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 Gambia Gambia Steamer chancel one Senegal Stamps striptease of 3   $53.30 0d 1h 42m 37s

 Sudan 1st Flight Bamako Kayes Tambacounda Kaolack Dakar Senegal November 22nd   $53.30 0d 1h 43m 7s

 [64409] Senegal 1987 Space Travel Weltraum Intelsat MNH   $2.95 0d 3h 14m 24s

 [64177] Senegal 1987 Space Travel Weltraum Gemini 8 Souvenir Sheet MNH   $4.75 0d 3h 14m 25s

 [64407] Senegal 1987 Space Travel Weltraum Gemini 8 MNH   $1.95 0d 3h 14m 31s

 [64494] Senegal 1978 Space Travel Weltraum Apollo 8 Aircraft Souvenir Sheet MNH   $4.25 0d 3h 20m 13s

 [63027] Senegal 2001 Olympic Games Sydney Luxe Sheet on Thick Paper MNH   $39.50 0d 3h 21m 5s

 [55460] Senegal 1972 Olympic Winter Games Sapporo Skating Bobsleigh Skiing MNH   $1.75 0d 3h 23m 24s

 FRANCE Colonies - AFRICA SENEGAL POSTALLY USED COVER LOT (SEN 41)   $4.99 0d 3h 27m 29s

 FRANCE Colonies - AFRICA SENEGAL POSTALLY USED COVER LOT (SEN 41A)   $4.99 0d 3h 28m 49s

 Senegal,1996,Birds,Cartorīs proof,compl.not listed,exist only 3, rare   $99.00 0d 3h 56m 54s

 Senegal,1975,king of Belgium,deluxe proof,not listed,MNH   $9.00 0d 3h 56m 55s

 APO 622 DAKAR, SENEGAL, AFRICA 1943 WWII Army Cover Soldier's Mail   $9.99 0d 4h 16m 11s

 Senegal 45 Used Navigation and Commerce   $7.95 0d 4h 27m 34s

 olympic games Sapporo 1972 x2 FDC Senegal 81072   $6.00 0d 4h 30m 57s

 energy electricity FDC Senegal 74478   $3.00 0d 4h 30m 58s

 shellfish crustacea marine life x2 FDC Senegal 74421   $5.00 0d 4h 31m 0s

 whale swordfish FDC Senegal 74442   $4.00 0d 4h 31m 0s

 medicine health nurse Red Cross FDC Senegal 74417   $4.00 0d 4h 31m 1s

 bird duck national park FDC Senegal 74423   $4.00 0d 4h 31m 1s

 whale shark orca marine mammal FDC Senegal 74443   $4.00 0d 4h 31m 1s

 aviation pioneer Mermoz aircraft pilot seaplane FDC Senegal 74411   $4.00 0d 4h 31m 1s

 medicine biology leprosy disease Hansen Follereau FDC Senegal 74450   $4.00 0d 4h 31m 1s

 medicine malaria Albert Schweitzer Nobel Prize FDC Senegal 74460   $4.00 0d 4h 31m 1s

 olympic games Tokyo 1964 FDC Senegal 74407   $4.00 0d 4h 31m 2s

 gazelle wwf 1986 set of 4 maximum cards Senegal 71807   $6.00 0d 4h 35m 30s


 [E14075] Senegal 1986 WWF Fauna good set of stamps very fine MNH   $1.25 0d 5h 44m 27s

 Marine Life Senegal MNH 4 stamps 1989   $8.00 0d 5h 52m 40s

 GUINEA SG717/8 1970 SENEGAL RIVER MNH   $1.63 0d 6h 20m 40s

 Senegal Scott# 35, 37-39   $1.55 0d 6h 58m 43s

 Senegal 1968 SG#383-6 Olympic Games MNH Set #D35381   $2.59 0d 7h 12m 16s

 SENEGAL - 2 used mount hinged stamps   $1.29 0d 7h 19m 58s

 1892 French colonies SENEGAL 1 c. Sage issue mint*   $0.99 0d 7h 27m 0s

 1900 French colonies SENEGAL 10 c. Sage issue used   $0.99 0d 7h 27m 45s

 1892 French colonies SENEGAL 4 c. Sage issue used   $0.99 0d 7h 27m 45s

 EDW1949SELL : SENEGAL 1994 Scott #1093-97 Animals. Imperf set. Very Fine Mint NH   $17.99 0d 7h 52m 1s

 FLOWERS ON SENEGAL 1988 Scott 798-801 on 4 FDC's   $2.00 0d 7h 55m 57s

 ?? SENEGAL 1974 - DAKAR - SILVER FOIL- MI. 559 ** MNH OG [01.19]   $2.50 0d 8h 18m 24s

 ?? SENEGAL 1976 - CONCORDE AVIATION - SILVER FOIL - ** MNH OG [01.19]   $2.50 0d 8h 18m 24s

 [58954] Senegal 1998 Marine life Fish Fishing MNH   $69.95 0d 8h 22m 43s

 [54042] Senegal 1986 Wild animals Mammals WWF Gazelle MNH   $3.50 0d 8h 22m 45s

 1937 Lome Togo First Flight Cover FFC To Dakar Senegal Aeromaritime Air France   $85.00 0d 8h 49m 22s

 Senegal COLONIAL EXPOSTION ISSUE-SC#138-41(complete set)-SAINT LOUIS 28/SEPT   $85.00 0d 9h 13m 58s

 Senegal Sc#156,#167-DAKAR 8/OCT/38-AIR MAIL TO FRANCE-FOLD-minor wear   $28.00 0d 9h 15m 55s

 French Senegal collection of FORERUNNER cancels Interesting!   $49.99 0d 9h 18m 19s

 French Senegal stamps 1903 YV 26+29 CANC VF   $58.00 0d 9h 18m 20s

 French Senegal stamps ShipCANC s.s.-Amstelkerk on 90c stamps   $35.00 0d 9h 18m 20s

 Senegal Sc#105,#114-ZIGUINCHOR 12/OCT/35-COMMERCIAL USEto GERMANY-   $28.00 0d 9h 24m 50s

 Senegal COLONIAL EXPOSITION ISSUE-Sc#141-HiValue(single frank)-DAKAR 29/SEPT   $100.00 0d 9h 25m 1s

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