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 2013 US Scott# 4791-95b NE Lighthouses - Plate Strip of 5 - IMPERF No Die Cuts   $7.69 0d -1h -59m -59s

 WW 2 Germany Gross Rosen Concentration Camp Cancel Postcard of Russian Tank KZ   $81.00 0d -1h -59m -58s

 St Pierre and Miquelon 1942 Complete set 14 new stamps*&** France Free (3719)   $14.20 0d -1h -59m -56s

 MAURITANIE 1976 100um Zeppelin MS FINE USED   $4.43 0d -1h -59m -56s

 MIH.172 -Romania Essay, 1930-1931, Of The"King Carol II" ,Signed   $12.95 0d -1h -59m -55s

 Australia 1903, 2d Green SG D24 Mint Never Hinged   $35.61 0d -1h -59m -54s

 44 all different used stamps from Netherlands Indies - see scan   $1.38 0d -1h -59m -51s

 U.S. WWII patriotic cover /plowshares/swords/black /seal (#787)   $11.95 0d -1h -59m -51s

 PORTUGAL 1867-70 80r KL FU SG 61   $70.00 0d -1h -59m -47s

 PORTUGAL 1867-70 25r KL FU P12 1/2 SG 58   $2.99 0d -1h -59m -47s

 PORTUGAL 1875-84 10r YELLOW GREEN KL FU P13 SG 106   $24.99 0d -1h -59m -47s

 PORTUGAL 1870-84 1000r BLACK KL FU P12 1/2 SG 101   $75.00 0d -1h -59m -47s

 United Nations 1985 Vienna C#50 Ship of Peace MNH   $1.00 0d -1h -59m -47s

 Finland 1956 Stamp exhibition "FINLANDIA" Unused   $2.00 0d -1h -59m -47s

 PORTUGAL 1867-70 80r KL FU P12 1/2 SG 61   $55.00 0d -1h -59m -47s

 PORTUGAL 1870-84 150r BLUE KL FU P12 1/2 SG 95   $80.00 0d -1h -59m -47s

 PORTUGAL 1870-84 25r CARMINE KL GU P12 1/2 SG 79   $3.00 0d -1h -59m -47s

 PORTUGAL 1867 25r PALE ROSE KL FU P12 1/2 SG 57   $5.99 0d -1h -59m -47s

 PORTUGAL 1870-84 120r BLUE KL FU P12 1/2 SG 94   $55.00 0d -1h -59m -47s

 U.S. WWII patriotic cover /plowshares/swords/black (#786)   $9.95 0d -1h -59m -47s

 (RR30) 1952 GB 1d, 1d, 1d & 2d QEII 4 stamps W/M INV   $6.53 0d -1h -59m -42s

 Uruguay stamp set MNH FAUNA bovine yvert air 284 - 290 Michel 1036 - 42   $3.90 0d -1h -59m -42s

 TURKEY Sc#1154-7 1955 National Flower Show, Istanbul MNH   $3.00 0d -1h -59m -41s

 RUSSIA 1973 Sc # 4087-4090, 4091 Universiad, Moscow, MNH   $0.79 0d -1h -59m -40s

 U.S. WWII patriotic cover /plowshares/swords/black (#784)   $9.95 0d -1h -59m -40s

 Finland #608-09 MNH Europa set 1978 cv $16   $5.00 0d -1h -59m -39s

 U.S. WWII patriotic cover /plowshares/swords/black (#783)   $9.95 0d -1h -59m -37s

 (RR31) 1952 GB d orange QEII pair W/M Inverted   $4.35 0d -1h -59m -35s

 Finland #679-80 MNH Europa set 1983 cv $11   $3.00 0d -1h -59m -35s

 U.S. WWII patriotic cover /plowshares/swords/black (#782)   $9.95 0d -1h -59m -33s

 Finland #927 MNH S/S Opera House 1993 cv $7   $3.00 0d -1h -59m -31s

 U.S. WWII patriotic cover /plowshares/swords/black (#781)   $9.95 0d -1h -59m -29s

 #C23a TOP RIGHT; BLK/4 WITH MAJOR PERF SHIFT ERROR "EAGLE" BN7182   $399.00 0d -1h -59m -28s

 Serbia 19th Century 18 diff stamps hi val selection cv $70   $16.00 0d -1h -59m -27s

 CHINA 1945 Truck Parcels $5000 MHR Sc Q4 #61222   $170.00 0d -1h -59m -25s

 U.S. WWII patriotic cover /pllowshares/swords/red (#779)   $9.95 0d -1h -59m -25s

 Finland #B2-4 used Red Cross Flag set cv $76.50   $16.00 0d -1h -59m -24s

 1943 Mexico DF to Buenos Aires Argentina Censored Airmail cover Horr & Chorena   $31.50 0d -1h -59m -19s

 NEW ZEALAND 1941 9d Maori Panel -mult wmk-p14x15- SG631-Cat 20+FU Block   $10.29 0d -1h -59m -18s

 1990 Metropolis PSE - Rundle Mall SA APM20110 Pictorial Postmark on FDI Cover   $1.19 0d -1h -59m -15s

 Paraguay Stamp S/S MNH SPACE Scott 1716 Michel bl 294   $18.00 0d -1h -59m -12s

 Italy 1874 Stampless Official Letter Lucca Internal Revenue Office to Grosseto   $15.00 0d -1h -59m -11s

 Argentina Scott 1, 3 (1858) Mint H F-VF, CV $18.50   $12.95 0d -1h -59m -11s

 GB62) GB 1884 2d Lilac SG 189 fresh mint lightly hinged   $74.77 0d -1h -59m -11s

 1965 5c Settlement of Florida 400th Anniversary Scott 1271 Mint F/VF NH   $0.99 0d -1h -59m -10s


 AUSTRALIA 2017 - TRANS AUSTRALIA RAILWAY Centenary MINISHEET MNH   $2.61 0d -1h -58m -52s

 1966 50c William Dampier Navigator Explorer Australia Used Lot x 32   $8.16 0d -1h -58m -51s

 CANADA Canadian 2c postage stamp corner block MNH Queen Elizabeth QE II B   $2.99 0d -1h -58m -50s

 AUSTRALIA 1953-55 M&U Collection on Illustrated Page, Page not included   $10.21 0d -1h -58m -49s

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