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 Taiwan Insects set 1958 MNH Mi 282-287 WS220985   $18.00 0d 0h -54m -25s

 CHINA TAIWAN Sc#4248-51 2015 Victory over Japan 70th Anniversary MNH   $2.50 0d 0h -44m -50s

 CHINA TAIWAN Sc#1885-6 1974 International Olympic Committee 80th Anniversary MNH   $4.00 0d 0h -43m -38s

 CHINA TAIWAN Sc#1905-6 1974 World Fair MNH   $3.00 0d 0h -43m -3s

 CHINA TAIWAN Sc#1327-30 1961 Industry MNH   $25.00 0d 0h -33m -41s

 CHINA TAIWAN Sc#1334-5 1961 Telecommunications MNH   $5.00 0d 0h -33m -4s

 TAIWAN (SA888) Card of 14 x 1955-58 values - Hinges left on - unused   $5.52 0d 0h -27m -29s

 Taiwan stamp-2009-50th anniversary of Barbie personalized stamps   $39.99 0d 0h -18m -59s

 * CHINA - Philatelic Bulletin - Taipei Taiwan 1964   $18.00 0d 0h -16m -12s

 * CHINA - Taipei Taiwan - 50th National Day, Commemorative Stamp 1961   $20.00 0d 0h -15m -52s

 * CHINA - Taipei Taiwan - Philatelic Bulletin, Tsai Yuan Pei Postage Stamp 1966   $16.00 0d 0h -15m -30s

 CHINA TAIWAN 1992 MS2065 U/M NB73   $6.66 0d 0h -9m -33s

 CHINA TAIWAN Sc#3031-2 1995 WWII End 50th Anniv. MNH   $4.00 0d 0h 0m -16s

 CHINA TAIWAN Sc#3032a S/S 1995 WWII End 50th Anniv., CKS, FDR, Churchill MNH   $5.00 0d 0h 0m 19s

 CHINA TAIWAN Sc#1157-62 1957 Map MNH   $20.00 0d 0h 6m 5s

 CHINA TAIWAN Sc#3008-9 1995 Taiwan Univ. Hospital MNH   $3.50 0d 0h 9m 44s

 Fdc - taiwan - 18 th july 1959 - fine Used Condition - Lot 78   $1.30 0d 0h 11m 10s

 Taiwan 2012 - birds, Owls of Taiwan , Stamp set MNH   $2.96 0d 0h 15m 19s

 Taiwan Stamp(3402-3403)-2002-?287(829)-50th Anniversary Fu Hsing Kang College   $1.99 0d 0h 25m 12s

 CHINA TAIWAN Sc#1422-3 1964 Animal Protection Week MNH   $10.00 0d 0h 30m 4s

 CHINA TAIWAN Sc#3505 S/S 2003 Dragonflies MNH   $5.00 0d 0h 30m 35s

 China Taiwan Stamp-1968-?124(197)-20th Anniversary of Execution of Contitution   $4.99 0d 0h 32m 28s

 Taiwan 1954 Sc. B14-16 Relief Fund for Chinese Refugees from North Vietnam, MINT   $199.00 0d 0h 38m 33s

 $45 R.O. CHINA Taiwan 1967 Birds stamps set, MINT, Scott #1526-31   $11.25 0d 0h 42m 54s

 Z08 IMPERFORATED MOZ15127a MOZAMBIQUE 2015 Taiwan Blue Magpie MNH Mint   $26.08 0d 0h 51m 51s

 Z08 IMPERFORATED GB15324a GUINEA-BISSAU 2015 Birds of Taiwan - TAIPEI 2015 MNH   $26.08 0d 0h 52m 16s

 CHINA TAIWAN Sc#3146-9 Blk 4 1997 Journey to the West MNH   $16.00 0d 0h 52m 19s

 China Taiwan Stamp(4257-4260)--2015-?628-Corals of Postage Stamps- (II)   $1.59 0d 1h 10m 45s

 China Taiwan 1959 ICFTU - FDC   $20.00 0d 1h 13m 29s

 Taiwan Stamp(4095-4099)-2013?586-QingDynasty Embroidery Peacock Birds stamps F/S   $49.99 0d 1h 14m 48s

 Taiwan Stamp(SC2765-2768)-1991-?289(585)-lucky stamps-MNH   $1.42 0d 1h 17m 45s

 China Taiwan Stamp-2006-?494-Whale Dolphins stamps-S/S-MNH-Series 2 (II)   $2.49 0d 1h 22m 56s

 Scarce! Taiwan 2013 Chiang Soong Mayling Portrait Stamps Full Sheet MNH ????   $99.88 0d 1h 28m 4s

 China 2008-14 Development on the West Side of the Taiwan Straits ???? 4v mnh   $1.50 0d 1h 28m 57s

 China Taiwan Stamp-2014-New Year's Greeting Postage Stamps- S/S   $0.99 0d 1h 32m 45s

 Taiwan Stamp(2659a-d)-1988-?261(546)-old paintings Stamps Ming Shen Zhou Lushan   $8.99 0d 1h 35m 37s

 Taiwan Stamp(SC3966-3967)-2010-?318(1038)-Taipei Flower Exposition-S/S-MNH   $5.99 0d 1h 40m 16s

 China Taiwan Stamp-2014-New Year's Greeting Postage Stamps- MNH   $0.99 0d 1h 42m 23s

 China Taiwan Stamp(SC4090b)-2013-?584(1091)-Valentine’s Day -Full S/S-MNH   $5.99 0d 1h 42m 32s

 Taiwan Stamp(3818)-2008-?312-1895Taiwanese democratic country tiger stamps-MNH   $2.49 0d 1h 45m 6s

 Taiwan Stamps(3091a)-1996-?261(708)10th Asian International Exhibition-S/S-MNH   $2.37 0d 1h 49m 4s

 CHINA 2005-3 Mini S/S Historical Sites in Taiwan stamp   $4.50 0d 2h 4m 46s

 Taiwan Stamp-1979-?150-Ancient Chinese Painting-English describe Folder+stamps   $12.99 0d 2h 6m 20s

 Taiwan Stamp-1979-?157-Ancient Chinese Paintings-English describe Folder+stamps   $15.99 0d 2h 10m 37s

 China Taiwan 2016 Famous Church Architecture in Taiwan ?? Stamps   $1.80 0d 2h 13m 35s

 Taiwan Stamp-2010-?549-Xiangshan nine paintings-English describe Folder+stamps   $5.99 0d 2h 14m 0s

 Taiwan Stamp-1986-?232-China Paintings Pu Hsin–yu-English describe Folder+stamps   $9.99 0d 2h 16m 58s

 Taiwan Stamp-1976-?159-U.S.A. Bicentennial 200Y -English describe Folder+stamps   $4.99 0d 2h 20m 54s

 Taiwan Stamp-1990-?279-China Poetry- Yueh Fu-English describe Folder+stamps   $7.99 0d 2h 27m 53s

 China Taiwan 1979 Death Cent Rowland Hill SG1267 2 bar SPECIMEN - MNH   $1.32 0d 2h 34m 33s

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