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 UNITED STATES Back of Book STAMPS Assorted Revenues..,to $5   $5.22 0d -1h -59m -14s

 Brazil WWII Censored Registered Cover Franked with #567 Rio to NYC 3/25/1944   $12.00 0d -1h -59m -13s

 GABON SOUVENIR SHEET #C104 (NH) FROM 1970   $4.99 0d -1h -59m -13s

 CHINA 1999-6 Beauty Putuo stamp Mountain architecture   $1.99 0d -1h -59m -12s

 NORTH BORNEO 2c FINE USED   $3.02 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1880 UX5 Cheese and Creamery ad card Little Falls New York   $5.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 c1890 Grundy County National Bank Iowa Ad envelope   $5.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1911 UX20 Motor Boat Magazine ad card to Sweden   $7.50 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1875 UX3 Marine National Bank of New York City ad card   $5.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1922 Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania to Switzerland flag cancel, 22 points   $4.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 c1965 Wisconsin Dells Indian Maiden ad on meter envelope   $7.50 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1915 Richmond Maine Fraternities Ad envelope   $6.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1881 UX5 Washington DC Art Club ad card   $4.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 c1880 Boston Massachusetts Piano Organ Music Ad envelope   $4.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1884 UX7 Elmira New York hardware glass paint ad card   $5.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1942 Life Savers Candy Port Chester NY ad on meter envelope   $7.50 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1900 Orwell Pennsylvania Handstamp flag cancel, NEW YEAR OF USE   $37.50 0d -1h -59m -11s

 c1880 Rochester New York - Hotel Brunswick Ad envelope   $4.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1905 Elkhart Indiana – Texas Oklahoma Oil Ad envelope   $4.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1930 Bedford Massachusetts flag cancel, 28 points   $4.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1955 Pan American World Airways System ad on meter envelope   $10.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1933 Sc C18 Zeppelin MNH VF plate no. single CV $223   $163.50 0d -1h -59m -11s

 c1920 Neosho Missouri precancel on cover Neosho Nurseries   $12.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1890s Corinthian Yacht Club of Marblehead Massachusetts Ad envelope   $5.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1894 Lynn Massachusetts machinery Ad envelope   $4.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1874 UX3 National Bank of Chambersburg Pennsylvania ad card   $5.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1940 University of New Hampshire President ad on meter envelope   $6.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1888 UX9 Pacific Grove fancy cancel on card   $5.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1875 UX3 National Bank of Great Barrington Massachusetts ad card   $5.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1932 UX27 Children’s Shop of Syracuse New York ad card - B   $5.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 c1920s UY7r VFW Wheelchair Project Wooster Ohio ad card - A   $7.50 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1901 Edison Electric Illuminating Co of Boston Ad envelope   $6.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1924 Glenwood Springs Colorado flag cancel, 30 points Hotel Denver   $4.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1958 Toyland train ad on Hartford CT meter envelope   $10.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1899 Babbitt Baking Powder of New York Ad envelope -B   $5.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1903 Scranton Pennsylvania Correspondence School Ad envelope   $7.50 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1895 UX12 chicken & poultry dealer Freeport Illinois ad card   $6.00 0d -1h -59m -10s

 1899 Babbitt Baking Powder of New York Ad envelope -A   $5.00 0d -1h -59m -10s

 c1880 Louisville & Indianapolis Railroad Line Ad envelope   $6.00 0d -1h -59m -10s

 1892 Pleasant Plain Iowa Undertaking Ad envelope   $5.00 0d -1h -59m -10s

 1893 First National Bank of Charter Oak Iowa Ad envelope   $4.00 0d -1h -59m -10s

 1958 Minnesota State Centennial Paper Co ad on meter envelope   $10.00 0d -1h -59m -10s

 1898 Boston Massachusetts ovate star field flag cancel, 17 points   $4.00 0d -1h -59m -10s

 1955 Eastern Air Lines ad on meter envelope   $10.00 0d -1h -59m -10s

 1894 Wernersville Pennsylvania fancy cancel   $5.00 0d -1h -59m -10s

 1888 Poor organization of Provincetown Massachusetts Ad envelope   $6.00 0d -1h -59m -10s

 c1960 Saint Francis South Dakota precancel on cover   $7.50 0d -1h -59m -10s

 c1888 #212 Chicago Illinois American Art Co Ad envelope   $4.00 0d -1h -59m -10s

 1954 National Airlines ad on meter envelope   $10.00 0d -1h -59m -10s

 1904 Allegheny Pennsylvania glass & Mirror Ad envelope   $4.00 0d -1h -59m -10s

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