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 US Mid-West Advertising Cover (J C Potts, Druggist & Jeweler) 1885 Belleville,   $7.00 0d -1h -59m -29s

 united states special delivery mm+used stamps ref 11503   $7.89 0d -1h -59m -27s

 US Mid-Atlantic Advertising Cover (Rochester Free Academy) 1888 Rochester, NY   $6.00 0d -1h -59m -12s

 SCOTT # 1701 Christmas Issue United States U.S. Stamps MNH - Margin Block of 4   $3.00 0d -1h -59m -4s

 1875 US Postal Card Postal History Troy, Ohio UX3 WHH Dye Bankers blue cancel   $4.99 0d -1h -58m -58s

 US 3632 37c UNITED STATES FLAG WITH CARTOON CANCEL 2002 USED 7079   $3.59 0d -1h -58m -56s

 US RICE #729 3c CENTURY OF PROGRESS IMPERF BLOCK OF 4 FDC   $9.95 0d -1h -58m -48s

 US Mid-Atlantic Advertising Cover (US Hotel) 1902 Saratoga Springs, New York   $6.00 0d -1h -58m -33s

 Vintage 1958 US Rate Change First Day of Issue Cover   $1.84 0d -1h -58m -31s

 US Mid-Atlantic Stationery Cover 1885 Benton Centre, New York to Parkesburg, Pa   $7.00 0d -1h -58m -29s

 US Stamp Scott #673 4c Nebraska Overprint MINT OG H CV $17 #S221   $7.50 0d -1h -58m -8s

 UNITED STATES mix of 56 fine used stamps. (2 scans)   $1.80 0d -1h -57m -41s

 united states cigarette revenue tax stamps ref 12626   $13.15 0d -1h -57m -39s

 united states special delivery mm+ used stamps ref 11505   $7.89 0d -1h -57m -27s

 UNITED STATES 35c Airmail (Curtise) Block of 6 MUH   $3.96 0d -1h -57m -23s

 US #4742 {46c}Rosa Parks, MNH, (PCB-1)   $0.99 0d -1h -57m -17s

 US Mid-Atlantic Advertising Cover (Monongahela House, Pittsburgh) 1899 NYC   $5.00 0d -1h -57m -14s

 +US Seal-American Stamp Album - B&W -New-1847-2016-PAGES ONLY   $170.07 0d -1h -57m -6s

 1960s Bermuda cover group to US   $8.00 0d -1h -57m -1s

 1970s Cote D'Ivoire Ivory Coast cover group to US   $11.00 0d -1h -57m -1s

 1970s Trinidad & Tobago cover group to US   $11.00 0d -1h -57m -1s

 1960s-70s Japan cover group to US   $8.00 0d -1h -57m 0s

 1960s-70s Libya cover group to US   $8.00 0d -1h -57m 0s

 1960s-70s Philippines cover group to US   $8.00 0d -1h -57m 0s

 1960s-70s Jamaica cover group to US   $8.00 0d -1h -57m 0s

 1960s-70s Egypt cover group to US   $8.00 0d -1h -57m 0s

 united states 1940's infantry stamps cover ref 13288   $7.89 0d -1h -57m 0s

 1960s-70s Ireland cover group to US   $11.00 0d -1h -57m 0s

 1960s-70s Bahamas cover group to US   $11.00 0d -1h -57m 0s

 US Mid-Atlantic Advertising Cover (State Normal School) 1906 Geneseo, New York   $6.00 0d -1h -56m -38s


 Mr 37 US Airmail Scott C22 50 Cent Carmine MNH   $10.99 0d -1h -56m -27s

 US Advertising Cover with Great Cancel (F W Bird & Son) 1909 East Walpole,   $5.00 0d -1h -56m -27s

 united states 1940 the dramatic publishing company stamps cover ref 21090   $7.89 0d -1h -55m -51s

 SCOTT # 1701 Christmas Issue United States U.S. Stamps MNH - Plate Block of 4   $3.50 0d -1h -55m -44s

 united states mint never hinged stamps ref 16323   $7.89 0d -1h -55m -37s

 UNITED STATES 8c Copernicus Plate 34105 Block of 4 MUH   $2.81 0d -1h -55m -17s

 UNITED STATES THE CHASE NATIAL BANK 1881 CHEQUE .REF 1140   $7.89 0d -1h -55m -15s

 united states 1927 stamped envelope cover ref 21103   $7.89 0d -1h -55m -1s

 United States #RB4 Used   $7.00 0d -1h -54m -56s

 united states commemoratives 1935/36 stamps page ref 18267   $13.15 0d -1h -54m -28s

 WPPhil US Duck Stamps Scott #RW11   $0.99 0d -1h -54m -25s

 United States Stamps Ref 14345   $7.89 0d -1h -54m -22s

 US COMMEMORATIVE Postage Stamps Famous Women Collection   $2.49 0d -1h -54m -14s

 united states 1971 booklet pane stamps cover ref 20025   $7.89 0d -1h -54m -11s

 United States #RB2 Used   $5.25 0d -1h -54m -8s

 united states 1929 U.S.S. Charles Ausburn cancel to N.Y. stamps cover ref 21433   $7.89 0d -1h -54m -5s

 US STAMP, #1373, California Bicentennial 1769-1969 (Sheet Of 50, MNH/OG)   $9.85 0d -1h -54m -5s

 US 8 cent Postage stamps Tom Sawyer   $0.99 0d -1h -53m -58s

 united states of america 1940s stamps page ref 18124   $7.89 0d -1h -53m -54s

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