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 Togo 1984 WWF Manetees Marine Life Animal Mammals Fauna 4 FDCs Set # W17   $5.00 0d -1h -59m -42s

 Togo 1894-999 Military Uniforms Mint NH   $2.11 0d -1h -43m -22s

 Togo 1023-28, 1028A Year of the Child Mint NH   $1.24 0d -1h -43m -19s

 Togo 1882 A-F Classic Automobiles Mint NH   $2.11 0d -1h -43m -19s

 French TOGO 1941 Complete series of 3 mint stamps*. Protection of ind...(4156)   $3.05 0d -1h -42m -18s

 Togo 1856-61 Minerals Mint NH   $2.11 0d -1h -40m -48s

 Togo 1861B-G Butterflies Mint NH   $1.89 0d -1h -40m -47s

 Togo 1911H-M Trains Mint NH   $2.11 0d -1h -39m -48s

 Togo 1905-10 Sailing Ships Mint NH   $2.11 0d -1h -38m -47s

 Togo 1882H-M Birds Mint NH   $2.11 0d -1h -37m -12s

 Togo 1911O-T Orchids Mint NH   $2.44 0d -1h -37m -11s

 Togo 1883-85AB Mint NH   $2.11 0d -1h -37m -10s

 Togo 1764-69 Fish Mint NH   $4.06 0d -1h -37m -10s

 Togo 1938A-F Mushrooms Mint NH   $2.11 0d -1h -37m -9s

 Togo 1911A-F Dogs Mint NH   $2.11 0d -1h -37m -7s

 Togo 1784-9 used bird stamps   $2.57 0d -1h -33m -11s

 Togo 1712 Mint NH Insects   $1.79 0d -1h -32m -30s

 Togo 1695-1701 Mint NH Olympic Stamps   $4.19 0d -1h -32m -29s

 Togo 1713-19 Mint NH Soccer Stamps   $4.23 0d -1h -32m -27s

 Togo 2016 National Birds Animals of Azerbaijan Chile Horse Bhutan S/S TG16408a   $11.00 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2016 Dinosaurs Prehistoric Animals S/S TG15603   $11.80 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2016 Primates Monkeys S/S 16210   $9.20 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2016 Cats S/S 16203   $9.20 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2017 Dogs S/S TG17403   $8.80 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2016 Russia Trains Railway S/S TG16509   $11.00 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2016 Elvis Presley Music Legend Motorcycle S/S FDC TG15606a   $16.80 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2016 Fishes Fish S/S TG15609   $9.20 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2016 Mushroom Food S/S 16213   $9.20 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2016 Dolphins Fishes S/S TG16506   $11.00 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2016 National Birds Animals of Sweden Uganda Belarus Hungary S/S TG16413a   $11.00 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2016 Sea Shells S/S 16219   $11.20 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2016 Royal Mail 500th Aniv Letter Box S/S TG16104   $9.20 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2016 Freddie Mercury Legend Queen Hectics Sour Milk Sea S/S TG16111   $11.80 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2016 ICCP Right Martin Luther Malala Pakistan Nobel Peace Prize S/S 303   $9.20 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2016 Princess Charlotte 1st Aniv Kate William Royal Family S/S FDC TG16314   $15.20 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2016 Elvis Presley Music Legend S/S TG15606b   $9.20 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2016 National Birds Animals of Greece Owls S/S TG16411b   $10.20 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2016 Cannes Festival Cinema Vincent Lindon S/S TG16106a   $11.80 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2017 Ludwig Van Beethoven 190th Aniv Germany Music Composer S/S TG17213   $9.95 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2016 WWF Orchids S/S TG16423   $9.20 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2017 Prince William 35th Aniv Kate William S/S TG17411   $8.80 0d -1h -29m -50s

 Togo 2017 Minerals Mining S/S TG17401   $8.80 0d -1h -29m -49s

 Togo 2016 Elvis Presley Music Legend S/S TG16304   $9.20 0d -1h -29m -49s

 Togo 2013 Prehistoric Animals Dinosaurs MS+S/S 315   $18.50 0d -1h -28m -48s

 Togo 2016 Scouts Scouting Baden Powell Mushroom Minerals MS+S/S 613   $21.00 0d -1h -28m -48s

 Togo 2014 Mushrooms Flora MS+S/S Set TG14215   $18.50 0d -1h -28m -47s

 Togo 2012 Charles Darwin Death Dinosaur Frog Microscope Monkey Fish MS+S/S 223   $16.20 0d -1h -28m -47s

 Togo 2016 History of Chess Russia Fischer Magnus Carlsen Norway MS+S/S TG15601   $21.00 0d -1h -28m -47s

 Togo 2015 Lighthouse of World MS+S/S TG15311   $21.50 0d -1h -28m -47s

 Togo 2015 Honey Bees Honeybee Apiculture Food MS+S/S TG15318   $22.00 0d -1h -28m -47s

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