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 SINGAPORE 1953 CORONATION issue on FDC mailed to SOUTHAMPTON UK POSB cancel   $11.90 0d -1h -59m -2s

 (K16-46) 1998 AU FDC 4stamps joint issue Australia& Singapore (A)   $2.12 0d -1h -57m -2s

 AVIATION :1992 ROYAL AIR FORCES ASSOCIATION -Fall of Singapore-signed   $10.61 0d -1h -56m -58s

 Singapore 1959 New Constitution set Sc# 43-48 mint   $2.95 0d -1h -53m -48s

 1985 Singapore Insects part Set SG: 491 - 499 good Value ( lot 437)   $2.82 0d -1h -51m -44s

 SINGAPORE 1948 - 52 KGV1 4ct BROWN USED STAMP SG 19.(D19 )   $0.71 0d -1h -41m -6s

 Commonwealth Island Singapore one stock sheet mix collection stamps   $2.76 0d -1h -38m -50s

 SINGAPORE MNH 2009 SG1831-35 Greetings Stamps - Let's Celebrate   $4.95 0d -1h -31m -31s

 Singapore KGVI 1952 8c green SG21a G-FU   $1.77 0d -1h -27m -23s

 SINGAPORE MNH 2011 SG1960-61 Spirit of Giving   $4.25 0d -1h -24m -47s

 Singapore KGVI 1952 12c scarlet SG22a GU   $1.77 0d -1h -22m -57s

 Singapore KGVI 1948 40c red & purple SG11 GU   $1.77 0d -1h -18m -49s

 Singapore 1963-67 Commemoratives Mint Never Hinged   $2.12 0d -1h -14m -33s

 Singapore Nice Lot Higher Values ( lot 341 )   $2.83 0d -1h -13m -46s

 Singapore FDC Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 1971   $4.99 0d -1h -7m -3s

 Singapore 2012 MNH FDC Giant Pandas Special Collector's Pack Set Sheet Cover   $49.51 0d -1h -6m -43s

 Singapore 1991 Orchids SG 653/4 MNH   $6.01 0d 0h -59m -16s

 SINGAPORE = 1949/52 G6 (p17.5/18) 6c Grey. SG21. MNH. UNMOUNTED MINT.   $1.77 0d 0h -58m -13s

 Singapore 1967 Commemorative block of 4 Mint Never Hinged   $2.83 0d 0h -55m -31s

 Singapore 1962 National Day set on First Day Cover, Singapore N cancel   $4.25 0d 0h -54m -43s

 Singapore 1968 National Day set on First Day Cover, Thompson Road   $1.70 0d 0h -54m -38s

 Singapore 1963 Cultural Festival on First Day Cover, Singapore V cancel   $2.12 0d 0h -54m -38s

 Singapore 1969 New Definitives 1c & 4c on First Day Cover, Keppel Harbour   $5.10 0d 0h -54m -38s

 Singapore 1958 New Definitives on First Day Cover, unaddressed   $4.25 0d 0h -54m -38s

 SINGAPORE = 1949/52 G6 (p17.5/18) 10c Purple. SG22. MOUNTED MINT.   $1.40 0d 0h -53m -30s

 SINGAPORE FISH definitives 1962-66. MLH. Harrison printing   $2.75 0d 0h -50m -13s

 Singapore Stamp 1969 On Air Mail Envelope to Regent Street London   $2.82 0d 0h -49m -29s

 SINGAPORE = 1949/52 G6 (p17.5/18) 20c Bright Blue. SG24a. UNMOUNTED MINT. MNH.   $7.08 0d 0h -48m -54s

 Singapore 1998 Festivals sheet of 20 s/adh SG 967 MNH   $6.72 0d 0h -47m -35s

 SINGAPORE = 1949/52 G6 (p17.5/18) 35c Scarlet & Purple. SG25a. MOUNTED MINT.   $4.95 0d 0h -46m -36s

 SINGAPORE = 1949/52 G6 (p17.5/18) 50c Black & Blue. SG27. MOUNTED MINT.   $4.60 0d 0h -44m -57s

 SINGAPORE 1962 - 66 QE2 20 ct BUTTERFLY FISH USED STAMP SG 71. (E932 )   $0.71 0d 0h -42m -51s



 Singapore High Value Used Stamps Ref: R5435   $8.49 0d 0h -41m -19s

 SINGAPORE SCOTT#21/22 MINT NH FULL ORIGINAL GUM   $119.93 0d 0h -40m -47s

 1955 - Singapore Malaya $1Stamp of Raffles Statue Used   $1.06 0d 0h -35m -33s

 (br2494) Pope, Singapore   $1.50 0d 0h -32m -49s

 (br2499) Pope, Singapore   $1.50 0d 0h -32m -48s

 Singapore 2011 2nd Local Pond Life 1v SG 1968 MNH   $1.40 0d 0h -32m -28s

 Singapore, 1962, 9 Jul., Post Card, "Dear Doctor", to USA   $8.00 0d 0h -29m -51s

 NEW ZEALAND 2015 Australia Singapore Expo Joint Issue miniature sheet, UM.   $3.68 0d 0h -19m -7s

 (945169) Architecture, Joint Issue, Belgium - Singapore   $3.75 0d 0h -15m -43s

 Singapore FDC Stamps 2003 - Singapore Police Force   $8.27 0d 0h -14m -27s

 Singapore FDC Stamps 2006 - Undersea World   $8.19 0d 0h -14m -27s

 Singapore FDC Stamps 2007 - NS40   $8.66 0d 0h -14m -27s

 Singapore FDC Stamps 2002 - Toys   $7.17 0d 0h -14m -27s

 Singapore FDC Stamps 1998 - Historical Buildings   $7.57 0d 0h -14m -27s

 Singapore FDC Stamps 1998 - Festivals   $6.73 0d 0h -14m -27s

 Singapore FDC Stamps 1998 - Songbirds   $8.17 0d 0h -14m -27s

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