps card ref 20887   $7.89 0d 0h -51m -55s

 netherlands unused stamps card ref 20888   $7.89 0d 0h -51m -34s

 netherlands 1952 stamps cover ref 20891   $7.89 0d 0h -51m -19s

 netherlands 1900s bunch of lily of the valley & violets stamps card ref 20886   $7.89 0d 0h -51m -12s

 netherlands 1958 middelburg stadhuis cathedral stamps card ref 20883   $7.89 0d 0h -51m -8s


 FOUR NETHERLANDS COVERS   $7.89 0d 0h -48m -48s


 Netherlands Used Stamps Ref: R7368   $7.89 0d 0h -46m -9s

 Netherlands Used Stamps Ref: R7367   $7.89 0d 0h -46m 0s

 Beautiful lot 550 stamps NETHERLANDS Paper free colorful MIX 3 FDC (2)   $3.99 0d 0h -45m -58s

 netherlands early used stamps ref r8830   $7.89 0d 0h -45m -13s

 Netherlands: lot 14 with 30 eurovalues; all christmas stamps   $2.79 0d 0h -45m -9s

 netherlands stamps ref r11944   $19.73 0d 0h -43m -1s

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