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 Yugoslavia 1948 Balkan Games Set of 3 - Unmounted Mint MNH   $1.32 0d -1h -48m 0s

 530 Yugoslavia - Macedonia 1988 Red Cross, MC (3) black seal   $2.95 0d -1h -46m -32s

 509 Yugoslavia - Macedonia 1991 Red Cross, MC + FDC black seal   $4.95 0d -1h -44m -48s

 Yugoslavia early mixed selection, incl.Serbia, Slovenia, Red Cross, Alexander   $4.61 0d -1h -27m -42s

 1986 Ameripex '86 FDC/FDI and Stamp Sheet Set of Yugoslavia Honor Folk Costumes   $14.40 0d -1h -25m -54s

 Yugoslavia 1918 MI Due 3 DOUBLE Ovpt MLH VF   $40.00 0d 0h -59m -35s

 Yugoslavia 1921 MI Due 53I-61I VF   $125.00 0d 0h -59m -35s

 Yugoslavia 1921 MI Due 53II-61II MLH VF   $199.00 0d 0h -59m -35s

 Yugoslavia 1918 MI Due 1-13 without 5 INVERTED Ovpts MLH VF   $125.00 0d 0h -59m -35s

 Yugoslavia 1928 MI Due 62-63 TypeI+II in Pairs CANC VF   $27.00 0d 0h -59m -35s

 Yugoslavia 1918 MI Due 30 marginpiece CANC VF   $65.00 0d 0h -59m -35s

 Yugoslavia 1918 MI Due 30 MLH VF   $60.00 0d 0h -59m -35s

 YUGOSLAVIA,1935,registred priority postal stationery,BEOGRAD   $20.00 0d 0h -52m -34s

 yugoslavia 1928 stamps page ref 17532   $10.54 0d 0h -47m -6s

 yugoslavia 1935 stamps page ref 17536   $10.54 0d 0h -47m -3s

 YUGOSLAVIA,1950 registred priority cover,SLAVONSKI BROD   $28.00 0d 0h -45m -58s

 YUGOSLAVIA,1939 ship,FDC cover,Split registred JADRANSKA STRAZA   $25.00 0d 0h -41m -30s

 YUGOSLAVIA,3/8 din,partisan flag,nice missplaced ovpt,MNH a   $10.00 0d 0h 0m 27s

 YUGOSLAVIA,3/8 din,partisan flag,nice missplaced ovpt bloc of 4 error,MNH   $35.00 0d 0h 6m 41s

 YUGOSLAVIA, 2003,nature protection set in sheets,MNH   $20.00 0d 0h 12m 17s

 Sweden,cover to ship S/S Vojvoda Putnik (Yugoslavia),Great Britain,and Chile   $40.00 0d 0h 13m 52s


 YUGOSLAVIA,3/8 din,partisan,ofset ovpt,MNH   $10.00 0d 0h 16m 58s


 Yugoslavia Vujna Porto Mi#11/18 1952 MNH **   $8.00 0d 0h 24m 2s

 Yugoslavia covers 1952 MI 704-706 R-Airmailcover Zagreb   $25.00 0d 0h 26m 59s

 Yugoslavia covers 1923 uprated Moneyorder to Uzice   $60.00 0d 0h 26m 59s

 Yugoslavia stamps 1952 MI 704-706 MNH VF   $16.00 0d 0h 26m 59s

 YUGOSLAVIA,3/12 din,partisan,nice missplaced ovpt,MNH   $14.00 0d 0h 28m 47s

 YUGOSLAVIA,2 din,TITO,nice error MNH a   $14.00 0d 0h 32m 2s

 CROATIA,WW II,Yugoslavia,inverted colors sheets set,MNH   $500.00 0d 0h 53m 31s

 1980 United Nations Flags of the Nations Yugoslavia FDC Unadressed VGC   $2.96 0d 1h 0m 59s

 Yugoslavia COMPLETE YEAR SET 46 stamps 1950 MNH **   $89.00 0d 1h 4m 48s

 Yugoslavia fauna-birds 1967 MNH **   $3.00 0d 1h 9m 3s

 Yugoslavia fauna-50 years since veterinary Medicine 1969 MNH **   $1.50 0d 1h 10m 45s

 YUGOSLAVIA 1949 REGISTERED COVER NICE   $9.99 0d 1h 11m 58s

 Yugoslavia Kingdom King Petar I xxxx series Mi#212/221 1928 USED   $15.00 0d 1h 14m 22s

 YUGOSLAVIA JUGOSLAWIEN 1991 Complete Year Set Issues +BONUS ** MNH ** PERFECT **   $4.99 0d 1h 14m 39s

 2012 KOSOVO-OLYMPIC GAMES-LONDON-GB-UK-BLOCK (MNH)-PRIVATE ISSUE! yugoslavia J1   $8.00 0d 1h 14m 44s

 R 2000 Edinburgh June 1938 uprated KGV pc with KGVI 1/2d green stamp Yugoslavia   $6.59 0d 1h 14m 46s

 Yugoslavia 1983 POSTCARD UNPOSTED MY REF 760   $0.99 0d 1h 22m 24s

 2012 KOSOVO-WWF-BUTTERFLY-BLOCK (MNH)-PRIVATE ISSUE! albania serbia yugoslavia J   $4.20 0d 1h 23m 4s

 2012 KOSOVO-RUSSIA-BLOCK (MNH)-PRIVATE ISSUE! yugoslavia flag tanks moscow J   $4.80 0d 1h 25m 1s

 2003 MONTENEGRO - BLOCK (MNH) - PRIVATE ISSUE! yugoslavia crna gora art J   $4.00 0d 1h 27m 41s

 Yugoslavia stamp Europa CEPT set MNH 1999 Mi 2910-2911 WS220135   $12.00 0d 1h 33m 35s

 Yugoslavia stamp Nature protection set MNH 1999 Mi 2912-2913 WS220137   $6.00 0d 1h 33m 42s

 Yugoslavia BOSNIA ,SHS,10 h plate error 918 instead 1918 on right ,hinged   $10.00 0d 1h 33m 45s

 2014 KOSOVO-BLOCK (MNH)-PRIVATE ISSUE-FOOTBALL-SOCCER-BRAZIL! yugoslavia usa J   $4.80 0d 1h 38m 21s

 YUGOSLAVIA, 1990 red cross charity stamps nice accumulation 10 sets MNH   $30.00 0d 1h 41m 0s

 Yugoslavia Stamps Ref 14189   $7.90 0d 1h 41m 42s

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