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 SEYCHELLES-1892 16c Chestnut & Ultramarine DIE II. A fine mint block of 4 Sg 14   $196.47 0d -1h -33m -15s

 SEYCHELLES-1893 Surcharge Set. A fine used set Sg 15-21   $104.78 0d -1h -32m -9s

 Vintage Registered Letter Envelope with Seychelles Forty Cents Fee Stamp. Unused   $11.78 0d -1h -22m -43s

 1937 KGVI Coronation FDI Cover - Seychelles   $5.52 0d -1h -8m -32s

 XB17995 Seychelles 2003 frogs animals wildlife WWF maxicards used   $1.96 0d -1h -4m -7s

 QEII Seychelles 1972 New Values Stamp Blocks Used Lot-314   $3.60 0d 0h -46m -10s

 SEYCHELLES-1893 12c on 16c INVERTED SURCHARGE. A mounted mint example Sg 16a   $294.71 0d 0h -44m -58s

 SEYCHELLES-1893 3c on 4c DOUBLE SURCHARGE A lightly mounted mint example Sg 15b   $294.71 0d 0h -44m -54s

 Seychelles 1938 GVI 15c, lmm, sg139a chalky fine, cat £28   $6.55 0d 0h -39m -48s

 Seychelles 1938 GVI 12c, mm, sg139 fine, cat £50   $15.72 0d 0h -39m -31s

 Seychelles High Value Stamps 1994 Used Lot-23   $7.53 0d 0h -37m -44s

 Seychelles 1938 GVI 6c, mm, sg137 fine, cat £17   $4.58 0d 0h -37m -25s

 SEYCHELLES--Short Set Scott #125-#128   $4.00 0d 0h -36m -55s

 sarawak & seychelles stamps sheet ref 17775   $7.86 0d 0h -33m -27s

 SEYCHELLES 1938 G.VI - 30c As Described NF957   $13.10 0d 0h -28m -39s

 SEYCHELLES 1938 G.VI - 20c As Described NF958   $9.82 0d 0h -28m -6s

 SEYCHELLES 1941 G.VI - 15c As Described NF959   $7.86 0d 0h -27m -25s

 SEYCHELLES 1938 G.VI - 25c As Described NF960   $8.51 0d 0h -26m -52s

 seychelles mint never hinged birds stamps ref 16779   $7.86 0d 0h -23m -9s

 Seychelles, 1937 Coronation FDC, pmk'd Bay St. Anne, Praslin.   $4.58 0d 0h -21m -23s

 seychelles 1950 stamp cover Ref 8891   $7.86 0d 0h -20m -59s

 Seychelles 1962-65 Stamps on old Album Page M/VFU Stamps Removed for Ship   $13.12 0d 0h -1m -25s

 Seychelles 1939 R-cover Victoria to London   $15.00 0d 0h 1m 14s

 SEYCHELLES 1965 Overprints SG 216-217. Mint Never Hinged Block of Four. (BH329)   $4.58 0d 0h 4m 2s

 Seychelles 1981 Birds 5v strip SG 500/4 MNH   $3.27 0d 0h 8m 18s

 America’s Bicentennial 1976,Seychelles,Souvenir Sheet Sc#379,mnh   $3.99 0d 0h 8m 38s

 XB18248 Seychelles 1996 animals fauna flora birds WWF maxicards used   $2.00 0d 0h 9m 59s

 Seychelles 1977 Silver Jubilee SG 393/400 MNH   $1.30 0d 0h 10m 19s

 SEYCHELLES-1860-3 9d Dull Purple cancelled B64. A fine used example Sg Z10   $111.33 0d 0h 13m 3s

 SEYCHELLES-1863-72 10d Maroon cancelled B64. A very fine used example Sg Z25   $294.71 0d 0h 13m 13s

 SEYCHELLES-1901 3c on 16c Chestnut & Ultramarine "MALFORMED S" VFU Sg 38d   $386.39 0d 0h 13m 18s

 SEYCHELLES-1903 2c Chestnut & Green DENTED FRAME very fine unmounted mint Sg 46a   $144.08 0d 0h 13m 23s

 SEYCHELLES-1906 15c Ultramarine "DENTED FRAME". A very fine used example Sg 64a   $196.47 0d 0h 13m 32s

 SEYCHELLES-1912-16 1r50 Black & Carmine "SPLIT A"A very fine used example Sg 80a   $144.08 0d 0h 13m 50s

 XB18303 Seychelles 2008 animals fauna flora birds WWF maxicards used   $2.35 0d 0h 26m 11s



 Seychelles 1902 KEVII Surcharges set complete VF used. SG 41-45. Sc 33-37.   $196.47 0d 0h 44m 12s

 Seychelles 1976 SG357 1v Mtd/Used French Sail Warship-First Settlers 1770   $0.65 0d 1h 0m 39s

 Seychelles 1969 SG266 1v of set NHM Exiled Ashanti King Prempeh   $0.65 0d 1h 0m 40s

 Seychelles Scott #23 Mint   $8.40 0d 1h 1m 22s

 Seychelles Scott #1a Mint Die I   $2.55 0d 1h 1m 26s

 SEYCHELLES 1938-49 6c GREEN WITH 'RETOUCH' ABOVE '6' SG 137ac MINT.   $32.75 0d 1h 11m 4s

 SEYCHELLES-USED-SCOTT #87-1.50rupee-violet&blue/blue-wtmk3-George5th-cv$57.50   $8.99 0d 1h 18m 7s

 Seychelles 1890 QV set complete very fine used. SG 1-8.   $144.08 0d 1h 19m 4s

 Seychelles - 1969, near full set - high cat. val.   $3.92 0d 1h 34m 41s

 SEYCHELLES 1912 KG V 2c to R2.25 SG 77 - 81 Sc 63 - 73 wmk MCCA set 11 MLH/MH   $22.50 0d 1h 51m 36s

 Seychelles 1938 GVI 9 Cents SG 138 used   $1.96 0d 1h 51m 57s

 SEYCHELLES 1921 KG V 2c to R5 SG 98 - 123 Sc 91 - 114 wmk MSCA set 24 MLH/MH   $58.87 0d 1h 52m 59s

 zil eloigne sesel seychelles large stamps cover ref r15825   $7.86 0d 2h 3m 21s

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