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 SAMOA 1886 - 1900 MOUNTED MINT STAMPS CAT 48 REF 6787   $19.73 0d -1h -55m -57s

 samoa transpacific flight stamps cover ref 12188   $7.89 0d -1h -52m -13s

 Samoa 1886 2s6d Reddish Lilac SG26 P.12.5 W4a Fine Lightly Mtd Mint   $43.01 0d -1h -47m -40s

 Samoa 1928 2s6d Dp Grey-Brown SG166 Cowan P.14.5 x 14 Fine & Fresh Lightly Mtd   $40.38 0d -1h -47m -8s

 PACIFIC ISLANDS SAMOA COOK Mostly Early Issues VFU #   $16.22 0d -1h -42m -4s

 WESTERN SAMOA 1970-71 James Cook, Christmas, Timber, etc As per Scan MINT #   $3.53 0d -1h -42m -1s

 samoa i sisifo mint never hinged stamps ref 16480   $7.89 0d -1h -41m -46s

 SAMOA 1886 MINT NEVER HINGED SHILLING STAMPS CAT 50+ REF 6783   $15.78 0d -1h -40m -10s

 SAMOA First Day Covers 1981 Royal Wedding 1978 25th Anniversary QEII #   $2.81 0d -1h -38m -35s

 samoa unmounted mint with gum margin stamps ref 11638   $13.15 0d -1h -27m -26s

 SAMOA 1896 SG 82a MIXED PERF STAMP MOUNTED MINT CAT 425 REF 6789   $131.53 0d -1h -25m -42s

 Western Samoa cachet cover to New Zealand MS0813   $10.00 0d -1h -21m -40s

 SAMOA 1965 - 1988 ***** 24 USED STAMPS   $3.73 0d -1h -2m -6s

 [BIN732] Samoa 1993 WWF - Wild animals - BATS Good set of 3 MAXI Cards   $3.00 0d 0h -59m -51s

 Western Samoa Used Stamp x1 1952   $1.30 0d 0h -56m -13s

 samoa i sisifo stamps ref r12091   $13.15 0d 0h -55m -13s

 1938 Apia Western Samoa 25 Years Of New Z. Control Of W. Samoa Registered Cover   $44.99 0d 0h -51m -22s

 1970 First Flight Air Mail Cover - American Airlines, Hawaii, Pago Pago Samoa   $4.99 0d 0h -21m -37s

 1979 Samoa 10th Anniversary Of Man On The Moon FDC Complete Set Of 6 in Album   $2.95 0d 0h -12m -35s

 Samoa 1877-80 1d & 2d Values MM   $1.30 0d 0h -8m -35s


 Ceylon, Samoa Postal History Cover   $15.00 0d 0h 2m 23s

 Samoa 1955 NZ opt 1 Postal Fiscal FU CDS   $26.31 0d 0h 9m 4s

 SAMOA BOY SCOUTS & ROYALTY SCOTT #575-78a STAMP SET & SOUVENIR SHEET MNH 1982   $4.95 0d 0h 23m 26s

 Samoa 1st 1958 Legislative Assembly FDC Scott 220-222 To Nokomis, Fla   $4.95 0d 0h 24m 0s

 Germany;Samoa Colony;Royal Yacht;1 mark; sgG16;very fine used;Fagamalo; cat 80+   $31.55 0d 0h 25m 2s

 Germany;Samoa Colony; Royal Yacht; 80pf; sg G15; very fine used; cat 40+   $15.11 0d 0h 25m 2s

 Germany;Samoa Colony;Royal Yacht;2 mark; sgG17;very fine used;Fagamalo;cat 140+   $53.91 0d 0h 25m 3s

 Germany;Samoa Colony;Royal Yacht;80pf; sgG15;very fine used;pmk22/4/14; cat 40+   $15.11 0d 0h 25m 3s

 Germany;Samoa Colony; 5pf & 25pf; sgG8 &g11; fine and very fine used; cat 18+   $6.56 0d 0h 28m 42s

 Germany;Samoa Colony; Royal Yacht; 50pf; sg G14; very fine used; cat 17+   $6.56 0d 0h 31m 52s

 Germany;Samoa Colony; Royal Yacht; 30pf; sg G12; very fine used; cat 14+   $5.25 0d 0h 34m 36s

 Germany;Samoa Colony; Royal Yacht; 25pf; sg G11; very fine used; cat 16+   $6.56 0d 0h 34m 37s

 SAMOA First Day Cover 1983 Fruit to 17 sene Part 1 #   $2.52 0d 0h 45m 53s

 2014 Samoa Year of the Horse Souvenir Sheet   $4.98 0d 0h 46m 55s

 2015 Samoa Year of the Sheep Souvenir Sheet   $6.05 0d 0h 49m 37s

 Samoa 2014 Easter Postage Stamp Souvenir Sheet Issue   $5.76 0d 0h 51m 50s

 2015 Samoa WWF Pacific Tree Boa Snake White Borders Singles Set   $5.09 0d 0h 53m 29s

 SAMOA #470-471 Nice Never Hinged Set - WWF World Wildlife Fund - B0140   $10.29 0d 0h 54m 40s

 Samoa Sc#154-155 M/H/VF, Complete Set, Cv. $30.75   $11.99 0d 0h 54m 42s

 SAMOA First Day Cover 1982 Handicrafts 1982 Fishing Issue #   $2.81 0d 0h 54m 56s

 2015 Samoa WWF Pacific Tree Boa Snake Souvenir Sheet   $5.09 0d 0h 55m 6s

 Samoa Sc#31-38 M+U/H/F-VF, Complete Set, 35+36 No Gum, Cv. $51.25   $11.99 0d 0h 56m 36s

 Samoa Sc#142-153 M+U/H/F-VF, 152-153 No Gum, Cv. $65.75   $19.99 0d 0h 57m 35s

 2015 Samoa WWF Pacific Tree Boa Snake Miniature Sheets Set   $20.35 0d 0h 57m 44s

 SAMOA 1969 SPG Games FDC   $1.80 0d 0h 58m 21s

 Samoa Sc#26-30 M/H/F, 27 No Gum, 29 Dist. Gum, Complete Set, Cv. $78.25   $19.99 0d 0h 58m 41s

 SAMOA First Day Covers 1980 Tattoo Issue 1981 Philatokyo Japan-Samoa #   $2.81 0d 0h 59m 3s

 SC#3389 - 33c American Samoa Plate Block of 4 MNH P#P111 LL   $3.25 0d 1h 5m 4s

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