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 REUNION (SPM233) Card of 4 x different Blocks 4 NH - All CFA opts   $6.99 0d 0h -4m -47s

 REUNION (SPM226) Card of 15 x CFA opts - singles NH   $9.99 0d 0h -4m -41s

 REUNION (SPM221) SG 411-2 - 1963 Telecomms issue in NH blocks 4   $2.25 0d 0h -4m -37s

 REUNION (SPM220) Card of 35 values between SG 134-171 - No Sg 150 1fr - hinged   $28.50 0d 0h -4m -26s

 Reunion stamps. 1891 French Colonies overstamped used.. (Z488)   $1.38 0d 0h 20m 49s

 Reunion - 1915 Red Cross - Postally used   $1.88 0d 1h 54m 26s

 1809 FRENCH REUNION SC# C40 USED CAT $21   $5.95 0d 2h 50m 33s

 1809 FRENCH REUNION SC# C35-C37 MINT OG NEVER HINGED CAT $19.25   $4.95 0d 2h 50m 33s

 REUNION 1907-1925 SCOTT 60-63, 65-66, 68, 79, 84 POSTAGE STAMPS   $6.99 0d 4h 6m 6s

 France and Colonies Reunion Djibuti LOt Stamps   $2.54 0d 4h 17m 11s

 REUNION 13 different lot   $1.50 0d 4h 35m 9s

 reunion 1943 mnh stamps blocks Ref 9482   $11.15 0d 4h 45m 6s

 reunion stamps ref r9707   $13.94 0d 5h 2m 21s

 reunion early stamp as shown ref 12343   $13.94 0d 5h 7m 38s

 reunion stamps ref r9713   $13.94 0d 5h 15m 28s

 reunion stamps ref r9708   $13.94 0d 5h 21m 43s

 GB Commonwealth Stamps - African areas   $1.38 0d 5h 32m 16s

 1943 French colony stamps, Reunion France Libre 43 MH, full set excl 5c & 40c   $83.60 0d 5h 41m 46s


 1972 French colony stamps, Reunion, full set MNH, SC B40-1   $1.38 0d 5h 45m 20s

 1971 French colony stamps, Reunion, full set MNH, SC B37-8   $1.38 0d 5h 46m 13s

 1967 French colony stamps, Reunion, full set MNH, SC 360-A   $1.38 0d 5h 46m 58s

 1969 French colony stamps, Reunion, full set MNH, SC 367-8   $1.38 0d 5h 47m 36s

 1944 French colony stamps, Reunion, Air full set MH, SC C18-24   $5.56 0d 5h 49m 15s

 reunion stamps ref r9710   $13.94 0d 5h 49m 52s

 reunion stamps ref r9714   $13.94 0d 5h 51m 41s

 1907 French colony stamps, Reunion, full set 8 MH & 8 used, YT 56-71   $13.92 0d 5h 51m 48s

 1946 French colony stamps, Reunion, full set MH, SC C25   $1.38 0d 5h 53m 2s

 1891 French colony stamps, Reunion, 2c on 20c used, SC 31-33   $12.53 0d 5h 55m 2s

 1917 French colony stamps, Reunion, 1c on 4c MNH, SC 107   $2.77 0d 5h 56m 12s

 Reunion Scott 299-309 [ID#431857]   $67.00 0d 6h 12m 24s

 Reunion Scott 55 Mint hinged (Catalog Value $21.00)   $8.00 0d 6h 17m 42s

 reunion stamps ref r9712   $13.94 0d 6h 18m 53s

 reunion stamps ref r9706   $13.94 0d 6h 42m 38s

 saint pierre and reunion mounted mint stamps ref r10510   $8.36 0d 6h 48m 56s

 CFA REUNION Stamp 1961 MOSQUE TLEMCEN Yt351 CFA351   $8.77 0d 6h 57m 9s

 REUNION CFA FRANCE 8F NANCY ON LETTER PE50   $8.77 0d 7h 13m 53s


 REUNION unused Scott 224-225 Free France OG H   $0.39 0d 8h 10m 42s

 Reunion 1943 VF MLH Set of Four   $6.00 0d 8h 37m 55s

 Reunion 1939 VF Mint Lightly Hinged Semi Postals Catalogs $50   $16.00 0d 8h 37m 55s

 Reunion 1946 VF MLH Set of Six Sc# C26-C31   $4.00 0d 8h 37m 56s

 A0883: Reunion Stamp Collection; CV $140+   $24.99 0d 8h 49m 22s

 Item No. T30345 Reunion - Scott # 281-282 - MH   $1.99 0d 9h 3m 48s

 REUNION. 1883 (Feb 27). Stampless cover to Paris with t   $300.00 0d 9h 39m 9s

 REUNION. 1891. 40 c. red + 1 f. bronze green, tied by S   $375.00 0d 9h 41m 7s

 REUNION. 1873. REUNION a FRANCIA. Carta franqueada con   $600.00 0d 9h 42m 3s

 REUNION. Ce.2. 1873 (Jan 10). Local drop letter franked   $675.00 0d 9h 42m 59s

 REUNION 1852, 30 C. black on blue, official re-impression, unused   $97.50 0d 9h 48m 37s

 MINT & USED OLD REUNION STAMPS - HINGED - 1907-1933   $1.80 0d 9h 48m 57s

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