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 Swaziland 1983 Alfred Nobel SG 436/9 MNH   $6.89 0d -1h -56m -32s

 SWAZILAND.... 1962 2r flower mnh.... Msinsi in flower   $7.34 0d 0h 7m 17s

 [#2] Swaziland Stamps Winston Churchill Used Lot Year 1966   $1.40 0d 0h 53m 58s

 [#11] Swaziland Used Stamp Victory Year 1945   $1.40 0d 0h 55m 2s

 [#12] Swaziland Used Stamp QEII Coronation Year 1953   $1.40 0d 0h 56m 9s

 [#15] Swaziland Used Stamp 1d Coronation Year 1937   $1.40 0d 0h 57m 17s

 Swaziland 1938 SG 28-38 MLH VF   $49.00 0d 0h 58m 53s

 Swaziland 1985 Life & Times of Queen Mother Miniature Sheet MNH SG MS490   $1.29 0d 1h 5m 59s

 SWAZILAND 1968-95 Beautiful Birds on 4 Pages U/M NF111   $39.01 0d 2h 8m 36s

 Y6015 Swaziland First day cover Independence 1968 Mbabane   $6.50 0d 2h 21m 2s

 Swaziland 1982 SG#393-396 Butterflies Wmk Crown To Right Of CA MNH Set #D58695   $5.19 0d 2h 51m 59s

 Swaziland 1971 SG#D13-D15 Postage Dues MNH Set Wmk Upright #D58713   $1.29 0d 2h 51m 59s

 Swaziland 1977 SG#D16-D18 Postage Dues MNH Block Set Wmk Sideways #D58715   $8.45 0d 2h 51m 59s

 Swaziland 1971 SG#D13-D15 Postage Dues MNH Block Set Wmk Upright #D58714   $5.19 0d 2h 51m 59s

 Swaziland 1977 Revenue Stamps x 5 MNH #D58719   $25.99 0d 2h 52m 0s

 (U28-1) 1930s to 70s SWAZILAND mix of 47 stamps value to E1 (A)   $3.82 0d 3h 16m 40s

 Swaziland 1962 SC 92-107 MH Set   $19.50 0d 3h 20m 47s

 [64283] Swaziland 1983 Space Travel Weltraum Columbia From Sheet MNH   $1.50 0d 3h 22m 18s

 C/W Mixed GVI MM. Cat app £500 Turks & Caicos Is, Leeward Is, Swaziland, etc   $123.52 0d 3h 24m 9s

 [46540] Swaziland 1983 Sports Soccer Football Tottenham Hotspur MNH Sheet   $1.95 0d 3h 26m 52s

 Swaziland - 1938 - KG VI Definitives - Set to 1/- value - Mounted Mint   $12.35 0d 4h 16m 52s

 Swaziland - 1977 Silver Jubilee - Un-mounted mint Cylinder blocks of four   $2.28 0d 4h 16m 53s

 tanganyika & swaziland stamps sheet ref 17768   $7.80 0d 4h 20m 59s

 Swaziland 1889/1902 Transvaal overprinted 8 values to 5s mint   $280.00 0d 4h 27m 2s

 SWAZILAND: (16973) PIGGS PEAK postmark/cancel   $10.40 0d 4h 51m 40s

 Swaziland 1961 Sc# 71 Courting couple overpr pair MNH   $1.99 0d 6h 1m 21s

 UPU Issues from Malaya-Perlis,Nigeria, Singapore,Swaziland.MLH but Swaziland MNH   $16.99 0d 6h 20m 54s

 SWAZILAND SG592a 1997 65h BIRTHDAY OF QUEEN ELIZABETH MNH   $2.15 0d 7h 3m 5s

 SWAZILAND SG 28/35 1938 GVI PERF 12 1/2 x 13 SET TO 1/- FINE MOUNTED MINT   $28.59 0d 7h 12m 48s

 SWAZILAND 1970 Revenues As Described NF912   $32.51 0d 7h 28m 34s

 SWAZILAND, set WWF/WNF MNH 2001, oribi klipspringer   $3.00 0d 7h 33m 55s

 Swaziland 1981 Royal Wedding GUTTER PAIRS SG 376/8 MNH   $2.59 0d 7h 42m 50s

 Swaziland 1938 5s Grey SG37 Fine Lightly Mtd Mint   $39.85 0d 7h 51m 46s

 SWAZILAND 1938 KG V 1/2d to 10s SG 28-38 28a-38a Sc 27-37 P13.5x13+P13.5xP14 MNH   $428.00 0d 8h 7m 39s

 SWAZILAND 1962 1c 2.5c 3.5c 4c 5c SG 91w 93w 94w 95w 96w wmk inverted MNH   $28.00 0d 8h 7m 39s

 SWAZILAND 1938 KG V 1/2d to 10s SG 28 - 38 Sc 27 - 37 P13.5 x P 13 set 11 MNH   $188.00 0d 8h 7m 39s

 Swaziland: 4 Stamps Collection / Mixture   $1.29 0d 8h 15m 36s

 Swaziland - 1987 White Rhinoceros (WWF) - U/M - SG 529-532   $13.00 0d 8h 26m 42s

 SWAZILAND GV1 1d POST CARD UNUSED H&G#4 (SEE BELOW   $23.00 0d 8h 36m 16s

 Swaziland SC436-439 100thAnniv.BirthOfAlfredNobel-A.Schweizer-A.Einstein-etc.'83   $12.50 0d 8h 36m 44s

 Swaziland DiamondJubileeOfKingSubhuzaII MNH 1981   $2.25 0d 8h 39m 57s

 SWAZILAND Diane & Charles Royal Wedding 1981 25c Souvenir Sheet MNH   $0.99 0d 8h 45m 0s

 Swaziland SC307-312 10thAnniv.OfIndepenence-KingsRegiment-DefenceForce MNH 1978   $2.30 0d 8h 49m 54s

 Swaziland 1943-44 2/6d x 2 Shades Mint Cat£59   $10.40 0d 8h 53m 54s

 Swaziland SC485-488 GirlGuides-Recreation-BridgeBuilding-Youth Year MNH 1985   $2.00 0d 8h 55m 38s

 Swaziland SC490-494 Queen Elizabeth II-60th Birthday MNH 1986   $1.75 0d 8h 59m 31s

 SWAZILAND 1945 VICTORY WITH 'BARBED WIRE' FLAW CW S4a MNH.   $17.55 0d 9h 4m 57s

 Swaziland SC481-484 ClassicAutos-BuickTourer-FordCylindeRover-ModelTFord etc.'85   $5.25 0d 9h 9m 23s

 Swaziland SC523-526 Flowers:BlueMoon-Danse de feu-Odin&Lillivium david MNH1987   $11.00 0d 9h 14m 15s

 STAMPS SWAZILAND MNH** (F109221)   $20.00 0d 9h 16m 16s

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