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 PAKISTAN 1964 15p brown SG218 mint MNH FG Universal Children's Day #W4   $1.31 0d -1h -58m -42s

 Guinee 2016 Nobel Prize for Peace Malala Pakistan Medicine S/S GU16219b   $9.00 0d -1h -57m -8s

 PAKISTAN 1964 15p chestnut SG219 mint MNH FG Lahore University #W4   $1.31 0d -1h -56m -43s

 PAKISTAN 1965 15p ultramarine and yellow SG220 mint MNH FG Blind Welfare #W4   $1.31 0d -1h -54m -43s

 PAKISTAN 1965 15p black and light blue SG222 mint MNH FG Co-op Year a #W4   $1.31 0d -1h -50m -44s

 PAKISTAN 1965 50p green and yellow SG223 mint MNH FG Co-op Year b #W4   $1.31 0d -1h -44m -44s

 PAKISTAN 1965 15p multicoloured SG224 mint MNH FG Regional Development #W4   $1.31 0d -1h -38m -43s

 PAKISTAN 1965 50p multicoloured SG225 mint MNH FG Regional Development #W4   $1.31 0d -1h -38m -42s

 PAKISTAN 1966 15p royal blue, dull green... SG226 MNH FG Armed Forces Day #W4   $1.31 0d -1h -34m -43s

 PAKISTAN 1966 15p blue-green, yellow-orange... SG231 mint MNH FG Habib Bank #W4   $1.31 0d -1h -31m -44s

 PAKISTAN 1966 15p light brown, black, red... SG232 MNH FG Children's Day #W4   $1.31 0d -1h -28m -43s

 Pakistan ovpt on Indian stamps,KGVI Sc# 14-15,Used,CV:$4.25   $1.98 0d -1h -27m -1s

 PAKISTAN 1966 50p deep bluish green,... SG235 MNH FG New Capital Islamabad #W4   $1.31 0d -1h -22m -44s

 Pakistan 1947 stamps,Sc# 20-23 MNH,CV:$5.00   $1.19 0d -1h -22m -33s

 pakistan 1v used stamp runner on horseback.   $1.50 0d -1h -21m -24s

 pakistan 1v used stamp international education year 1970.   $1.50 0d -1h -21m -23s

 Pakistan 1948 stamps,Sc# 38-40;51;52;54 Used,CV:$6.40   $1.31 0d -1h -21m 0s

 PAKISTAN 1966 15p black, orange and greenish blue SG237 mint MNH FG Jinnah #W4   $1.31 0d -1h -20m -44s

 PAKISTAN MINT AEROGRAMME 15 PAISA.   $3.00 0d -1h -20m -12s

 bangladesh overprint pakistan mail carried by mukti fouze tangail cds a172.57   $20.00 0d -1h -19m -57s

 Pakistan 1948 stamps,Sc# 38-40 MNH,CV:$41.00   $15.07 0d -1h -19m -26s

 Pakistan 1948 stamp, 25Rs Violet Sc# 43a Perf.13 MNH,CV:$62.50   $15.07 0d -1h -17m -43s

 PAKISTAN 1966 50p black, purple and ultramarine SG238 mint MNH FG Jinnah #W4   $1.31 0d -1h -16m -43s

 Pakistan 1948 stamp,Sc# 41-43a MNH,CV:$71.50   $15.86 0d -1h -16m -35s

 Pakistan 1948 stamps, Unity Faith Discipline Sc# 44-6 MNH/MH,CV:$12.25   $2.86 0d -1h -14m -44s

 PAKISTAN 1967 15p black, light blue &yellow-brown SG239 MNH FG Tourist Year #W4   $1.31 0d -1h -14m -43s

 PAKISTAN 1967 15p red, sepia & chestnut SG240 MNH FG Tuberculosis Campaign #W4   $1.31 0d -1h -13m -43s

 Pakistan 1948 stamps, Unity Faith Discipline Sc# 44-6 Cpl.Used set,CV:$11.50   $2.38 0d -1h -13m -26s

 PAKISTAN 1967 15p light orange-brown & maroon SG241 MNH FG Scout Jamboree #W4   $1.31 0d -1h -12m -41s

 Pakistan 1948 stamps, Sc# 55-62 MLH OG CV:$22.30   $4.75 0d -1h -12m -5s

 Pakistan 1952 stamps, Sc# 63-4 Cpl.MH Set CV:$3.25   $0.99 0d -1h -10m -44s

 Pakistan 1992 Islamic Scouts Conference set on First Day Cover   $1.58 0d -1h -10m -37s

 Pakistan 1952 stamps, Sc# 66-72 MNH/MLH CV:$20.50   $3.96 0d -1h -8m -52s

 PAKISTAN 1967 15p black, slate, light red and... SG242 MNH FG Hight Court #W4   $1.31 0d -1h -8m -43s

 Pakistan stamps, Sc# 73-76 Cpl. MNH set CV:$12.35   $2.38 0d -1h -7m -21s

 PAKISTAN 1967 15p sepia and light red SG243 mint MH FG Iqbal Commemoration #W4   $1.31 0d -1h -6m -44s

 PAKISTAN 1967 1r sepia and deep green SG244 mint MNH FG Iqbal Commemoration #W4   $1.31 0d -1h -6m -40s

 Pakistan 1955 blue Ovpt. stamps, Sc# 77-78 Cpl. MNH set CV:$4.25   $0.99 0d -1h -5m -48s

 Pakistan 1955 blue Ovpt. stamp, Sc# 7 Used,CV:$5.00   $0.99 0d -1h -1m -4s

 PAKISTAN 1967 15p multicoloured SG245 mint MNH FG Hilal-i-Isteqlal Lahore #W4   $1.31 0d -1h 0m -38s

 Pakistan stamp, Cocoanut Tree Sc# 95 MNH,CV:$5.25   $1.19 0d 0h -59m -16s

 Pakistan stamp, Cocoanut Tree Sc# 95 MH,CV:$5.25   $0.99 0d 0h -58m -44s

 PAKISTAN 1967 15p red and deep bluish green SG246 MNH FG Independence Anniv #W4   $1.31 0d 0h -58m -44s

 Pakistan stamps, 1958 Sc# 96-8 Cpl.MNH,CV:$2.20   $0.99 0d 0h -57m -19s

 PAKISTAN 1967 10p yellow, deep bluish green &deep blue SG247 MNH FG Exports #W4   $1.31 0d 0h -54m -44s

 Pakistan stamps, 1960 Sc# 118-19 Cpl.MNH,CV:$3.55   $0.99 0d 0h -47m -55s

 Pakistan stamps, 1960 Sc# 118-19 Cpl.MH,CV:$3.55   $0.99 0d 0h -47m -32s


 Pakistan stamps, 1960 Sc# 121-22 Cpl.MNH   $0.99 0d 0h -45m -51s

 PAKISTAN 1967 15p multicoloured SG248 mint MNH FG Exports #W4   $1.31 0d 0h -44m -43s

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