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 Vatican 1951 YV Airmail 20-21 MLH VF   $180.00 0d -1h -41m -37s

 Vatican 1949 YV Airmail 18-19 MLH VF   $90.00 0d -1h -41m -34s

 Vatican 1948 YV Airmail 16-17 MLH VF   $300.00 0d -1h -41m -31s

 Vatican C35-44 MNH Architecture, Obelisks   $2.25 0d -1h -14m -40s

 Vatican 495-9 FDC Pope Paul VI vist to the Far East, Sydney cachet   $3.45 0d -1h -14m -40s

 Vatican 520a MNH Art, Map of Venice, Ship   $2.30 0d -1h -14m -40s

 Vatican 1939 YV 85A-85G MNH VF   $90.00 0d -1h -13m -12s

 Vatican City 1950 #141 Palatine Guard - Used   $2.80 0d 0h -57m -59s

 (T4-83) 1988 Vatican 5set pope’s journey MUH   $21.54 0d 0h -55m -47s

 (T4-100) 1987 Vatican 5set Olympic PHILEX 87 MUH   $10.77 0d 0h -55m -19s

 (T4-96) 1978 Vatican 3set air &telecom day MUH   $10.05 0d 0h -55m -1s

 (T4-63) 1976 Vatican 3set air mail MUH   $8.62 0d 0h -54m -15s

 (T4-77) 1988 Vatican strip of 3 John Bosco Death anni   $7.18 0d 0h -53m -53s

 (T4-73) 1987 Vatican 3000l Lithuanian shrine MUH   $7.18 0d 0h -53m -42s

 (T4-67)1982 Vatican 3strip death anniversary LucaRobbia   $7.18 0d 0h -53m -22s

 (T4-74) 1982 Vatican 3set Gregorian calendar MUH   $2.87 0d 0h -49m -36s

 (T4-78) 1981 Vatican 2set death bimillenary MUH   $2.15 0d 0h -48m -23s

 (T4-75) 1981 Vatican 2set St Magnus death anniversary   $2.15 0d 0h -47m -30s

 (T4-72) 1982 Vatican 2set Agnes of Prague MUH   $2.15 0d 0h -46m -19s

 (T4-70) 1979 Vatican 3set year of the child (B)MUH   $2.15 0d 0h -45m -51s

 Vatican Stamps Ref: R7424   $7.89 0d 0h -45m -21s

 (T4-27) 1967 Vatican 2set Laity congress MUH   $1.44 0d 0h -44m -43s

 (T4-80) 1986 Vatican 2set feasts of all saints MUH   $1.44 0d 0h -39m -31s

 Vatican Stamps Ref: R7423   $7.89 0d 0h -25m -6s

 vatican used stamps and stamps sheet for collectors ref r12284   $13.15 0d 0h -15m -33s

 Vatican City, C22-23, MNH, Catalog value $47.45. (2443   $5.50 0d 0h -9m 0s

 Vatican 585-7 MNH Mt Argentario Monestry, St Paul of the Cross   $1.05 0d 0h 7m 36s

 Vatican 1935 Lawyer Cong.,Raphael Frescoes,Emperor Justinian,M.45,MLH,CV=$1100   $145.00 0d 0h 8m 12s

 Vatican 1063-4 MNH Feasts of Saints Peter & Paul, EUROPA   $1.70 0d 0h 9m 43s

 VATICAN CITY PAPAL STATE 10c REF 112048   $197.29 0d 0h 38m 11s

 VATICAN CITY PAPAL STATE 5c REF 1120482   $98.64 0d 0h 39m 19s

 Romania 2005, Pope Ioan Paul II, FDC, Vatican,Catholic,Poland,church,cross   $4.00 0d 0h 53m 49s


 Vatican stamps 1934 YV 60-65 MLH VF   $950.00 0d 1h 3m 46s

 Vatican stamps 1948 YV Airmail 16-17 MLH VF   $280.00 0d 1h 3m 46s

 VATICAN CITY - 1999 - Michel # 1284-1288 - MNH - Complete - C4370   $2.50 0d 1h 6m 16s

 VATICAN CITY - 2001 - Michel # 1381-1385 - MNH - Complete set - C4408   $3.25 0d 1h 6m 16s

 VATICAN CITY - 2002 - Michel # 1421-1423 - MNH - Complete set - C4401   $3.00 0d 1h 6m 16s

 Vatican stamps 1951 YV Airmail 20-21 MLH VF   $175.00 0d 1h 9m 46s

 VATICAN CITY - 1992 - Michel # 1051-1055 Complete - MNH - Columbus -C4325   $3.50 0d 1h 20m 8s

 Lot 29252 Collection stamps of Vatican 1929-1988.   $1,459.00 0d 1h 32m 3s

 Vatican Stamp Collection ca 1957 -1983   $115.00 0d 1h 40m 42s

 Vatican covers 1869 10c folded letter Roma to Viterbo   $35.00 0d 2h 5m 17s

 Vatican covers 1857 5Baj folded letter Bologna to Firenze   $40.00 0d 2h 5m 17s

 Vatican covers 1855 1Baj folded letter St.Line Bologna Legation Seal   $40.00 0d 2h 5m 17s

 Vatican covers 1863 3Baj cover Roma to Bertinoro   $40.00 0d 2h 5m 17s

 Pope Francis Religion Vatican Politics Guinea-Bissau MNH stamp set   $15.30 0d 2h 14m 4s

 Vatican 1968 Air Set MNH   $1.30 0d 2h 21m 57s

 First day of issue 1966 Vatican Pavilion, NY World's Fair Pius XII dual-franked   $1.90 0d 2h 22m 8s

 Stamps Vatican Lot# B211   $1.00 0d 2h 42m 39s

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