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 1940 Pan Am Clipper Cover- Midway Island Gooney Bird Cachet - Honolulu Pmk   $357.50 0d 3h 30m 12s


 NAVY #1504 Midway Island (Operating Base) Naval Cover 1944 Censored WWII NAS   $9.99 2d 5h 29m 18s

 Cover: 1935, Midway Island-San Fran, CA, 20c Postage due (21196)   $124.95 3d 21h 42m 35s

 1941, Midway Island Pacific Naval Air Base Contractor's Cover,   $80.00 4d 1h 16m 17s

 MIDWAY ISLAND 20 July 1941 Square & Compass Club Cover Pmk 3rd Defense Batallion   $10.00 4d 22h 13m 46s

 Transport 30c, last pre-war clipper flight to Midway Island Nov. 24, 1941   $675.00 5d 7h 1m 36s

 Canada 10c, 20c clipper airmail to Midway Island, Jul. 1941   $375.00 5d 7h 1m 40s

 Pan American Clipper 1st Flt Hong Kong to Midway Island, 1937, Pilot signed   $750.00 5d 7h 1m 42s

 Naval 12/05/41, Sixth Defense Bat. Fleet Marine Force, Midway Island [E258568]   $3.99 6d 4h 16m 50s

 1940 USA Gooney Bird Cachet Midway Island Pacific US ENgineers to Sausalito   $239.99 6d 10h 53m 0s

 Midway Island 6th Defense Battalion pre-war Cover with C24 & Gooney Bird Cachet   $174.95 8d 5h 19m 53s

 U395 Cut Square used from Midway Island, 1909   $99.95 8d 8h 46m 37s

 332 used on piece from Midway Island, 1910   $74.95 8d 9h 1m 35s

 MIDWAY Island Commemorative Pacific Naval Air Station AIRFIELD ENVELOPE Navy   $13.31 9d 21h 2m 48s

 Prexie 5c(2), 3rd Defense Battalion Midway Island, First Day cancel, 1940   $100.00 10d 12h 30m 13s

 1941 USA Gooney Bird Cachet Midway Island Pacific to San Francisco CA   $300.00 10d 14h 47m 59s

 1941 USA Gooney Bird Cachet Midway Island Pacific to Memphis TN w Letter   $300.00 10d 14h 47m 59s

 1940s USA Gooney Bird Cachet Midway Island Pacific to SAn Francisco CA   $300.00 10d 14h 48m 0s

 Cover: 1940, US Engineers Midway Island, See Remark (15799)   $124.95 24d 20h 51m 2s

 Cover: Mass Navy Flight to Midway Island, AAMC 1234, 1935, See Remark (N4090)   $174.95 24d 20h 52m 15s

 Cover: Midway Island to Los Angles, CA, Feb 3, 1941 See Remark (N4116)   $249.95 24d 20h 52m 36s

 Midway Island "Midway Det.3rd Def.Bat.Fleet-Mar.Force-Midway Islands-Sc#C24   $225.00 25d 8h 36m 3s

 Hawaii: Midway Island 1935 Cover, 48 Airships Mass Flight, Pearl Harbor Cancel   $75.00 27d 2h 19m 6s

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