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 Niger 1982 Soccer/Football World Cup Scott 521-5 Unissued Winner's Overprint   $140.00 0d -1h -42m -47s

 Niger 2017 Donald Trump 45th US President S/S NIG16622   $10.40 0d -1h -16m -39s

 Niger 2016 Shellfish Sea Shell Fishes S/S NIG15525   $10.20 0d -1h -16m -39s

 Niger 2016 Corcorde First Flight 40th Aniv Aviation Planes S/S 16106   $10.20 0d -1h -16m -39s

 Niger 2016 Dinosaurs Prehistoric Animals S/S 16207   $9.20 0d -1h -16m -39s

 Niger 2016 Giraffe Fauna 4v Mini Sheets NIG15610c   $78.00 0d -1h -16m -39s

 Niger 2017 Fish Fishes S/S NIG17114   $9.95 0d -1h -16m -39s

 Niger 2017 Concorde Planes Aviation S/S NIG17118   $9.95 0d -1h -16m -39s

 Niger 2016 Mushrooms Food S/S NIG15514   $10.20 0d -1h -16m -39s

 Niger 2016 Ebola Virus Under Microscope Red Cross Medicine S/S FDC 16209   $12.60 0d -1h -16m -39s

 Niger 2016 Sledge Dogs S/S NIG16317   $9.20 0d -1h -16m -39s

 Niger 2016 Special Transport Police Car Helicopter Ambulance S/S NIG16221a   $9.20 0d -1h -16m -31s

 Niger 548-51 MNH Prince Charles, Princess Diana Wedding, Coach   $6.25 0d 0h -29m -6s

 Niger 2017 Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen MS+S/S NIG16605   $20.80 0d 0h -4m -28s

 NIger 2017 Mushrooms Food MS+S/S NIG16601   $20.40 0d 0h -4m -27s

 Niger 2013 Savannah Cats Wild Cats Leopard Cheetah MS+S/S NIG13603   $15.40 0d 0h -4m -27s

 Niger 2014 Endangered Animal Rhino Gorilla Dog Fox Buffalo Hippo Elephant Set516   $16.00 0d 0h -4m -26s


 Niger United Nations Admission Flags Aviation Aircrafts Building Imperfs ** 1961   $6.99 0d 0h 23m 46s

 Niger-2012-Architecture-Wonders of World-Mausoleum at Halicarnassus   $6.49 0d 0h 28m 19s

 Niger 2017 Len Hutton 100th Aniv Cricket S/S NIG16606   $10.40 0d 0h 35m 31s

 Niger 2017 Toyota Corolla 50th Aniv Cars S/S NIG16610   $10.40 0d 0h 35m 31s

 Niger 2016 Fire Trucks Fire Engine S/S 16211   $7.60 0d 0h 35m 31s

 Niger 2016 Fire Engines Fire Brigade S/S NIG15508   $11.20 0d 0h 35m 31s

 Niger 2017 Tribute to Muhammad Ali Boxing S/S NIG16611   $10.40 0d 0h 35m 31s

 Niger 2016 Eagles Birds S/S 16208   $9.20 0d 0h 35m 31s

 Niger 2016 Elephants Fauna S/S NIG15506   $8.20 0d 0h 35m 31s

 Niger 2016 Princess Diana 55th Aniv S/S NIG16113   $11.20 0d 0h 35m 31s

 Niger 2016 Royal Mail 500th Aniv Letter Box S/S NIG16315b   $9.20 0d 0h 35m 31s

 Niger stamp 1991 MNH Butterflies Animals Nature WS89842   $19.20 0d 0h 40m 32s

 Niger stamp 1999 MNH Butterflies Animals Nature WS89844   $10.00 0d 0h 40m 37s

 NIGER 1979 682-83 C295-96 INVERTED OVP Apollo 11 Moon Landing Ann Space MNH   $79.99 0d 1h 11m 8s

 Niger 2013 Space Tousirsm Spacecrafts Planes Aviation MS+S/S 418   $17.90 0d 1h 13m 33s

 Niger 2013 Minerals & Volcanoes Volcano MS+S/S 423   $17.90 0d 1h 13m 34s

 Niger 2013 Fauna Of Africa Leopards & Lions Wild Cats MS+S/S 115   $17.90 0d 1h 13m 34s

 Niger 2013 Pope Benedict XVI MS+S/S NIG13701   $17.90 0d 1h 13m 34s

 Niger 2014 Sledge Dogs MS+S/S NIG14313   $15.90 0d 1h 13m 35s

 Niger 2014 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Painter Paintings Odd Shape MS+S/S 14122   $18.90 0d 1h 13m 35s

 Niger 2014 Owls Birds MS+S/S NIG14419   $18.25 0d 1h 13m 36s

 B14. Niger - MNH - Nature - Minerals - Space   $0.99 0d 1h 35m 40s

 NIGERIA (15836) FORCADOS RIVER, Niger Coast postmark/cancel   $6.43 0d 1h 51m 31s

 France Africa Niger etc 1894 1 franc mint hinged full gum   $6.00 0d 2h 1m 44s

 NIGER 1976 500fr Zeppelin MS MINT UNHINGED black spot on gum   $7.83 0d 2h 4m 44s

 Niger 2013 Minerals Of Niger MS+S/S 316   $20.30 0d 2h 40m 8s

 Niger 2013 Fauna Of Africa Fish Fishes MS+S/S 110   $17.90 0d 2h 40m 9s

 Niger 2013 Paul Signac Painter Paintings MS+S/S 321   $17.90 0d 2h 40m 9s

 Niger 2014 Painters Edgar Degas Odd Shape ODD SHAPE Unusual MS+S/S 420   $18.25 0d 2h 40m 9s

 Niger 2013 Year Of The Horse China Chinese Lunar Year MS+S/S 424   $17.90 0d 2h 40m 10s

 Niger 2014 Ayrton Senna F1 Formula 1 Car Racing MS + S/S Set NIG14102   $18.59 0d 2h 40m 10s

 Niger 2014 Steam Trains Locomotives Railway MS+S/S NIG14315   $18.40 0d 2h 40m 10s

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