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 COLLINS HAND PAINTED 1937 Battle of Yorktown N401   $10.01 0d -1h -57m -51s

 5528 GB Lot of 4 Used Stamp Packs   $0.75 0d -1h -57m -47s

 1989 Norfolk Island Mutiny on the Bounty MUH Mini Sheet   $6.24 0d -1h -57m -46s


 AUSTRALIA 200 AUSTRALIAN TREES - SHEET STAMPS - SCOTT 2412 TO 2416 - USED   $1.12 0d -1h -57m -42s

 Stamps 1875-80 Greece 1 lepta deep brown large Hermes head SG67a perf block of 4   $165.23 0d -1h -57m -42s

 East Germany DDR 1962 Russian Space Flight minisheet, commemorative cancel   $20.55 0d -1h -57m -41s

 Investiture 1968 Philart Cover - Caernarvon Special Postmark   $2.93 0d -1h -57m -39s

 Australia 2016 Jewel Beetles Self Adhesive Block of 4 Stamps   $5.87 0d -1h -57m -38s

 Germany 1885 postcard, Naumburg A.S. to Greiz   $1.46 0d -1h -57m -37s

 US #2110 22 Jerome Kern UR Plate Block MNH   $1.47 0d -1h -57m -35s

 5529 GB Lot of 4 Used Stamp Packs   $0.75 0d -1h -57m -35s

 1908 IJPO Japan Postcard cover Port Arthur Artillery Guns   $76.50 0d -1h -57m -34s

 1 1946 SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION U.S. FIRST DAY COVER #fdc323   $3.99 0d -1h -57m -32s

 France cover - 1863 Marseille to Carmagnola (IT) - Fresh   $125.00 0d -1h -57m -31s

 Vanuatu 2006 Fish Giant Grouper 4v strip SG 983 MNH   $4.55 0d -1h -57m -31s

 USA : 2001-02, 04. Scott #JDS9-10, 12 P/Bs. Junior Duck stamps. Fresh & VF MNH   $239.99 0d -1h -57m -25s

 East Germany DDR 1966 Aquarium Fish set CTO on piece, commemorative pmk   $2.20 0d -1h -57m -23s

 5530 GB Lot of 4 Used Stamp Packs   $0.75 0d -1h -57m -21s

 Germany 1885 postcard, Netzschkau to Greiz   $1.46 0d -1h -57m -19s

 CANADA 2017 Booklet BK669 #2997a, Formula 1 in Canada, Grand Prix #2993-2997 MNH   $9.21 0d -1h -57m -17s

 FDCs 2 cover set C21-C22 Grimsland cachets green/red   $20.00 0d -1h -57m -16s

 US #2155-2158 22 American Horses Plate Block MNH   $2.23 0d -1h -57m -14s

 Canada #996iii LR PL BL F / Fleck Fibers Paper Variety MNH **Free Shipping**   $8.94 0d -1h -57m -13s

 AUSTRALIA ANTARCTIC TERRITORY 1995 $1 Whales USED #   $1.54 0d -1h -57m -11s


 Old Chile Stamp   $5.00 0d -1h -57m -10s

 5531 GB Lot of 4 Used Stamp Packs   $0.75 0d -1h -57m -7s

 FRANCE Wallis & Futuna 1941 85c FRANCE LIBRE OVPT MH #   $3.67 0d -1h -57m -4s

 East Germany DDR 1966 Conservation Week set CTO on piece, commemorative pmk   $2.20 0d -1h -57m -3s

 #301 ON "CHEW INDEPENDENT NAVY" ADVT'G COVER W/ WORLD'S FAIR W/ TINY FLAW BP3133   $199.00 0d -1h -57m -2s

 GREENLAND: SCOTT 1 - 9 MNH SET - 1936/1946 KING CHRISTIAN X & POLAR BEAR ISSUE   $59.95 0d -1h -57m -2s

 NEW ZEALAND 1986/7 NZ POST RECEIPTS (x9) BIRDS MINERALS (ID:990/D45176)   $8.50 0d -1h -56m -59s

 ST VINCENT 2007 CRICKET WORLD CUP FLAGS MAP Souvenir Sheet FINE USED   $4.77 0d -1h -56m -57s

 Germany 1886 postcard, Bremen 1 to Osterholtz-Scharmbeck   $1.46 0d -1h -56m -56s

 5532 GB Lot of 4 Used Stamp Packs   $0.75 0d -1h -56m -54s

 Bermuda 1973 Cent. Of Tennis in Bermuda, MNH.   $1.40 0d -1h -56m -51s

 Australia 1987 The Man form Snowy River, strip of 5, MNH   $2.90 0d -1h -56m -51s

 1970 Aust Hutt River Province rare FDC little toning signed by Prince Leonard   $7.34 0d -1h -56m -49s

 Monaco #510 Mint Never Hinged - WDWPhilatelic   $0.99 0d -1h -56m -49s

 Stamp 3&1/2d centenary 1st South Australia issue & exhibition on Guthrie FDC   $17.62 0d -1h -56m -45s

 East Germany DDR 1966 Free German Youth CTO on piece, commemorative pmk   $1.09 0d -1h -56m -41s

 AUSTRALIA SG 166, 168, 168c, 168ca, 186. 1 1/2d & 3d George VI Range Fine Used #   $17.62 0d -1h -56m -40s

 #173 Arch Issue VF MH Cat $20 Canada mint   $9.00 0d -1h -56m -40s

 2013 CANADA YEAR OF THE SNAKE 4 BLOCKS OF 4 - CORNER PLATE + 2 SOUVENIR SHEET   $16.60 0d -1h -56m -39s

 #1166 PERF SHIFT BM4819   $180.00 0d -1h -56m -36s

 5533 Br. Commonwealth Lot of 4 Mint Stamp Packs   $0.75 0d -1h -56m -35s

 QUEENSLAND BW Q33B 4d Queen Victoria Die 1 MINT NO GUM Cat $300.   $128.51 0d -1h -56m -34s

 EDW1949SELL : GOLD COAST 1902 Scott #28 Very Fine, Mint OG Very Fresh Cat $60.00   $23.99 0d -1h -56m -32s

 AUSTRALIA STATES Inc NSW 8d Lyrebird, 6d QLD Etc...   $4.33 0d -1h -56m -28s

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