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 Vintage 1981 St Kitts First Day Cover - Military Uniforms   $1.84 0d -1h -57m -49s

 Vintage 1981 St Kitts First Day Cover - Christmas   $1.84 0d -1h -57m -49s

 2x Vintage 1983 St Kitts First Day Covers - Military Uniforms Part II   $1.84 0d -1h -56m -2s

 St Christopher 1884 4d on 6d Green SG22 Fine Used   $36.44 0d -1h -45m -45s

 St KItts 1920 10s Green & Red-Green SG35 Fine Used   $36.44 0d -1h -45m -35s

 st christopher nevis anguilla stamps sheet ref 17777   $7.89 0d -1h -43m -6s

 St Christopher 1886 1d on 6d Green SG24 Fine Used   $36.44 0d -1h -42m -25s

 St KItts 1920 2s6d Grey & Red-Blue SG33 V.F.U   $36.44 0d -1h -42m -22s

 St.Kitts & Nevis 1938 Sg 72, 21/2d Ultramarine, Mounted Mint [317]   $3.95 0d -1h -39m -55s

 Luxembourg 1952 Cover Scott 273 Mondrf-Les-Bains Fete St Christophe   $5.94 0d -1h -27m -31s

 FRANCE CHRISTOPHE 1 FOOTBALL JERSEY YELLOW CPA Postcard Maximum yt 1710   $5.92 0d -1h -26m -38s

 St Kitts Nevis Saint Christopher 30 plus stamps mnh, mh and used.   $1.30 0d -1h -6m -36s

 St Kitts Nevis 8 different to 1/- MH   $34.13 0d -1h -4m -15s

 st kitts nevis mounted mint and used stamps on album page ref r9071   $65.77 0d 0h -40m -22s

 RED CROSS 50TH ANNIVERSARY ON ST KITTS 1992 Scott 337-340, MNH   $3.85 0d 0h -36m -49s

 QEII 1977 Silver Jubilee MNH Stamp Set St Christopher Nevis Anguilla   $2.56 0d 0h -33m -6s

 St Kitts 1993 75th Anniversary of the RAF, No 111 Sqn flown & signed cover   $3.95 0d 0h -22m -28s

 1992 Netherlands Antilles First Day Cover - Christopher Columbus, Ships   $3.99 0d 0h -20m -38s

 St Kitts and Nevis POSTAL CARD-HG:1-uprated SG#37-ST KITTS 12/MR/27-TO USA   $45.00 0d 0h -15m -11s

 1981 Royal Wedding MNH MS's, Sets etc Inc St Kitts, Guyana, Aitutaki, St Vincent   $16.44 0d 0h -7m -55s

 St Kitts & Nevis 1946 Victory BLOCKS 4 SG 78/9 MNH   $5.25 0d 0h 6m 11s

 ST. KITTS BOY GIRL SCOUTS SCOTT #82-85 SPECIMEN STAMP SET MNH & FDC 1981   $15.96 0d 0h 29m 37s

 ST. KITTS BOY SCOUTS SCOTT #82-85 99-101 SETS & 108-11 SPECIMEN STAMP SET MNH   $15.96 0d 0h 29m 37s


 ST. KITTS BOY & GIRL SCOUTS SCOTT #364-65 STAMP SET MNH 1993   $3.96 0d 0h 29m 39s

 ST KITTS : 2001 Caribbean Flora & Fauna sheetlets + M/sheets SG579-608+MS609 MNH   $38.80 0d 0h 36m 33s

 St Kitts-Nevis 1938-50 5/- Grey-Green & Scarlet SG 77 (Mint)   $34.20 0d 0h 39m 24s

 ST KITTS : 2001 25th Anniversary of Mao Tse-tung set + M/S SG617-9+MS620 MNH   $9.21 0d 0h 40m 15s

 ST KITTS : 2001 75th Anniversary of Death of Monet set + M/S SG621-4+MS625 MNH   $10.52 0d 0h 43m 15s

 St.Christopher 1972 Royal Silver Wedding Anniversary MNH   $0.99 0d 0h 44m 6s

 ST KITTS : 2006 80th Birthday of QEII set + M/S SG854-7+MS858 MNH   $9.86 0d 0h 46m 24s

 ST KITTS : 2001 Centenary of Death of QV set+M/S SG612-5+MS616 MNH   $9.86 0d 0h 50m 9s

 ST KITTS : 2001 Centenary of Death of Verdi set+M/S SG631-4+MS635 MNH   $11.18 0d 0h 52m 43s

 St Kitts Nevis 1943 5s Grey-Grn Scarlet SG77a Chalk Paper P.14 Fine Lightly Mtd   $84.18 0d 0h 53m 8s

 ST KITTS : 2001 75th Birthday of QEII set + M/S SG626-9+MS630 MNH   $9.86 0d 0h 54m 52s

 ST.KITTS & NEVIS; 1921-29 early GV issue fine Mint hinged 3d. value   $1.97 0d 1h 42m 23s

 ST.KITTS & NEVIS; 1920-22 early GV issue fine used 1d. value   $1.97 0d 1h 44m 23s

 ST KITTS 1984 SG 155W MNH Cat 15   $11.84 0d 1h 48m 56s

 st.kitts 1980 ships,set MNH Sc 38/43 l1380   $1.80 0d 2h 3m 58s

 St Christopher Nevis Anguilla 15c air letter sheet   $1.99 0d 2h 5m 17s

 St Christopher Nevis Anguilla 5c air letter sheet   $1.99 0d 2h 8m 11s

 ST KITTS : 2002 500th Anniversary of Vespucci set +MS SG714-6 +MS717 MNH   $9.86 0d 2h 15m 36s

 ST KITTS : 2002 International Year of Mountains set +MS SG704-7 +MS708 MNH   $9.86 0d 2h 18m 12s

 St Kitts - Nevis 1946 KGVI Victory Omnibus Set MM   $1.32 0d 2h 18m 49s

 ST KITTS : 2002 World Scout Jamboree,Thailand set +MS SG709-12 +MS713 MNH   $9.86 0d 2h 21m 21s

 ST KITTS : 2003 Centenary of the Teddy Bear MS(2) SG732-3 MNH   $9.86 0d 2h 24m 1s

 ST KITTS : 2002 75th Anniversary of first Solo Transatlantic Flight SGMS720 MNH   $8.55 0d 2h 26m 46s

 St Kitts Caribbean MNH (2) Sets Sc# 223-6 and 249-52 (D)   $2.99 0d 2h 27m 5s

 St Kitts Caribbean (4) Different MLH Sets   $3.99 0d 2h 27m 5s

 St Kitts Caribbean MNH (2) Sets Sc# 257-58 and 230-33 (E)   $2.99 0d 2h 27m 5s

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