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 Central African Republic Scott #454-456 MNH Zimbabwe Independence Ann Map CV$4+   $2.10 0d 1h 41m 59s

 1987 ZIMBABWE - 75TH ANNIVERSARY OF GIRL GUIDES - MUH - J32   $5.00 0d 2h 32m 0s

 1997 Zimbabwe #770-773 Complete Mint Never Hinged Set of 4 Bovines   $0.80 0d 3h 24m 33s

 7 ZIMBABWE FDCs & 2 REGISTERED DEFINITIVES 1980, POSB 1980, I Y D P (2)   $1.40 0d 3h 50m 42s

 ZIMBABWE. pack A93   $0.42 0d 6h 52m 34s

 Zimbabwe 1980 SG#MS601 Post Office Savings Bank MNH M/S #D50872   $1.38 0d 8h 46m 55s

 Zimbabwe 1982 SG#620-1 Dr. Robert Koch Discovery MNH Set #D50885   $1.38 0d 11h 16m 30s

 [67037] Zimbabwe 1996 Flora Flowers Blumen Trees MNH   $3.50 0d 11h 21m 40s

 [67035] Zimbabwe Rhodesia 1976 Flora Flowers Blumen Butterfly MNH   $2.95 0d 11h 21m 41s

 [67034] Zimbabwe Rhodesia 1976 Flora Flowers Blumen Butterfly Overprint MNH   $1.50 0d 11h 21m 42s

 [67030] Zimbabwe Rhodesia 1966 Flora Flowers Birds Cattle Fish MNH   $10.95 0d 11h 21m 42s

 [67038] Zimbabwe 1989 Flora Flowers Blumen MNH   $3.50 0d 11h 21m 42s

 [67036] Zimbabwe 1993 Flora Flowers Blumen Orchids MNH   $5.95 0d 11h 21m 42s

 [67033] Zimbabwe Southern Rhodesia 1953 Flora Flowers Blumen From Set MNH   $2.50 0d 11h 21m 43s

 Zimbabwe 1982 SG#616-9 Boy Scout Movement MNH Set #D50883   $1.38 0d 11h 24m 27s


 Zimbabwe 1984 SG#636-8 Int. Trade Fair MNH Set #D50882   $1.38 0d 12h 3m 18s

 Zimbabwe 1991 Victoria Falls/Waterfalls/Caves/Nature/Dam/Rainbow 6v set (n29957)   $9.71 0d 13h 25m 19s

 LH76130 Zimbabwe animals fauna flora birds fine lot MNH   $1.85 0d 13h 56m 3s

 LH76131 Zimbabwe insects bugs flora butterflies fine lot MNH   $2.39 0d 13h 56m 10s

 LH76132 Zimbabwe insects bugs flora butterflies good sheet MNH   $8.25 0d 13h 56m 16s

 Zimbabwe stamp Medicinal and useful plants block MNH 2003 Mi 11 WS160789   $12.00 0d 15h 32m 59s

 Zimbabwe stamp Medicinal and useful plants block MNH 2003 Mi 11 WS160790   $12.00 0d 15h 33m 3s

 ZIMBABWE 1980 Post Office Savings Bank 75th Anniversary Set SG 597 to SG 600 MNH   $2.79 0d 15h 56m 51s

 ZIMBABWE 26 STAMPS CV 38 FLORA /FAUNA ** MNH VF   $7.00 0d 16h 21m 18s

 NICE LOT OF GREAT ZIMBABWE STAMPS LOT 23   $1.49 0d 16h 21m 47s

 Zimbabwe Stamps FDC x 2 Railway Birds   $5.87 0d 16h 46m 28s

 zimbabwe 1989 Sc 578/81 set MNH, j29   $3.00 0d 18h 15m 42s

 ZIMBABWE 1980 General Issue Part Set of 1vs in Block of 15 FU Cat 2.25 (17E)   $0.31 0d 19h 4m 22s

 Zimbabwe 1987 Child Survival Campaign SG 706/9 MNH   $2.78 0d 19h 8m 45s

 Zimbabwe 1989 Endangered Species Pl.Blks SG 762/7 MNH   $24.44 0d 19h 12m 26s

 Zimbabwe 2005 #976-85 birds definitives 10v. MNH I306   $62.97 0d 20h 10m 36s

 Zimbabwe & Rhodesia 6 + 1FD Covers PTC/ Animals/ Instruments/Mushrooms/Goverment   $25.10 0d 20h 19m 18s

 RV26c H.M. The Queen to Zimbabwe Signed by T. Elworthy & N.E.L Beresford   $2.79 0d 20h 37m 52s

 Africa Zimbabwe mint/used 1980-5 Southern Rhodesia 1953-77 Rhodesia ** 3 scans**   $2.01 0d 20h 45m 22s

 Zimbabwe Rhodesia 1980 Olympic Games, Moscow SG 596 (2 stamps) (MNH) 313   $1.68 0d 21h 2m 30s

 Zimbabwe 556-559, MNH, Insects Beetles 1988. x28020   $3.50 0d 21h 10m 29s

 Zimbabwe 1986 Moths PLATE BOCKS SG 694/7 MNH   $7.68 0d 21h 41m 39s

 Zimbabwe 1988 Anniv.of National Gallery SG 728/33 MNH   $1.75 0d 21h 42m 1s

 ZIMBABWE to SOUTH AFRICA modern air cover   $8.00 0d 21h 42m 53s

 Zimbabwe 1986 Centenary of Motoring SG 700/5 MNH   $2.44 0d 22h 3m 20s

 Zimbabwe 1988 Insects SG 724/7 MNH   $2.78 0d 22h 25m 0s

 Zimbabwe 1989 Endangered Species SG 762/7 MNH   $5.57 0d 23h 12m 19s

 Zimbabwe 1990 Anniv.of Independence SG 786/91 MNH   $2.44 0d 23h 53m 34s

 O7008 Zimbabwe commercial air cover to UK, 1998; solo $7.40 beekeeping stamp   $6.98 0d 23h 54m 5s

 Stamps 6 British Colonies Tonga/ Zimbabwe (21 Used,+3 Mint) SCV$5.59   $1.05 1d 0h 5m 34s

 1980 P. T. C. Zimbabwe. First Definitive Fdc.   $6.98 1d 0h 12m 50s

 1995-98 Zimbabwe SC #736-795 used Pictorial sets RURAL LIFE Animals Insects   $12.80 1d 1h 3m 37s

 Y6066 Zimbabwe first day cover olympic games Moscow 1980   $6.98 1d 1h 11m 49s

 Zimbabwe Tobacco Plants stamp 1985   $2.99 1d 1h 21m 52s

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